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In This Issue:
* Specializing Your Offers to Your Markets
* Kudos to Bret Ridgeway
* Does my dog love ME?

Specializing Your Offers to Your Markets

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be attending the annual convention of the National Speakers Association. The example I’m about to give you is one of the PRIMARY reasons that so many of my fellow members don’t make as much money as they COULD or SHOULD.

This Wednesday I’m speaking to a group of Estate/Financial Planners. I spoke for them last year and they invited me back this year. Evidently I did something right.

Here’s the point.

My PRIMARY specialty is information products and information
. When I speak to groups like this I speak about ONLINE and OFFLINE marketing techniques.

Marketing is a relatively broad topic. Most speakers would take their own “generic” products and try to sell them to a group like this.

Bad idea.

Try to sell a GENERIC marketing program? $99. Sell a program about how to market your estate planning services? $397.

I have to say that for most speakers, the problem is laziness. This combined with IGNORANCE.

It’s the TRUTH and the TRUTH hurts on this topic.

Here is the solution. And, it’s NOT all that tough or difficult.

CUSTOMIZE your products and offers to EVERY group you speak for. It’s really NOT that difficult if you follow what I do here.

Why? Because you’ll sell a heck of a lot more and, if you’re smart, you’ll be able to create an ongoing stream of revenue from that group/niche.

How? Here’s how.

Let’s use my topic, marketing, as the example. You can insert your own topic and it will work just as well. (Try inserting the word Customer Service to see how it works).

I do my “corporate” presentations on the BEST online and offline marketing techniques any/every business can use.

Since I am speaking to this group for the 2nd time, I’m going to assume that some of the people there will have seen me before. I didn’t do exactly what I’m suggesting here last time so I suggest you “copy” my tactics that I’m using THIS year.

I want to offer this group products that are customized to THEM as a group. So, I’ve set up two options for the group. Here is what’s in Option #1:

* Audio Recording (mp3) of All of the Estate/Financial
Planners I personally coach below ($397 Value)

* 4 mp3 Audio Recordings ($588 Total)
How to Generate MORE Leads in Less Time ($147)
Direct Marketing Tips and Techniques ($147)
Writing Great Copy for Your Website and other
promotional material ($147)
Selling Your Services for Maximum Profit ($147)

* Participate in my BOOK PROGRAM for Estate
Planners at a 20% Discount

* 30 Minute PROFESSIONAL Interview with me
(I’ve done over 2,000!) to put on your website

* 4 Group Tele-seminar calls (90 minutes each)
covering the KEY aspects of marketing your business

* Attend ONE of my QUALIFIED events for the next
12 months FREE (held in Vegas/LA/NYC: $997 Value)

Take a note of the Book Program item. I’m hiring someone to write a book on marketing for Estate Planners. I will then license the use of the book by zip code for estate planners around the country.

One of my offline marketing techniques I speak about
has to do with the value of a book as a marketing tool.

Everyone always loves the idea, but just about everyone who hears the idea, and loves it, is too lazy to do it. So, understand your market. DO IT FOR THEM and CHARGE THEM FOR IT!

Here is what I’m offering for Option #2

* All of the products listed above AND

* Personal MARKETING COACHING for your business:
Bi-Weekly Sessions on the phone for 30 minutes each for the next 3 months (If you opt for this one you MUST agree to have our conversation recorded for future use/sale)

* Participate in my BOOK PROGRAM for Estate Planners at a 35% Discount

Here is how I’ve structured this offer and why I’ve done it this way.

The majority of option #1 is either product or group coaching. Only one element of my offer is something where I have to do something PERSONALLY and CUSTOMIZED just to one individual.

What price point for this offering? I’m not yet sure, but I’ll probably put it at either $497 or $777.

The second option has everything in the first package and a fair amount of PERSONAL work. if you notice, the personal coaching I do can be RESOLD to those who don’t want to pay the big bucks.

The price point here will probably be either $1997 or $2997.

The offer having to do with the book is that people will get a price reduction on what I will probably price somewhere between $3000 and $5000.

I’ve restricted package #2 to the first 8 people.

There will be around 70 people at the event. My GOAL would be to get 20 or so to go for #1 and 6-8 to go for #2. I’ll give you my report sometime next week.

Let’s say I hit my numbers.

Let’s also assume that I go with the lower price for the first package.

So, $497 x 20 = $10,000
$1997 x 8 = $16,000

Total at the event of $26,000.

After the event let’s say 10 people go for the book deal. I’m going to pay someone $2500 to write the book.

If they pay, on average $2500 each, then I’ll get a gross of $25,000 and a net of $22,500.

Add the two figures together and you get close to $50k.

What would most speakers have pulled out of this group with generic products? A LOT LESS!

I don’t know exactly what my numbers will be, but they will be a LOT higher than most of my speaking brethren who market generic products.

I suggest you consider a SIMILAR approach to maximize your revenue in YOUR niche markets.

(PS – if you notice I have completely left out the revenue I’ll gain from the audios that I will sell.

I will set up a website to sell my interviews with the 6 or 8 people who agree to option #2.

Let’s assume there are 6 people. A 30 minute session once every two weeks for 3 months is a total of 18 hours of information.

30 minutes X 2 (per month) X 3 months X 6 people

I’ll set up a mini site and sell this 18 hours of material for somewhere between $197 and $497. How many will I sell, but I’ll sell them for the next 24 months or so.)

Kudos to Bret Ridgeway

Kudos to my friend and colleague Bret Ridgeway. I recently asked you to go to his site where he was attempting to get you to raise your hand if you’re interested in his product.

Bret got back to all of the people who promoted the product and apologized for the poor performance.

Talk about a class act!

When you make a mistake, fess up to it and admit it. If only other information marketers AND politicians would understand this message!

Does My Dog Love ME?

I’ve got two great dogs. One is a bit neurotic, but they are both good dogs. Henry, who I refer to as my only son, is exceptionally affectionate and loving.

Both are chocolate labs.

Earlier today while petting him I asked myself the question: Does he really care if it’s ME who is petting him and giving him love or could it be ANYONE?

My first thought was that if it’s not me specifically that he loves, It could in fact be ANYONE who would care for him in a loving manner. I had this thought that that would be BAD. Somehow that would diminish the quality of his love.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought I was NUTS. Doesn’t it make it even cooler if your dog can be super loving to the person who happens to be taking care of him at the time?

Remember the old Stephen Stills song: LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH? Well, Henry’s got that going in spades.

Now that I’ve thought it through, it’s all good.

All the Best,


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