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Speaking Styles and Who Reveals Who You Are?

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Speaking Styles

I just spoke to a group in Bridgewater, NJ. It was a group of folks who are members of the National Speakers Association.

I sat in on a number of presentations in addition to doing my own. While sitting there, it made me think about how DIFFERENTLY people deliver information.

In my mind there are two PRIMARY ways that people teach speaking. One group recommends that you memorize every line of your speech and rehearse every gesture.

The other group (people like me) think that it’s better for you to have an outline and be fully prepared, BUT, to be more improvisational.

The people in the first group usually have a really tough time when something happens in the room.

By that I mean something that hasn’t been planned for. A plate drops, a person’s phone rings, a pelican comes crashing through the window. Well . . . something like that.

I believe that really GREAT speakers are those who come across as completely natural and REAL. I’ve been asked and will soon do an event to teach people how to be REAL SPEAKERS.

I’ll keep you posted.


The Company You Keep Reveals Who You Are!

I just sent an old friend this email. It was sent to a person who I feel has gone off the track. In my opinion, his pursuit of the dollar has connected him to people who are a more than a bit UNsavory.

Barack Obama has his Reverend Wright.

In politics they will look for every association you’ve had since the beginning of time. Information marketers’ history can be revealed by doing a simple Google search.

Who are you associated with?

There are people out there who I don’t shake hands with. There are others who I will leave the room when they enter.


I don’t want to be associated in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM with some characters. Some of them are well known names. BUT, I feel very uncomfortable with the business practices I’ve seen demonstrated by more than a few of them.

Think carefully about who you do business with. Ask yourself if it is worth the short term gain to be associated with people who in the long run may hurt your reputation.


I’m in this game to win it! Financially and otherwise, but the winner is the one who’s still standing after ALL the rounds have been played. Not just the first few.

But how do you know if someone is not right to be associated with? There are lots of other people who seem to be cavorting with them. Does that mean “the coast is clear?” Hardly!

Go to their sites. Read their ezines. Peruse their autoresponder series. Review their sales letters. And then (drum roll please) . . . CHECK YOUR GUT!

After you’ve done all of the above does the person you are checking out pass the test? Would you invite them over for dinner and not feel like you had to count the silverware afterwards?

If it doesn’t feel right, it’s because it probably isn’t. Will you indict a few innocent parties to avoid the guilty? Probably so. BUT, your reputation is too important in this or ANY business to make a mistake.

Have I made mistakes myself? Absolutely. Did I see the writing on the wall before things happened? In most cases yes. BUT, I ignored my gut. Please don’t do the same thing.

There are people who I USED to do business with that I don’t anymore. There are people that some do business with that AMAZE me with their brazenly direct unethical conduct.

Again, check your gut. If you keep asking yourself the questions, your “inner voice” will give you the right answer 99% of the time.

If you do make a mistake, correct it. When I’ve made a bad decision regarding a person, I’ve had to apologize to my list. Don’t feel bad if you have to do the same. People will actually respect you MORE when you tell them you screwed up.

(If only politicians could understand this.)

People are forgiving. They know you can and will make mistakes. What they WILL have a hard time forgiving is a lack of ability to admit when you’re wrong.

There are now a SMALL handful of people I do business with. There used to be a larger handful but some showed me their true colors and now I know better.

Don’t get me wrong here. There are a good bunch of honest folks out there. The problem is finding them. Once you make a decision that you’re only going to work with people who share your values, they will start to appear. It may take some time, but it will happen.

Even if the money is TIGHT, hold onto your principles. Trust your gut. You will be rewarded. Maybe not tomorrow, or the next day, BUT, your time will come. I know it’s worked that way for me.

Til Next time,


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