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I have been crazy busy the last 2 months. Johann, my friend and able assistant has been trapped in Peru. He did the RIGHT thing and went back to renew his student visa. When get got there, they would NOT let him return to the U.S. to complete his studies at UNLV. No good!

As a result, I’ve been doing a lot of leg work on my own. I’ve been duplicating and fulfilling orders as well as moving a lot of stuff.

I’m now spending some of my time in the Northern LA suburb of Valencia where my fiance has kids who are in school. So, that means I now am splitting my time between 3 places: My primary residence here in Henderson, NV and the place in NYC. That makes 3.

For a guy who wants to SIMPLIFY his life, this makes it a challenge. But, I’m taking steps to make it as simple as possible within the mandatory parameters I have to deal with.

Doing Seminars in Las Vegas?

I’ve decided to let people I know use my place here in Las Vegas when they have a small event (15 or less). Send me an email at: fredgleeck (at) gmail (dot) com and put “VEGAS SEMINAR” in the subject line. Make sure and leave me a number to call you back.

The nice thing about doing an event at my place for YOU is that you’ll not have to put up with flashing lights and ringing bells in most of the hotel/casinos. You’ll also be able to have up to 8 people stay at the house. Take a look below at how I’ll be using the place and get some ideas for yourself.

The nice thing for ME is that I will get to help work with you and possibly sit in on an interesting event.

I’ll also be able to have video and audio taping set up and available. Get in touch if this interests you.

Speaking at The Estate Plan

I just had the opportunity to speak to a group of Estate and Financial Planners at something called the Advanced Institute. It is put on by a group called THE ESTATE PLAN.

It is headed by Henry Abts III. What a great guy. I was given an hour to speak. When I was 5 minutes from my time to finish up, he said, “Keep going, you have til noon!” As it turns out I had compressed the information fairly well up to that point and finished by 11AM, getting everyone out the door AHEAD of schedule.

He invited me pack (on the spot) to speak next year and promised that I would be speaking on one of the first days rather than on the last. Thanks Henry! I also had a chance to meet and spend a bit of time with his son Skip. Sharp guy as well.

He had some able folks assisting that were too numerous to mention.

A couple of things you can learn from what I did at this event:

1. I did not bitch about being given what was almost the worst slot for speaking.

2. I got there in advance and studied who talked about what and incorporated it into my speech.

3. I was nice to the entire staff and offered to help if they needed it. They appreciate this and it gets back to the people in charge. This is a good way to operate nomatter who you are dealing with.

4. I customized my regular marketing talk to the group I was speaking to. Making it 100% relevant to THEM!

5. I customized my product offering for them. I gave them two options. Product only AND product PLUS one on one marketing consulting provided it could be recorded and used to help others.

6. I priced my higher priced option at a price similar to what THEY charge for THEIR services. This made sense to THEM and they responded well.

Special August “DEAL”

I’d like to offer you the same AMAZING deal I did for this group.

Why? It’s August, business is slow, I’ve got new bills on the new places and I want your “help” (translation: MONEY!).

But, this IS really a great deal. But I’m only going to do it until Friday. I have to fulfill all the orders myself and I have to have it done by latest Saturday at noon.

Here’s the offer:

I’ve recorded a number of programs with my friend and client Bob Bly. Because much of what we have done together was so relevant to this group of Estate Planners and financial types, I BUNDLED together a few of Bob and my programs for them.

I included the following programs:

The Internet Millionaire’s Retirement Program
How to Generate More Leads in Less Time
Direct Marketing Tips and Techniques
Writing Great Copy for Websites
Selling Your Services for Maximum Profit
Self Publishing for Maximum Profit (Me alone)

Normally, each one of these programs sells for between $97 and $197 and they are WELL worth it at that price.

The offer I made this group is the SAME offer I’ll make you: $297

That is a savings of at least $300.

The only thing you must do is order it by noon on Friday August 10th. There is also a limit of 100 units. Heck, I can’t ship that much more myself! Help! I wish Johann were here!

The program will be delivered to you in 2 CDs. All the audio is in MP3 format. It will NOT play on most traditional CD players. You will have to listen on your computer or download it to your IPod or other mp3 device.

Small hassle for this heavily reduced price.

Here is the link to order:

(This is restricted to the first 100 orders and over at noon on Friday, August 10th, PST)

New Event for Me (that you can learn from)

I’ve decided to start doing a new event. I’m doing this one because of my frustration with people not taking action at other events that I hold.

Here’s what I’m doing:

I’m going to do a 7 day event. It will start on a Sunday and end on a Sunday. Everyone will leave with a product completed and a website done and copy written.

All those folks will have to do when they leave is to start driving traffic to the site.

This is a TURN-KEY program for a SMALL group of folks.

I’m CERTAIN this will have a waiting list when I get it going so you better jump on it when you see the offer made.

Here is why I am doing this and suggest that you COPY what I’m doing. As is usually the case, some of the other “supposed” gurus will take this idea of mine and do something eerily similar in the near future. Note the date of this email to see who did it FIRST. Ah, Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

My thoughts:

1. People love my content at my info products events. The evaluations and testimonial prove that.

2. A small percentage of people take action. Not because they don’t want to but because they don’t know EXACTLY what to do or get hung up on the minutiae.

3. Folks will pay for an event AND take a week out of their busy schedules if they can leave with something READY to go that will produce income and revenue.

4. Small groups and higher price tags will attract people who WILL do something with the material.

5. Attendees like to get to know the presenters and allowing people to work AND play together is a great idea.

My new event, that will shortly be unveiled at:


will be:

* 7 days – Sunday to Sunday
* Restricted to 6 people Max
* People will leave with a product saleable at $97 minimum
* Copy for the website will be written
* A domain will be reserved and the website put up
* My list of 100k+ will hear about the products first
* Attendees will work and sleep in the same location

I want you to learn from WHAT I DO! Take what I’m doing and use it with your own niche. Take this action now. Don’t wait until “later.” Do it NOW!

I’ll also be doing many more events in LA/VEGAS/NYC in the near future. Keep checking:

Also, keep reading these Insights. As the summer winds down you’ll be getting more and more of them. Content is King and you’ll get it from me!



PS – Lots of material for you to use/copy and profit from. Send me what YOU did with it!

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