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Physical Video Days are Numbered

Information Marketing

Well over 10 years ago, I remember getting into a rental car at some out of the way airport in a State I no longer remember.

I had brought about 7 cassette learning tapes that I was excited to listen to. To my horror and dismay, the rental car did NOT have a cassette player. ONLY a CD player.

I remember, I was SHOCKED!

It was at that point that I started digitizing all of my audio programs and turning them into CDs (and then eventually mp3s).

People are now 100% “hip” to the idea of listening to music via an Ipod or other MP3 player. Although being a mac guy I would PREFER you use an Ipod.

We are about to make the SAME transition in the video area. Are you ready for it as an information marketer?

If not, you should be!

Will people still want physical DVDs? Yeah, for a while. BUT, as soon as they become comfortable with the process, just like they have with audios, the PHYSICAL video is gone. Finished. Finito. DONE.

I was reminded of this by a trip I took to the grocery store earlier today. I was looking around in the area where they used to have an INSTORE video rental place. GONE.

The only thing they still have is a vending machine that rents movies for $1. This will be around for a couple more years until the people using this eventually switch to online access to get their movies as the prices drop.

As soon as it happens with entertainment, how-to information will follow.

Information marketers like you need to get ready for this transition.

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