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Here is yet another AMAZING opportunity I wanted to share with you that’s available starting at NOON EST Thursday.

As you know, I don’t often promote other people’s products because I have some great ones of my own. However, that being said, one of the people I know, respect and even ADMIRE is Marketing and Copywriting Coach Lina Penalosa (who also just finished writing a book on postcard marketing with internationally renowned copywriter Bob Bly.)

But today I’m writing to you about why being able to write great copy is like having a license to print your own money and how my friend, Lina Penalosa, has just made that learning curve a WHOLE lot shorter with the release of her new Copywriter’s Playbook Program.

Her new program will show you exactly how to write copy with integrity, grit and persuasion. No cheap tricks, no sleazy games. Just real copywriting tactics and techniques that work (and don’t leave you feeling ashamed of yourself for using them.)

Her program includes:
*A 4-page newsletter each month with tips like:
*The 3 P’s of copywriting
*My personal 13-point checklist for writing EVERY piece of copy
*The Zeigarnik Effect in copywriting
*23 ways to strengthen your headlines
*The Cliffhanger technique?
* A LIVE 60-minute group coaching call each month with Copy Champ Lina Penalosa (plus a CD copy), where you can ask any and every copywriting question you can think of including the less obvious ones like:

*My opinion on the marketing copy you e-mail me
*Insights into the future of e-mail marketing
*New tactics and techniques for Internet marketing
*Core differences between marketing to male and female audiences
*9 ways to strengthen desire?
* A LIVE 60-minute Life Coach Interview each month (plus a CD copy), with select guest experts who will share their secrets on:
*How to find and create your unique definition of success
*How to manifest your dreams
*How to balance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy to create the career, relationships and wealth you want.
*How to be more effective and less stressed
*Effective time management techniques that will save
your sanity and your money

Curious to know more?

Visit here now…

I suggest you hurry though since the first 200 customers get a special price that almost shocked me when I saw it. She definitely knows how to over-deliver, and this is no exception.

P.S. You’ll also receive 3 FREE articles just for taking a peek…
*”What Does Lingerie Have In Common With Great Headlines”
*”The 60-Second Guide to ‘Speed-Dating’ Copy”
*”How To Play With An 800 Pound Gorilla…And Not Get
Hurt: 5 Things You Should Know About Keeping Your Website
Out of Google Hell”

Click here to know more…

She’s not making this up. Only the first 200 people who order will get this highly preferential pricing.

Don’t miss it! Go there now!



PS – Lina would have had a great shot at the Olympics this year, but decided to have a baby. A great copywriter AND a helluva an athlete!

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