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Patience, Kindle and Information Marketing

Information Marketing

Patience and Info Marketing

People who want to get rich quick should definitely NOT be in the info product marketing business. To do this business right will take some time.

Whenever people come to a bootcamp I ALWAYS caution them when they leave to not expect miracles. It’s unrealistic.

So, what IS a reasonable time frame to start making some real money as an info marketer? The real answer is of course: IT DEPENDS!

Since I never liked that answer either, let me give you some VERY broad, very general numbers.

If you are willing to work your butt off, and you have a viable product, I’d say you can be making some decent money in 12-18 months. For the average person, I’d expect you to have to devote around 18-36 months.

What would your steps be? I’ve listed them in video I put up on YouTube a while back.

Here is the listing address:

The real issue is traffic. I suggest you start a blog like one of my clients, Sam Visnic. Sam has been doing very well given he started from absolute zero. His blog is now getting 100 unique visitors a day. That’s in less that 4 months in a very competitive field.

Check his site out at:

Study what Sam has done. Look at how often he blogs and what names he uses for his blog posts.

I’ll be doing a product with Sam shortly to give you more insight!

Bought the Kindle

After all I’ve been saying about the Kindle, I broke down and bought one. I bought it right after Christmas thinking that the prices would be a lot lower. Lower yes, a LOT lower, I should have waited til after New Year’s!

I’ve got it, I love it, it’s great. Highly recommended. Many people have been holding off because Amazon is rumored to be releasing a new model, but word has it it’s not all that much better. Some say it’s even worse. I’m happy with the one I have and would love to hear what you think if you have one.

I spent $423 for mine, which is a lot for me to spend, but if it has to do with reading or movies, I’ll usually fork over the cash. You can now get it for at least $50 less on Ebay (which is where I got mine).



Over the Christmas/New Year’s time frame I saw a bunch of movies. Here is my report:

Milk: Excellent film, Sean Penn will get nominated

Valkyrie: Good film, worth seeing but no masterpiece

Frost/Nixon: Very Good Film, worth seeing, Langella will also get a nomination

Doubt: Very Good Film, Philip Seymour Hoffman is our era’s Olivier. He will get nominated for this film. Meryl Streep is also incredibly good.

Benjamin Buttons: Very Good Film, worth seeing, well written, Pitt is a very one dimensional actor.

Slumdog Millionaire: BEST film of the Year. Will get nominated for best pic and will win it. IMHO.

You don’t even need to be a movie BUFF like me to get in on the new Netflix deal and have it be well worth it for you.

I’m paying $8.95 a month and getting one film at a time AND unlimited access to their on-line film library.

I was suspicious of this concept, but the films come through surprisingly well on my computer. You can also opt to get a piece of hardware for $100 or so that you can play the films via the Netflix site directly onto your TV. I like the portability of watching it on my laptop!

If you like movies even a little bit, give Netflix a try, it’s CHEAP! Which I love!

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