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I just saw a solicitation today form someone who CLAIMS to be able to help people put together products. As I’ve mentioned here before just about everyone and their brother CLAIM to know how to do this. WRONGO!

In the email I got I clicked a link to see the offer. I browsed the copy and saw NO guarantee mentioned. This is patently absurd. How can you even think of promoting a product without mentioning a guarantee.

This the kind of JUNK that is now being pedaled out there. And the sad thing is that people are BUYING it. This is a person who has, I presume, a pretty decent sized list.

The people who read the list are probably naive enough to think it’s good stuff and will buy the product. Having not seen it I have NO idea if it’s any good.

The PROBLEM is that it’s being promoted by someone who claims EXPERT status in this field.

Rounding up some of the ‘usual suspects’ and interviewing them does not a good product make. You need to get the right people (the best people) in each field and then you need an EXPERT interviewer to grill them.

If and when you do a product where you interview folks remember that interviewing is an ART and a SCIENCE. I’ve now done close to 2,000 of them. That means that even with all that experience if I didn’t have good INATE interviewing skills, I could still be producing a LOUSY product.

It could be bad because of my interviewing ability (regardless of the number of times I’ve done it) or it could be bad because of the people I selected to interview. They could be lousy interviewees. Either from the standpoint of lacking knowledge or from their inability to articulate their ideas well.

I’ve said it repeatedly in this ezine: knowing how to do something yourself and the ability to teach it to others are two entirely different skills.

The offer that was sent out was RIDICULOUS! Because you can’t expect people to buy or believe your product unless you offer them a DECENT guarantee.

I tell all my clients/seminar attendees that when you produce your products you need to offer strong guarantees. If you don’t feel comfortable offering strong guarantees then maybe you should go back and REDO your products!

Talk to you shortly,


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