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I just finished doing a NEW 2-Day Info Product Event. This is the latest, most up-to-date information in the field. EVERYTHING you want to know about information marketing. It’s in there!

I also just finished a new recording with Bob Bly on the topic of PRODUCTIVITY.

To find out about what we covered at the Info Products 2 Day Event, take a look at:

(But DO NOT order from the site. You’ll pay TOO MUCH!)

This special offer is for this program (in MP3 audio form) AND the program with Bob on PRODUCTIVITY.

That’s TWO programs for one LOW price!

I’ve come up with a RIDICULOUS price! (sounding pretty hypey aren’t I?, but this is a REALLY good deal!)

Here is what Bob and I covered in the powerful program on productivity:

  1. What do you mean by personal productivity?
  2. You are a freelance copywriter. Why is personal productivity important to freelance writers and other self employed professionals?
  3. Why is personal productivity important to Internet marketers and others who make passive income
  4. So what is your #1 secret for managing your time?
  5. That doesn’t seem like a big secret. Doesn’t everyone value their time?
  6. How do you calculate the value of your time?
  7. How does knowing the dollar value of your time help you use your time better?
  8. How does one become super productive – you’ve created literally 60 new products in the last 3 years and written 75 books?
  9. Doesn’t quality suffer when you become obsessed with productivity?
  10. What characteristic do you observe most in people who are not every productivity?
  11. I think the main reason people don’t take action is that they can’t make up their minds about what they want to do. Can you offer any suggestions?
  12. What is the #1 personal productivity technique that can help you live the Internet marketing lifestyle of lots of money with little work?
  13. Can you tell us WHAT you outsource as a
  14. writer/copywriter/info marketer?What are the advantages of outsourcing? Aren’t there legal requirements for outsourcing vs having employees?

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  16. Tell us about your “any town” theory of outsourcing high level work at low cost?
  17. What is the most important outsourcing decision you’ve made and how has it helped you?
  18. What is the key to your high productivity as a writer of books and copy?
  19. You describe your business as a virtual office? What does that mean and why do you have it?
  20. Where is the most productive location for one’s office – home or rented office?
  21. Doesn ‘t having a rented office waste your time with commutting?
  22. How do you find good vendors and assistants to outsource to?
  23. What tips do you have for reducing travel time?
  24. What hours are the best hours for maximum productivity?
  25. Are you a morning person or evening person?
  26. If I get up earlier in the morning as you suggest, what should I do during that time? Exercise? Start the day with meditation?
  27. How do you structure your days and schedule your time?
  28. Tell me about your 3-list to do system?
  29. Any other time management aids you use besides your to do lists?
  30. Do you have any time saving features built into your web site?
  31. You have developed a writing process that enables you to write very well and very quickly. Can you tell us the steps?
  32. 75 books and 60 products – when do you sleep?
  33. What else do you do to maintain physical energy?
  34. What about staying hydrated?
  35. Do you exercise? How much?
  36. Do you cheat by using caffeine and sugar? Dietary supplements?

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  38. You have mentioned the concept of FLOW in other discussions? What is t his and how does it help you stay productive?
  39. Can you tell us how you stay in flow?
  40. What software and other technology helps you be super productive?
  41. Another key to your high productivity you describe as content management. What do you mean?
  42. How fast a writer are you?
  43. How about creating big and high end information products? Any tips there?
  44. How about keeping up with Internet marketing and everything else you need to know without getting overwhelmed?
  45. How do you make your vendors more productive?
  46. Is there a maximum number of writing projects one can take on?
  47. What about productivity devices like PDAs, blackberries?
  48. How much time do you spend per day blogging and doing social networking?
  49. How do you stop other people from wasting your time?
  50. What about filtering all the people who want a piece of you?
  51. What about unscheduled phone calls – constant interruptions from ringing phone?

  52. Click HERE to order these TWO PROGRAMS for just $97. I will even pay for shipping! NOT YET, even!

  53. How about answering email questions?
  54. Any NO NOs for you as to what you won’t waste your time with?
  55. How can you satisfy everyone who wants something from you and still have time for a life and to run your business?
  56. What about requests for people who want you to write an article for them?
  57. Where does health come into the issue of productivity?
  58. Like most guys, are you macho about being sick and don’t go to the doctor unless you are dying?
  59. How does one’s home life effect personal productivity at the office
  60. What do you do to not let personal issues and work around the house not interfere with your writing productivity?
  61. Why are you so obsessed with not wasting time?
  62. What do you say to someone who says they do not have time to start an online business, start a copywriting business, or otherwise take your advice?
  63. Are there any time-intensive activities that reduce your productivity but you do anyway despite that?
  64. Is personal productivity the key to everything?
  65. What hours do you work? Are you a workaholic: 12 X 5 = 60
  66. Any last thoughts on how to improve personal productivity and why doing so should be a priority?


When I was thinking of doing this, I thought about what to charge. The FAIR price that came into my head was either $397 or $297 at the lowest. For the two programs.

BUT, that would NOT be a super-duper, ultra deluxe, absolutely CRAZY deal! (For those of you who remember and are from the NYC area, think of Crazy Eddie!).

I’m only going to accept orders (at this price) for the next 48 hours, until midnight on Friday. OR, until the first 100 of these are sold. (This is true and not part of this fun little email promoting this deal.)

I will be selling the Info Products seminar for a minimum of $197 alone. The Bob Bly program will sell for a minimum of $77.

The OFFER?: $97 for BOTH! (I really shouldn’t pay for shipping for the folks in other countries, but I will. Why? Because that’s the kind of guy I am – but let it be known, I HATE filling out those dumb custom forms!!)

Add those two up and you’re looking at a minimum of $274. That’s a saving of WELL OVER 50%.

Take advantage of this offer and you’ll get BOTH programs in physical MP3 form.This means you will be PHYSICALLY shipped a CD. For those of you who don’t do this a lot, this is NOT a typical audio CD. It’s an MP3 file like you load onto an IPod.

I would prefer to send them to you in a download, but I can’t get it online fast enough. IF you prefer the download, just tell me know when you order. It will get done, but not fast enough to make most people who order happy.

Click HERE to order these TWO PROGRAMS for just $97. I will even pay for shipping! NOW: ORDER NOW! Do it fast!!! Do it now!!!

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