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I remain CONTINUALLY amused by other folks who do internet and information marketing talk about how they are either rich or going to get rich shortly and how they intend to retire.

It NEVER ceases to amuse me.

Two examples I’ve seen in the past couple of days may illuminate why I find this so funny.

First one was on Huckabee. A show on Fox News. I rarely watch the show, but find the former Governor a fairly likeable sort, so I stayed tune last Sunday.

He had on a lady named Ebby Halliday. Ebby is the CEO of a real estate firm that has done exceedingly well under her watch. FOR THE LAST 60 YEARS.

She’s ONLY 99 friggin years old and quite a “pistol”! It was cool to watch a woman who is almost 100 talk about how much she enjoys her work and didn’t say ONE WORD about retiring.

Add to this story the retrospective that 60 Minutes did on Sunday. It was all about Don Hewitt who died recently. Don started the whole thing and it was fascinating to see and hear about how he made the show an amazing success.

He was a MERE 86 when he died, having retired from the show a few years before that. He was at the job til he was past 80!

So again, pardon me for asking the indelicate question: Why would you WANT to retire if you LOVE what you do???

Every time I hear another BULLS**T story about some internet guru of some sort claiming they are going to retire, I feel kinda sad for them.

It means only one thing to me: THEY DID NOT CHOOSE THE CORRECT PROFESSION!

Ask Donald Trump when he’ll be retiring! How about Richard Branson? I’m sure those announcements are right around the corner! NOT!

I’m writing this particular INSIGHT at 4:55 AM. I couldn’t sleep so I’m writing. Why couldn’t I sleep. I got incredibly pumped up and excited
when a client of mine told me some news at about 11pm.

I can’t even ELUDE to the conversation but you’ll probably hear some really cool stuff in less than a week.

It was so EXCITING to me that I couldn’t even sleep! Am I in the right business? I’m like a little kid who can’t sleep on Christmas Eve. Too much good stuff happening the next day.

So, what about YOU?

Are YOU doing what you REALLY want to do? Something that will keep you up all night because you’re too excited to sleep?


If you’re not doing something like that PLEASE find another profession. Even if you make less money there is NOTHING like doing something
that is so much fun and causes so much adrenalin to flow that you can’t even sleep.

Another area that gets me super excited is teaching. I’ve got some pretty cool events coming up and they are both fun and exciting for me.

I’m doing my Seminar on Seminars on March 6 & 7 here in lovely Las Vegas. Right in my house. Small group. Maximum of 10 or 12 people.

HUGE money maker for me? Nope. Lots of fun? YEP! Gonna keep doing these events? You betcha. Why? Because if not I may have to find a real job where I have to WORK! Not me!

I’ve been doing the Seminar on Seminars since the mid 80s in NYC. I got mentored by a guy named Howard Shenson. Since Howard died
really young, and I enjoyed doing the event, I keep doing it. I like teaching it. I teach it well (IMHO).

If I didn’t enjoy teaching it, it wouldn’t matter how much you paid me, the answer would be NO!

BTW, if you want to come to that one go to

I’m also doing my next Fred Info Bootcamp starting on March 25th. We have a couple of sign ups and have space for 4 more people.

Why do I like doing this event? First off, it’s a topic that I really LIKE teaching. It’s what I do all day long. I create, market and sell information.

I’m a good teacher and I like to teach this topic because I can SEE people actually DO SOMETHING (most of the time).

People come to my house and live with me for a full week. Ask one of those RETIRING folks if you can do that!!! HA!

Why do I do this? Why do I open up my own house and spend virtually ever waking hour helping people set up business selling info products?


I may not be Donald Trump or Richard Branson, but if you give me a happiness test, I’ll be right up there with them at the top.

I keep threatening to raise the price on the event. I will after the book on the topic comes out. Why? Because I want to continually attract the BEST people and raising the price always raises the bar.

What about YOU?

Do you like to teach? Do you like to create information? What do you like to do?

That’s the BIG question. Figure that one out first and it’s ALL downhill! Screw the recession, I’m not playing! How about you?

Oh yeah, I forgot about Bret Favre. He’s so excited to retire he’s done it a few times now. Maybe THIS time it will “take” for him.

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Consult With Fred Gleeck

Want to get some advice DIRECTLY from me? Find out how I can help you (one-on-one) with YOUR business. The rates are surprisingly affordable!

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