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Program title: Put your Internet Marketing Business on Autopilot


1-Bob, you call YOUR approach to Internet marketing the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan. Can you explain what that means?

2-What’s the income goal you help people reach? And how quickly can they get there?

3-How many hours do they have to work per week to achieve that level of income?

4-What’s the difference between recurring and non-recurring hours?

5-Why do you say recurring hours invested is more important than nonrecurring?



2-What’s your overriding principle for making maximum income in minimum time in your internet marketing business?

3-What do you mean by outsourcing? Can you give me some examples?

4-Why is outsourcing better than doing it yourself? Isn’t it better to do everything yourself and k eep all the money?

5-Should I hire staff employees or use independent contractors?

6-When can you legally pay someone as a staffer vs. an independent contractor from a tax perspective?

7-How do you determine what to do yourself vs. what to outsource?

8-How do you determine the dollar value of the time and why is it important to do so?

9-What are the specific tasks you think internet marketers should outsource?

10-What tasks do YOU outsource in your internet marketing business

11-Where can I find vendors and services to outsource tasks?

12-What don’t you outsource and why


1-What is an Internet Marketing Manager or “IMM” for short?

2-What does your IMM do for you?

3-how do did you find Jodi?

4-How can I find an IMM?

5-What qualifications should I look for?

6-How should I compensate my IMM?

7-Is the IMM full time or part time?

8-Is your IMM your only regular “employee”? If not, what other “employees” do you have and why – why not have Jodi do it all?

9-You describe yourself as a “rabid outsourcer” – what do you mean?

10-Why are you so big on outsourcing? Are you lazy? Inept?


1-What are the steps in ebook creation for you? [idea, write, edit, proof, layout]

2–You are a writer. Why do you outsource the writing of your ebooks?

3-Where do you find your ebooks writers?

4-Are you willing to share your stable of freelance ebook writers with others?

5-What is more important in hiring an ebook writer – writing ability or subject matter expertise?

6-What other qualities do you look for when hiring ebook writers?

7-Do you prepare an outline for the writer to work from?

8-What does it cost to hire a writer to do an ebook?

9-But you pay more than that. What do you pay and why?

10-After the book is written, do you hire an editor or edit it yourself? Why?

11-What about proofreading?

12-What about graphic design? Do you outsource design? What does it cost to hire someone to do the interior page layout plus a color cover?

Click the link Below to Order:


1-What is your procedure for creating audios?

2-Can you outsource the outlining? Should you?

3-Should you hire a narrator or interviewer to record the audio?

4-Who does the editing?

5-Once the edited master is finished, then what? Who designs the labels, the album covers, dupes it, packages it?


1-Should I keep an inventory of products in my home or office and ship orders as they come in?

2-How can I put my shipping and handling on autopilot?

3-What does it cost to use a fulfillment house?

4-Wouldn’t I save money doing fulfillment myself in house?


1-What is a landing page?

2-Do I need a landing page for my product?

3-Should I write it myself?

4-Where can I find a copywriter to write my landing page?

5-What will it cost me to hire a copywriter?

6-What if I get the copy and I don’t like it?

7-What if I put up the landing page and it doesn’t work?


1-What is an ezine and why should I publish one?

2-Do you outsource the writing of your e zine? Why or why not?

3-What does it cost to outsource writing of an ezine?

4-Do you outsource the design?

5-Why do you recommend text instead of HTML?

6-Do you outsource the distribution? What does it cost?

7-What else do you outsource with respect to your ezine?


1-Do you outsource email marketing?

2-What service or software do you use to sent out your emails to your subscriber list?

3-What work iis required to prepare the email for distribution and who does it?


1-What is an autoresponder?

2-How do you use autoresponders?

3-Should I write my own autoresponder emails or hire a copywriter?

4-Where can I find a copywriter?

5-What does it cost to hire a copywriter to write an autoresponder email efforts?

6-What is the best autoresponder?

7-Why don’t you use aweber and what do you use instead?

Click the link Below to Order:


1-What is affiliate marketing?

2-Should you outsource management of your affiliate marketing activities?

3-What work is involved?

4-How can you automate the process of people becoming your affiliates to sell your products?

5-How can you automate the process of seeking affiliates to sell your product?


1-What is a coregistration?

2-Is it easy or a lot of work?

3-How can I take advantage of coregistration without doing the work?


1-What work is involved in online advertising?

2-Can I hire so meone to write my online ads? At what cost?

3-Can I outsource the m edia buying and placement?


1-What is a list swap?

2-What work is required to make a list swap happenm


1-What do you mean by list building?

2-Can you and should you outsource list b uilding?

3-Where can I learn how to build a list?


1-What software do you use for your Blog?

2-How easy is it to get up?

3-How can you outsource design and set up of your blog?

4-Can you out source writing of your blog?

5-Should I hire a blogging ghostwriter or consultant?


1-Why do you use web marketing magic?

2-In what way does it put your business on autopilot?


1-Do you use web m arketing magic for tracking sales and revenues?

2-What is the weekly sales report you use?

3-How can you get a weekly sales report?

4-What metrics do you track?


1-Shouldn’t I get and use Quickbooks or quicken for bookkeeping?

2-How do you outsource bookkeeping?

3-What will bookkeeping cost me if I outsource?

4-How do I get data to the bookkeeper?

5-Why do you refuse to learn to use quiickbooks or similar software? Wouldn’t that save your bookkeeper time?


1-What is your refund and return policy?

2-How do you process refund?

3-What do you do with returned merchandise?

4-How do you a utomate this aspect of your business?


1-What do you mean by customer service? Shipping orders?

2-How do you outsource customer service?

3-Should you totally outsource customer service?

4-What’s your most powerful customer service technique?


1-What is strategic planning?

2-Do you outsource your planning?

3-How can I save time and money in strategic planning?

4-What if I am not a strategic thinker?


1-Can an Internet marketing business really run on autopilot with little or no involvement on your part?

2-why do you feel so strongly about creating internet businesses that run on autopilot? [retirement]

3-How can t he listener find out more about you and the Internet marketing retirement plan?

Click the link Below to Order:


Playing Small Ball

In case you’re not a baseball fan, the playoffs are in full swing. Although I’m not a big fan, I do watch a game every once in a while.

There is a term used in baseball called “playing small-ball.” It refers to a team not trying to light up the game with home runs and extra base hits, but with getting a few runs with singles, bunts, and effective base running.

As no baseball expert, the base running part may not be technically correct.

When you play small-ball it is usually because you expect the other team to score very few runs and you are just looking to just a few runs on the board. In the event of a pitchers duel you may end up winning a game by just one run.

Playing small-ball is all about getting a run any way you can. Putting points on the board using any and every creative means you can find as a team.

The big problem with most information marketers and those who claim to teach the same is that they all seem to be swinging for the fence. All are either preaching (or trying themselves) to hit home runs rather than even suggesting you play small-ball in your information marketing business.

Not just because I’m a contrarian, I suggest you do NOT follow their example.

I suggest play small-ball. Don’t swing for the fence. Don’t try and stretch your single into a double. Don’t swing at a 3-0 pitch.

Play conservative. Play to win. But, play to win for the long run.

As an information marketer the key to your success is to figure out a system and then replicate it over and over again. Rather than having one website that generates you $10,000 a month, find a way to create 20 websites that produce $500 each every month.

This is playing small-ball online with your info product business.

I’ve been doing information marketing for over 24 years. I’ve been teaching it for close to 20.

There are a ton of so-called gurus who teach information marketing. I just got word that a guy ripped off one of my sites and is doing virtually the same thing that I’m doing with just a few minor changes with his domain name.

My response? Who cares!

The nice thing about teaching is that it is “instructor dependent.” No one can teach the exact same way that I do. Even if they took a transcript of one of my events and memorized it they still wouldn’t be able to respond to questions like I do.

This makes it certain that I will have a viable long term info marketing business. The same can be true for you.

I like playing small-ball in every aspect of my business. It’s the difference between a person who puts all their eggs in one basket (like the person who bets it all on red with one spin of the roulette wheel) and the one who spreads their risk.

I now have over 350 domain names. I have lots of products that I sell a couple of units of every month. I have a system that I can repeat over and over again. So can you.

Does that mean that every time I step up to the plate I get a hit? Nope. It does mean that I’ve got a pretty darned good average.

It means that I do not have a strong slugging percentage. In baseball that refers to the number of extra base hits you get as a percentage of your total on-base average. It means that you are a “power hitter.”

I’m no power hitter. I don’t want you to try and be one of those either. I want to be the Derek Jeter of information marketing. On occasion a ball will fly out of the park, but for the most part I’ll be hitting singles and doubles and maintain a high average.

I want you to play small-ball as well. I want you to learn a system that you can repeat over and over again.

A system that once you learn it you can do the same thing as often as you like. Will every site you put up make money? Absolutely not.

But, it doesn’t matter. Similar to baseball, if you were to hit .300 you’d be doing really well. If you were to have success with every 3 out of ten sites you put up you’d be a big winner.

If you’re reading this and wondering how you can put up 1 site, much less 10, let me explain.

After you pick your topic and write or have an ebook written, you write the copy to sell it. If the copy works and you start selling, you want to have affiliate relationships lined up. If you have affliliate relationships lined up and your concept is a hit, you can start making more money almost immediately.

If your site is profitable, in addition to setting up and selling someone else’s products you’re now going to want to produce your own. If you’re concentrating on how your products look and the fancy packaging you’re going to put them in, you’re on the wrong track.

When you have a hit with your ebook then and only then do you want to start developing a line of your own products.

Why even sell other people’s products? You make more money if you sell your own. True, but in most cases you don’t sell as many as you would selling someone else’s products.

(Not true with my friend Bob Bly, by the way! He gets the highest response rates when he sells his own products. This may be because of the great copy he writes to sell them!)

In order to play small-ball as I’m suggesting you’ll need to understand the need to have lots of domain name, lots of websites and a web hosting company that won’t charge you by the site. I suggest you contact Stanley, my webmaster at

He does a deal where you get unlimited hosting for a flat fee of less than $50 a month. It’s a steal!

As for domain names, I suggest you use my site:

You’ll get the lowest prices you can find online and it’s a great site for managing your domains as well.

You’ll also want to get your own copy of to use as the “back-end” for all of your sites.

To play small-ball you’ll need both a philosophy and a system. Your system will need to be both a system for coming up with your ideas and concepts, but also a system for how to sell once things start rolling along.

When you get the sites up and running, the next question will be how you generate traffic to get people to the sites.

There are two ways to do that:


Both are necessary. Both are essential to your success. I’ll talk more about both in the next Insight!

See you next time!


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Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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