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Selling Your Services with Bob Bly (Outline)

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Selling Your Services with Bob Bly (Outline)

1. How did you come to write your book selling your services and why?

2. The book was written in 1990 – fifteen years ago. It is out of date and obsolete?

3—What are the differences between selling products vs. selling services?

a. WHO is doing the selling—commissioned salespeople vs. service provider

b. WHEN is sales finalized – purchase vs. client must be sold before, during, after the service is provided

c. proof of satisfaction delivery

d. Qualified prospets – MAD vs. MAD + FIT

e. concern about difficult customer/client

f. pricing – standard vs variable; price list vs. estimate/quotation

g. sales presentation free vs. fee

h. voume discounts/flexible pricing

i. salesman vs. advisor

j. compensation – commission = sell as much as possible vs. fee = concern over workload/capcity

k. overcome vs. heed objections

l. off the shelf product vs. customized service

4—What is the 5 step service selling process?

A. generate and fulfill inquiry

B. follow up to secure appointment

C. sales meeting

D. quote job and close

E. after sale selling

5—TECHNIQUES for generating sales leads – what is a sales lead?

6. telemarketing – [pre qualify call]

7. tele-selling (cold calling)


First line – This is NAME and I am a BLANK. Am I catching you at a bad time?”

Second line – Can I ask you just a quick question?

Third line – are you COMPANY’s TITLe and the person in charge of BLANK?

If they are not, then say:

Fourth line – Could you tell me who IS in charge?

Fifth line – May I mention your name when I call them?

If they ARE, then say:

Fourth line – Do you use/hire BLANK from time to time?

Fifth line – What would it take to be considered for a project from you?

Sixth line – Do you have any colleagues who use BLANK?

8—referral marketing

8a – what are the two keys to successful referral marketing?

9—direct mail

10—personal correspondence



12a – what is your networking tip for people who hate to networking?

13—Establishing credibility – why and how? [benefits: credibility and inquiries]

14—Become an Instant Guru program –

15 – Write articles

16 – Public speaking

17—teaching [NYU story]


19—newsletters / e newsletters

20—Web site

21—PR [recession proof biz strategies]

22—Pitch letters to media

23—letters to the editor

24—Inquiry fulfillment

25 – do you need a brochure?

26 – what do you also need [bait piece]

27 – how does bait piece work

28 – do you need print materials or can all this be online?

25 – follow up – is it necessary?

25a – Four goals of follow up

–prequalify the prospect

–communicate your service and value – what you offer

–probe to identify need


25a – Follow up script

–Did you receive my package?

–Did you have a chance to look it over?

–Do you use this type of service from time to time?

–Do you have a project coming up for which you might need SERVICE?

–What would it take to be considered for this project?

26 – Three types of follow up –

27 – Contact managed, client-dictated

28 – automated online

29 – sporadic prospect client communication

30 – the clipping method

31 – frequency [rule of seven]

32—How pushy should you be?

33 – What if they are already using someone else?

34 – FIVE step process for qualifying prospects:

Step one—immediate or future need

Step two – Money and budget

Step three – Authority

Step four – Fit

Step five – Benefit

–What is the EASIEST benefit to sell?

35 – How to turn a no into a maybe and a maybe into a yes: 3 ideas

FIRST tell them what the next step is

SECOND, make an action commitment

THIRD, get them partially involved

36 – What is a take away close and when should I use it

37—How to get past the gate keeper to the decision maker

38—Timing of calls: bypass strategy

39 – Remind them of who called who first

40—What about voice mail blockage of sales calls

41 – Switch your focus

42 – Answer ask strategy

43 – Fern strategy

44 – Getting the appointment – define “appointment”

45 – How much time do I want to spend with prospects?

46 – How far will I travel?

47 – Do I get charge? Four factors decide whether fee or free

a—your need

b—size of contract

c—industry standards

48 – why you should NEVER make a sales call or sales presentation

49 – selling the appointment, not the service

50 – Don’t ask whether, ask when rule

51 – how can a novice beat a top pro in winning the business?

52 – Strategy for top pro – the busy doctor syndrome

53 – Find the unvoiced objection or discomfort

54 – “What do you have to hear me say” strategy

55 – Always end with a definite date, time, location, attendee list, agenda, and goals/purpose

56 – should you call to confirm before you go—pros and cons

57 – What are the five commandments of presenting your services?

58 – What are some ways to make sure you are really listening?

59 – What is the “act as if” strategy?

60 – Repeat and rephrase + seek confirmation and clarification

61 – Summarize and feed back

62 – ask probing questions/act as if

63—consultative selling myth

64 – be prepared

65 – be nimble

66 – under promise and over deliver

67 – limit range of options choices – good better best, silver gold platinum

68 – establish chemistry – common ground method [personal] – exploit commonality where it exists but do not fabricate it

69 – let your enthusiasm show

70 — four ways to sell services


71—Handling objections

72 – Your price is too high

73 – We don’t have the budget

74 – I can get it cheaper somewhere else

75 – We don’t use outside vendors

76 – I don’t have time to discuss it right now

77—no immediate need

78—boss has to approve it

79—we already use someone else

80—you offer x but we also need Y and Z

81—you have no experience in our industry

82 – deadline too tight

83 – we’ve used your type of service before and were not satisfied

84 – what if we are not satisfied?

85—do it on spec

86—not exactly what we were looking for

87 – who are your clients

88 – how long have you been doing th is

89 – How do you know what to charge

90 – What is the middle of the top third rule of pricing?

91 – The Sweater Method of presenting your price

92 – The Are You Sitting Down method of eliminating sticker shock

93 – Overwhelming proof

94 – should you have a fee schedule?

95 – How to present fees first, orally or in writing?

96 – estimates vs quotations

97 – SCRIPT for working up estimates

–do you have a budget?

–would you mind sharing it with me?

–do you have at least a dollar figure in mind what you would like it to cost?

98 – What is the :good better best” pricing option strategy?

100 – What is the “good bad or terrible” script for judging the prospect reaction to your proposal?

101—What are your seven steps to closing the sale

102 – FIRST, get prospects to invest time and effort in the relationship.

103 – SECOND, use incremental closing.

104 – THIRD, act as if you already have the job

105 – FOURTH, avoid pressure tactics in face to face closings, but use takeaway tactics and limited resource availability over the phone

106 – FIFTH, remove the risk

107 – SIXTH: ask for the order

108 – SEVENTH act fast – strike while the iron is hot

109 – The written agreement what should be in it?

–name and description of project
–estimated size and scope
–schedule with milestones and deadlines
–cost and payment schedule, plus deposit required
–terms and conditions
–responsibilities and what happens if they are not met
–disclaimers and liability
–kill fee

110- types of agreements

111 – Is a written agreement always necessary?

112 – How detailed should it be?

113 – Are oral agreements binding?

114 – Post-service selling – what is it, why important?

115 – 3 basic rules of keeping clients satisfied

116 – how to create extraordinary client joy

117 – tips for client communication

118—keep detailed records including all correspondence just in case

118A – most common mistake service sellers make in billing

119 – Common client problems and how to handle them

120 – You hand in your work and client does not like it

121 – Working relationship becomes difficult and unpleasant

122 – Client is late paying your bill

123 – client refuses to or cannot pay bill

124 – unreasonable deadline

125 – won’t sign contract

126 – client is uncooperative or won’t provide requested materials

127 – client cancels the job mid way

128 – job is more work than you figured

129 – client changes scope of job

130 – client is a pest

131 – Is selling services easier or harder today than when you started 25 years ago?

132 – What is the most important advice you can give on selling your services successfully?


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