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We are about to start DAY THREE of the first Fred Info Bootcamp. I’m up really late on Friday night/Saturday morning writing this.

We’ve got six very talented people here.

Perry Butler
Perry is an airline pilot AND a lawyer. His area of expertise is in helping a variety of different people in the process of buying and selling Business Aircraft.

Jagdish Mirani
Juggie, as I know him, is working on some very interesting material in the area of home schooling. He has two kids both of whom are being home-schooled. His last job was in marketing for Oracle. He is in between jobs at the moment and carved time in his schedule to come to this event to learn how to NOT have to work for a big company in the near future.

Bill Wise
Bill is from San Antonio. He has been in the real estate field for many years. In addition to being an investor, he is also a realtor.

Gil Kreiter
Gil has a background in PHYSICS. A graduate of the prestigious Bronx High School of Science, he is married to a yoga instructor and is looking to create products in a variety of yoga niches.

Dave Hamilton
Dave Hamilton is the “Web Marketing Magician.” In addition to being a great help to everyone at the event in his coaching capacity, Dave also produces his own products.
If you haven’t seen it yet, go to:
He is also the new father of 2 month old twins!

Hagop Tchaparian
All the way from London, England, Hagop is a successful musician who has played in front of as many as 80,000 people. That was when they his group lead off for Metallica. He’s interested in helping aspiring musicians to avoid some of the pitfalls of the business.

The first day we started at 3PM. I went through the 7 steps in Information Product Process. I’ve talked about them in this ezine before, but to reiterate, they are:

1. Select a Market Niche
2. Produce a Product
3. Write the Copy to Sell the Product
4. Create a Website using the Copy Created
5. Drive Traffic to the Website using Paid/Unpaid methods
6. Close people on buying the product
7. Sell people more and more products

It was a great start and everyone had a chance to get to know everyone else in the group.

I’m always amazed at the quality of people that seem to attend my events. No different at this event!

Friday was the first FULL day at the bootcamp. After getting started with some “theory” I was lucky to get Terry Dean to do a one hour call-in for the group.

Terry is doing some very interesting and creative things to help build his list. He was nice enough to share them with the group.

After Terry was done we had a follow up discussion of the best list building techniques. Very productive.

For the next hour, I produced the first product with Bill Wise. I interviewed Bill on his topic of “buying and selling houses.” His expertise is in real estate.

After producing the product we decided that the audio program we created would be best used as a free give away to entice people to sign up for his list. He would then take those names, continue to send them valuable content AND attempt to get people to attend his bootcamp on the topic.

Not everyone who attends the bootcamp will be creating a program for immediate sale. Some will be creating products to GIVE AWAY in exchange for capturing their email addresses.

If you attend one of these events, make sure to come with an open mind as to how the product you end up creating here will be used.

Sabrina Brick showed up after lunch. She was ready to share her knowledge as a copywriter with the group. If you haven’t checked out her site, go to: and

She gave everyone a worksheet to go through to help get them started on creating their own copy.

Sabrina then spent time working with people one on one to get them to figure out some of the essential ingredients of creating a highly successful piece of copy.

Lucky for us, she had recently created an opt-in form that was pulling a WHOPPING 46% conversion rate. So just about every other person who was going to this webpage agreed to “sign up” to receive a free item.


What a great start to this event.

PS – If you want to get your business going I’m now convinced this is THE event to attend! Maximum of 6 people and full week of intensive training where you leave with a completed product and website with copy to sell it!

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