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Reality Sells! Ask David Cook!

(It’s also the title of a VERY good book by Bill Guertin by the same name – look for it at:

If you were watching American Idol (as I did every night it was on), you saw two very different finalists.

One who seemed robotic and programmed and the other who seemed 100% real and sincere. After the final show where they each sang 3 songs, I was convinced that David Archuleta would win. I didn’t want him to, and I was rooting for Cook.

BUT, I figured that the American Public had bought Archuleta’s “act” hook, line and sinker.

(Archuleta was the 17 year old who looked programmed and robotic although a damn good crooner.)

Boy, was I wrong!

Cook CREAMED Archuleta by a ratio of 56% to 44%.

I’m recalling that Reagan beat Mondale by even less and that gave Reagan all but Minnesota and D.C. in that election.


People can see through HORSES**T. They can smell whether or not someone is sincere.

I gave the American public less credit than they deserve.

Many information marketers are giving people a lot less credit than they deserve. As you prepare your products and write your copy, keep this lesson in mind.

Most people can see through your smoke screens and FEEL the reality you are conveying. This is true whether you are trying or not.

So, what to do?

Tell people the truth. It will make you a big winner on that new show: “Moment of Truth”.

It will also help you sell more. People will feel that you are for REAL and be more likely to buy. I also believe you’ll attract more of the RIGHT kind of customers.

On that note, let me tell you about a conversation I had earlier today with a guy who called me. He was bothered by the fact that he gets multiple emails from me when I send them out. Guilty! They are trying to fix it and I apologize if you are having the same problem.

This guy left me a pretty nasty phone message but something told me to call and talk to him. I did. We had a good conversation and I told him the problems and he listened. I don’t normally call people but I felt the need to call him back. Glad I did.

He listened to me and I listened to him. We definitely both kept it real.

Is there a lesson here? Perhaps. Maybe I should return more of the phone calls I receive. Well, then again, maybe not! lol

I prefer email because it is usually quicker and easier but this time it worked.

Again, the lesson? I don’t really know if there is one. Just thought I’d share the story!


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