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Selling information products is simple. BUT, it is not easy.

What does that mean? It means that the steps are relatively straightforward:

1. Decide on your niche: the intersection of your passion and PROFIT!

2. Create a Product/Service that people will buy

3. Create a website that will sell that product

4. Drive Traffic to that Site

5. Convert them to Buyers when they are on the site or at least get them to opt-in to a list to get free info

6. Convert those who bought the original product to buy more and get those who just opted into the list to buy the initial product you offered

7. Get them to continue buying any and all products that you create as well as those product you recommend

There you have it. It’s simple. That’s the process. 100% complete. The problem is DOING each of those 7 steps.

I’ll use myself as an example. Please copy this model for yourself.

1. I have always enjoyed creating products on topics that I found interesting. Some of them were profitable, others just turned out to be personal interests of mine that few others were willing to pay for.

My area is information products. I create products and services that help people take their brain power and turn it into cash.

I’ve been doing this for close to 25 years. I started off-line and now do it almost exclusively online.

It’s an area that I very much enjoy and I’m passionate about as well as an area where people will pay to learn more about it.

(Take yourself and your own product/service and do a similar analysis that I’ve done here. Is your niche an area that others will be interested in paying for? If the answer is no, then all you have is a hobby.)

2. When creating a product or service, don’t get hung up with the frills and extras.

Every time I do a seminar or workshop I say: “people will always forgive poor production quality, they will NEVER forgive poor content.”

I had a guy recently tell me that he was concerned about creating videos that “looked real good.” I let him know that I may not be the right guy to help him. I don’t MIND a product looking good – although sometimes it may actually HURT your sales efforts.

I do want a product/service that will SELL. Something that will generate $$ into my bank account.

I’ve found the best way to do that is to give people USEABLE content. Hard to find these days in a fluff-filled world. BUT, when people find it, they will buy it AND tell their friends.

3. Next you have to create a website that will sell your product or service. Sales sites are pretty standard looking. I’ve got a ton of them for you to look at.

They don’t need to have fancy designs to be effective.

They just have to convince people to buy the product or service you’re offering and as a fallback, to get individuals to give you their name and email address in exchange for some valuable free information.

4. Next you’ve got to get people to visit your site.

There are two basic ways to do it: Paid and Unpaid

Paid is using pay-per-click advertising. Unpaid is by using search engine optimization techniques.

The problem is that the standard sales sites that you set up my not rank highly in the search engines. Thus, the need for a standard sales site and perhaps a site that’s sole purpose it to attract the search engines and THEN send them to the sales site.

5. Once they get to the site we have to get them to either buy the product you’re offering OR give you their email address in exchange for some VALUABLE free info.

If 100 people visit your site and 5 of them buy something, depending on your price, this would be a pretty good result. In this scenario 95 percent of the people do NOT buy.

You should be obsessed with what to do with these folks.

Those are your big numbers. They are the folks that can make you wealthy.

Give them a bunch of CRAP for free and they will NEVER buy from you. Convince them that you’ve got great stuff and many of them will eventually cough up some cash.

6. Convert the people who bought your original product to buy more is your next critical step. How do you maximize these results?

You sell them a product that FAR EXCEEDS what they paid you.

Do that and they will come RUNNING BACK for more.

How do you do this. Deliver lots of hardcore, useable content. Give them stuff that will help them succeed. Give them what you promised and more.

Try to deliver 10X the value of what they paid in the first place..

7. Lastly, make sure that you do delver the same high value with every product you sell them. Also, make sure to ONLY recommend people that you know and trust will do the same.

Don’t give out names of other just to make a few bucks. If you refer someone who disappoints your customers they will blame YOU!

It’s not worth it.

I recommend VERY few people. When I do, people know that I’ve vetted them. I’ve made a few mistakes in this area. If and when you make a mistake and recommend the wrong person, apologize to your list.

They will forgive you if you ask and do NOT do it AGAIN! At least not on a regular basis.

There you have it!

Information marketing is a SIMPLE business. Not easy, but simple.

If you want to learn this process in it’s entirety, make sure and come to one of my events.

I do them in a few different forms:

Lunch with Fred (
1 Day Seminars (
7 Day Bootcamps (
Individual Consultations (
Individual Coaching (

Please feel free to copy my model and do the same in your business.

In addition to products, I sell other things: seminars, bootcamps, consulting and coaching.

These are ALL part of your information product funnel.

They are available at all different price points. They start as low as $100 and go as high as $20,000+.

Some of these services and events have pre-requisites to attend. Check them all out to see how I do it and use them to pattern your own products, seminars and events.


Email from Someone: Reprinted with His Permission:


I just finished reading “Marketing and Promoting your own Seminars and Workshops” v 2001. It was very helpful.

I am planning on doing my first public seminar in 21 years, starting February 9:

My first public seminar back in 1987 lost money (Accounting for Non-Accountants). I have also done some seminars through adult education schools, like Colorado Free University, with limited financial success.

On page 62 of your book, you recommend doing joint venture email marketing. I saw that your first seminar was on a similar topic as my new one, how to start a consulting business. Would you be interested in doing a joint venture mailing to your list? I will gladly split the proceeds with you 50/50. Do you know of anyone else who would be interested in doing a joint venture email mailing?

One other set of questions. I don’t have any back-of-the-room products to sell at the seminar. I was thinking about doing an interview of myself and maybe three or four other consultant friends. My questions are:

1. What equipment should I use to record the interview?
2. Can you recommend a duplicating/packaging company for the CD?
3. What should I charge for the CD?

I would be grateful for any guidance that you can give me.


Mitch Paioff
(303) xxx-xxxx (I have left off his phone number)

My Response:


Thanks for the email.

1. My list is not a good match for your topic.

2. As opposed to many people out there I NEVER do ventures with people I don’t know and trust. (Sorry, but I don’t know you).

3. If I were to mail to my list it may help you, but it would not help me. Unless I can make at least $10k on a email, it would make no sense. And frankly, I couldn’t make that much off doing a JV deal with you.

4. 50-50 is a BAD offer. If you were a peer, that MIGHT work. Even with a peer they would offer 60% most likely. In most cases, I would give up 100% of the proceeds to capture names for future events and product sales.

1. What equipment should I use to record the interview?

***Depends on your budget, but make sure you have the audience well miked and that you repeat the questions when asked.

2. Can you recommend a duplicating/packaging company for the CD?

***I use Speaker Fulfillment Services. Ask for Bret when you call or email them. Tell him I sent you.

3. What should I charge for the CD?

***What should you charge who? The people who just attended the event? Won’t work. They just heard it. Sell them something related even if it’s someone else’s product. If you are trying to sell the CDs to those who can’t attend should be sold at around 50% less than the seminar price.

If you don’t mind, I’d love to use this email as an example.

It’s a very valid email and I think others would benefit. Do I have your permission?


Have a GREAT New Year!

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