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Partnering: Working out with Someone, Global Warming and a Good Case Study

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My friend and client Dave Harber does something REALLY cool. He can take any information you want (wedding announcement, special event, or just your business card info) and put it on a poker chip.

When I give them out, people LOVE them. To find out what Dave is doing, go to:

Tell him I sent you! He MAY buy me lunch! Maybe.

Upcoming ‘Don’t Miss’ Event

In my Insights I’ve talked incessantly about the need to write (or have written for you), GREAT copy. If you’re like me you may have tried to write copy and have been unable to make it work.

No problem.

One of my new clients, Joshua Boswell, will be doing a special event here in Las Vegas. The dates are March 1/2/3.

Please note that this event starts on a THURSDAY and ends on a Saturday. If you do plan to attend, come out on Wednesday and then don’t leave until Sunday.

Since his primary purpose is to record the event and create a product using my model, the registration fee is MUCH less than he would normally charge.

Take a look at the link below and read all about this event.

I’m excited to be working with Josh because this is a topic that I’m super interested in as well.

If you learn how to write your own copy it will make you a ton of money in the info products business.

I strongly suggest you attend this event. Take a look at:

I look forward to seeing you there!

Publishing Seminar

I do a seminar before the Book Expo every year. This year will be no different. However, the format will be unique.

We’ll be doing a 2 day event with only 4 speakers. These speakers will include some real GIANTS in the publishing and internet business.

In addition to myself (not really a giant, but an aspiring one!) I’ll have Terry Dean, Bob Bly and John Kremer. Each of them will be doing a half day and there will be PLENTY of time for your individual questions.

This is a VERY advanced notice. The seminar will be for two days before the Book Expo: May 29 & 30. This is the Tuesday and Wednesday before the event begins. I HIGHLY recommend you attend the Book Expo if you haven’t before.

Our event will give you the tools you need to really succeed as an author or publisher and will be a perfect companion to this event.

My experience in the past has been that having too many speakers hurts. This time I’ve chose the people who I think you will get the most out of.

The website is not yet up, but if you want to PRE-REGISTER strictly based on who is coming, here is your link to sign up.

Registration will be $197, but advance registration is just $97. This offer is only good until I think we should stop it. I may shut it down at any time, so sign up NOW if you want to get in on the special pricing deal.

Attention All LTCC’s

If you don’t know what these letters refer to, it’s not really intended for you.

If you are in my long term coaching program or have purchased something from me that enabled you to attend a certain number of events at no charge, then please look carefully at the various upcoming events.

To register, send me an email at fredgleeck (at) mac (dot) com.

You’ll be asked to give a refundable deposit via paypal. That deposit will be refunded at the end of the event.

Make sure you are on the list. These events will fill up quickly.

Partnering: Working out with Someone

Earlier this evening I went to the gym. I was working out on the elliptical trainer next to a guy who is one of the top sports gambling experts.

That was interesting to hear about but more important to me was the fact that my workout felt like it went a lot faster and at a higher intensity than when I do it alone.


I’m sure you’re well aware of how having a person to ‘partner’ with will make SOME things easier. This is very true.

Working out it easy. Nothing is at stake. You’re not splitting the money with someone on a project. If you were, you’d notice that having a partner is often more pain than pleasure.

My solution is to look for partners where there is nothing at stake and to do individual ‘deals’ where I work with someone in the other context.

Global Warming: Look at Other Side of the Issue

Al Gore’s film, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is up for an Oscar. I don’t care what you think about the issue of global warming, here are my thoughts about what this means to you and me.

Have you ever had a discussion with someone about politics or religion where you changed someone else’s mind? It happens very infrequently.

No matter what position we have, we tend to keep it forever.

My suggestion is to challenge yourself to always read (if it’s a book or an article) or watch (if it’s a movie or TV show) a program where you KNOW that they will be taking the opposite position that you have.

I always ask myself to come up with the 3 or 4 debate points I would use IF supporting the opposite position that I take.

This seldom changes my mind, but it forces me to think differently. It makes me at least understand the thinking and motivation of ‘the other side.’ It stretches my mind.

In business it works the same way. Doing this will train you to think outside the box. When traveling I will often pick up a magazine that I’ve never read before.

And yes, I do read the National Enquirer regularly.

After reading the Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Esquire and a few others, I consider the Enquirer as dessert.

If you ever took a debate class, this is what they always did. They frequently made you defend a position that you did not personally agree with. Good idea.

If you do in fact have THE truth, it will stand up to any questioning that you throw at it.

Don’t be scared to read and understand the other side of any argument. From a business standpoint, you’ll frequently see things you didn’t before.


Here’s a real life example. In a few days I’ll be launching my book: ‘How to Find the Love of Your Life Online in 90 Days or Less.’

Here’s the dilemma. I’m not sure whether to do it as a free book or at a $9.95 pricepoint.

For you, you’ll be able to get a copy for free, so don’t worry.

What I did was I put down all the reasons for selling it on one side and then all the reasons for putting it out for free on the other.

I then polled some good friends and trusted business advisors on their thoughts. After the dust settles, I’ll make my final decision which still has not yet been made.

To let you in on my calculations, here is my thinking.

Reasons for Charging

1. Make more money upfront
2. People are serious if willing to pay for it and will be more apt to BUY future products.
3. Others will be more apt to promote it because I would give them an affiliate commission.
4. It may seem more credible with a price attached.

Reasons for Giving it Away

1. It may be more easy to get PR for it.
2. More people will actually download and read it.
3. The chances of making more money on various affiliate deals is greater – maybe!
4. I’ll build a big list doing it this way that I can sell other related products/services.

Kremer Seminar

I just finished doing a 3 day seminar with John Kremer on the topic of book marketing and internet marketing. We both did a lot of teaching AND learned a lot from each other.

We’ll soon have the DVDs available for this event. I’ll keep you posted as to when.

Keep reading!

Hotseats: Richmond

I just recorded the last Hotseat that I did in Richmond Virginia about 10 days ago.

If you’re not familiar with how my hotseats work, take a look at:

We reviewed a number of websites and gave some really solid suggestions that will benefit you and your site.

If you’re interested in improving your own numbers on your website, we’re doing a pre-publication promotion on this product.

It’s on DVD and what you see is a shot of the screen and our discussion about what to do and how to change things to make the sites work better. This was a very good session and I suggest you check it out.

This program will sell at retail for $297. It’s 6 hours on DVD and is packed with good info.

Prepublication is just $97 and is good until next Monday morning or when the first 100 units have been sold.

I’ll pick up the shipping charges but do NOT expect any fancy packaging.

The free shipping offer is only good for domestic orders. If you are not in the U.S. and want it, you can paypal me $15 extra and we’ll ship it to you wherever you are.

Here’s the link to order.

See you soon!


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