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Car Wrapping

For about 5 years now, I’ve had magnetic signs on my vehicle. The sign read: “” and underneath it said: Your Complete Business Solution.

The URL I used (which I won’t share because it will screw up my numbers) simply redirected people to I then used an adtracker within WebMarketingMagic to track results.

They were pretty darned good. I just reviewed them again a few minutes ago. I had (before I turned off the adtracker a couple of years ago) generated over 20k worth of revenue.

So, as I write this email, my Honda Insight is being completely WRAPPED. The ENTIRE car is going to look like an ad promoting the same domain name.

I’ll keep you posted on the results. It’s going to cost me right around $2,000. Since I travel back and forth to LA quite a bit, a LOT of people will see my rather OBNOXIOUS looking car and hopefully go to my site and end up buying!

Since I have NO shame, this works for me. I’ll have to see what the numbers turn out to be, but driving home from the place, I was looking around. VERY few “regular” cars are wrapped. You see a lot of radio station vans and commercial trucks wrapped, but very few cars are done this way. That’s why I’m doing it.

The tag line under the domain name I’m using (which is NOT – I’m just using that to tell you what I’m doing) will be: Your complete ONLINE business solution. You’ll notice this is different from the one I used before.

I used to use the line: Your Complete Business Solution. My feeling was that the more vague I could make it, the more people would go and take a look. It’s now 5 years later and I THINK it makes sense to qualify my statement and add the word ONLINE.

Now that people are more sophisticated about things web-related, my thought was to TARGET just those folks who may have online businesses. I would probably get more total people visiting the site by being more vague, but I would INCREASE the numbers of ONLINE business folks who visited.

This is all CONJECTURE as I have no efficient way to test. When you have NO way to test, all you can do is go with your gut. My gut has let me down before, so I only rely on it when I HAVE to!

I’ll keep you posted on my results. For now, I suggest, that you, as an information marketer, CONSIDER wrapping your car.

One last important thing. What if you wrap your car  and then things CHANGE? You can always take the people who visit the site you’re promoting on your car and send them somewhere else using the forwarding function at

In my case, I would ONLY want to redirect people to a place that had SOMETHING (even marginally) related to an online business. Since that is now and will always be my business, this makes sense for me.

If you do NOT think you’re going to continue in some aspect of the business you are trying to originally promote, then leave off the tag-line when you do your wrap. Just put the domain name and leave off the line you put after it. The wrap alone will be enough to generate some traffic, but it won’t be NEARLY as targeted.

NYC Sign

MANY years ago I ran a resume and Typesetting business in midtown Manhattan. The way I ONLY promotion I did for this business was to have a guy where a “sandwich” sign on the streets near the subway entrances and exits within a few blocks of my location.

Since I spend a fair amount of time in NYC. I’ve decided to

revive these efforts as well. I’m having a SANDWICH sign created as I write this. It will be ready by next Monday. Yours truly will be going out onto the New York City streets and wearing a sandwich sign.

To some of you this may sound odd. But, the truth be told, I’m a BIT odd myself! lol The fact is that I want to TEST this sign to see if I get any visits and opt-ins to the site I’m promoting.

Again, I don’t want to give you the domain name because it will screw up my numbers, but here is the strategy. If it works, I suggest you get someone to do something similar for you. OR, if you’re a bit WACKY like me, you can try it yourself. Clearly, I don’t have an ounce of pride! All I care about are results!!

Here’s the plan:

The sign will have the domain name at the top and bottom of a 36X24 sign. In between the urls I have a line of copy that flows onto 4 lines. It says: Make Money Now From What You Already Know.

I will then create a coupon to hand to people with some very short copy (bullet points) that hopefully they will take back to the office and visit the site.

The site will be a squeeze page which will give people a bunch of great free stuff to get them onto my list. I’ll then use a series of autoresponders to get them to gain confidence in me and eventually start buying something.

The flyer will be an standard size sheet of paper cut into quarters. It will have some compelling copy that hopefully will get people to visit the site. I’m going to make it a bright yellow to match the color of the sign.

When people visit the site it will be a “standard” squeeze page – check

Then I’ll start them on an autoresponder series.

Again, I’ll give you my data and results as it comes in.

BTW, I hope both of these “crazy” moves will help me get some press/publicity. That will generate even MORE traffic!

That’s all for now!!

See you at an event of mine real soon!!

PS – any errors in grammar or typing in this ezine? My apologies. I crank them out FAST to get you the info NOW. Better to get it to you quick than PERFECT!

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