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Start with the End Product and Work Backwards
Intelligence and Success as an Information Marketer
Yikes, But I Teach the Same Thing as Him/Her!
Self Publishing Program Redo in Vegas
Persuasion Seminar in Las Vegas
Networking Exercise
Spam, Spam and MORE Spam

Whenever I give a speech or teach a workshop on the topic of information marketing I always discuss my funnel system.

The funnel system consists of creating a line of information products at a variety of price points using different modalities of learning.

I usually start by talking about creating lower end products like ebooks and reports. I then suggest they create a whole LINE of products that go anywhere from $10 to $1000.

While talking with Gina Graves I was came to a realization. She suggests that people start with the end product in mind.

What do you REALLY want people to buy from you?

I would assume your highest end product. If so, what is it? How do you get people to “migrate” in that direction?

When creating a line of information products I will now ask every client/potential client what it is they REALLY want to be selling at the end of the day.

Let’s assume that you want to be selling a high end coaching program that goes for $1,000 a month.

Then every product you create and market has to be geared to getting your buyers to move in that direction. To make that choice.

As you create your content for your other products keep this in mind. Don’t hold back in your content but remember where you are trying to lead people.

While doing it, don’t WITHHOLD information, this is the kiss of death.

When you create products that deliver a tremendous amount of VALUE people will listen to what you have to say. They will be curious about what comes next. They will ask you (out loud or to themselves) what they should buy next.

My mentor, Howard Shenson (may he rest in peace) always talked about how it made sense to “give them all you got” because when you’re done, they still don’t know how to do it in THEIR PARTICULAR situation. They may, and probably will want INDIVIDUAL help and assistance.

As you develop products, keep in mind what you want people to buy at the high end of your funnel. Doing this will allow you to subtly infuse your product with elements that will make people want to ask about what it is you want them to buy.

Intelligence and Success as an Information Marketer

I’m continually amazed by who succeeds in the info marketing business.

I can tell you that intelligence has VERY little to do with it.

I know what you’re thinking.

I’m a pretty intelligent person. (That’s why you read my stuff – lol). I should have an EASIER time making money in this business.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate.

Years ago I had an assistant. Her name is Leticia. She was one of those MENSA types who was not just extremely smart, she had some pretty good instincts and insights about people.

She was telling me about a friend of hers who had achieved a pretty decent level of success as a speaker.

One day she told me that she thought he had an IQ somewhere around 100. Average intelligence.

What made him successful?

The fact that he put his head down and plodded onwards regardless of the odds or what happened.

He did have the good sense to get some guidance from a variety of sources, but once he made up his mind, he stuck to his plan. Doggedly. He did not give up.

I think information marketers who are smart and savvy are dime a dozen.

The real question if one of TENACITY. Who has the ability to STICK TO IT?

First, pick out a person to study that you resonated with. Do your due diligence. Then put your head down and get to work. Don’t stop, don’t think, don’t second guess yourself.

BUT, the key here is in selecting a model. There is no “system” out there (that works) that doesn’t require some effort on your part.

If you hear someone say you can do it wit NO effort, RUN! They are yet another scam artist trying to get your money.

Yikes, But I Teach the Same Thing as Him/Her!

If you happen to be an “expert” on a certain topic, chances are there are other people who teach/train/consult/speak/coach in the same field that you do.


Are they you?

Do they teach the topic in the same way that you do?

Get over it.

If you know your stuff, having competitors in your field is a good thing. Ask my friend Glenn Livingston. (to listen to some of his system for free)

Glenn and I also recorded a program called “Online Risk Reduction.” It’s a great audio program and if you want it, it goes for $67. If you want it, paypal me the money and I’ll send it out to you.

I promoted it a few weeks back and it’s excellent.

Glenn welcomes competition. The greater the number of competitors, the better he does. Why? Because he does MORE than all of his competition. He does things that other people TALK about doing but never do. He communicates with people to find out precisely what they need and want.

If you are in a competitive field, ask yourself what makes what you do or sell different from everyone else. Without any uniqueness in the market, you will fall flat on your face.

That uniqueness must also be something of REAL VALUE to your prospects.

Being the only restaurant with a PINK ELEPHANT in the middle of your place might be different, but will it increase your number of customers? Probably not.

As an information marketer, I differentiate my services by delivering MORE USEABLE CONTENT per minute than anyone out there.

What do you do better/different than anyone else in YOUR field? Is it something that your prospects/ customers consider important? If not, who cares?

When you find the answer to this question, make sure and HIGHLIGHT it in any and everything that you do.

Also, remember no one else is YOU. By definition you are unique. You’re unique if you do what I always recommend which is to be YOURSELF and don’t try and copy others.

Be different, be good, but be yourself.
Self Publishing Program Redo in Vegas

Like I just did for My Marketing and Promoting Seminars program, I’m re-recording my Self Publishing for Maximum Profit program.

Buy it now and I’ll throw in the new program when finished for FREE!

The date is July 15th.

I’m assembling a small group of people, up to 6 total to sit in on a class here in Henderson (Las Vegas) that will run from 10AM to 4PM. We may finish a BIT earlier, but plan on those times.

If you want to come just paypal me $97 to reserve a space. Only the first 6 people will be able to attend the live event. After that, I’ll either refund your money or ship you the product I create AND an additional product to make up for your not being there in person.

I’m not trying to make any serious money on this event, I’m just trying to build a small audience.

The last group really enjoyed it and I’m sure you’ll like it as well.

Interested in attending?
Paypal the money to

I look forward to seeing you there.

Persuasion Seminar in Las Vegas

A few days back I attended a persuasion seminar in Las Vegas. I was a bit suspicious, as I always am about events like this, but I decided to try it.

The promoters name was Dave Lahkani. Didn’t really get to spend a whole lot of time with him, but he seemed like a good guy.

Overall, I was pretty impressed. A lot of good solid content and met some really good people.

Two people stood out for me as far as the presenters.

First was Andrew Lock. Nice guy. I had met him before and he has some really great ideas. We didn’t get to spend much time together, but you’ll be hearing more about him as we’ll be doing an audio together shortly.

Second was Kevin Hogan. As you may recall, I sent out an email over the weekend suggesting that you sign up for his list.

Kevin is a great guy. We had a LOT of time to hang out. One night we stayed up til 3AM playing blackjack. Let me correct that. I watched him play blackjack.

I used to count cards in the Phlippines as a kid but Kevin was playing with $100 chips. Being the cheap bastard I am, I took a pass. I did agree to INVEST in his play, and ended up more than doubling my money. Thanks Kev!

Whenever I meet new people I’m always trying to figure out three things:

1. Are they Honest – if the answer is no, nothing else matters.

2. Do they really know there stuff – if the answer is no, then I probably won’t promote them.

3. Are they FUN to hang out with? – if the there is a NO answer here, again, it doesn’t work for me.

Yes on All 3 counts for Kevin.

I’m sure we’ll get into some mischief together in the future, but for now, check out his site I gave out last time:

PS – I’ve been invited to speak at an event of his he is holding in Las Vegas on Oct 16-18. I then asked him if he would speak at Bob Bly and my event in NYC the following weekend on Oct. 25/26 and he agreed.

More on this in the near future.

PPS – He seems to have a weird thing for some special kind of tea. This is the only thing that worries me about this guy!

Networking Exercise

When I did the recent recording at my house for my updated seminar course, I was reminded of an exercise that I saw used at an event a number of years back.

If you have or do an event of any kind, this is an excellent exercise to get everyone in the room to know everyone else quickly and efficiently.

Start out by taking 4 chairs and arrange them into a “star” facing each other. If you picture a clock, each of the chairs should be positioned at: 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

Before the event, have everyone put together cards that have their picture, address, phone number and the letters A, B and C down the side of the card with a couple of lines next to each one.

Line A will be used when the person taking the card can use that person’s services themselves. Line B is when they know someone who could use their services. Line C is used when they know someone who knows someone who may need their services.

When people get to the event, have everyone (soon after they arrive) do this exercise.

Let’s make this easy. Say you have 100 people in your group. Then you have 25 sets of 4 chairs facing each other as described above.

One person has a flag of some sort. The more colorful and crazy, the better. We want to make this fun. This person waves the flag vigorously when the “hotseat” is empty. They are trying to signal another “runner” to sit down and give their pitch.

If you’re running the event, ask everyone to identify who in their group is seated at the 12 O’Clock position. This person when the “GO” sign is given, proceeds to deliver a very quick and efficient elevator pitch.

After delivering the pitch, they then ask the other 3 members in the group if they have an interest or KNOW someone who does. If they do, they fill out a card and hand it to the RUNNER.

The runner then leaves this group and searches for a group where the flag holder is waving the flag signaling that a seat is open for another runner to come and give their pitch.

The person who is running the event keeps a timer and let’s says STOP when the time allotted has elapsed. Using 15-20 minutes.

There is a brief pause while all of the runners go back to their original group. Then after a brief time out, go to the person in the 3 O’Clock position and they become the runner.

Lather, rinse, repeat until all of the people have gone in the group. That’s 4 sets of 15-20 minutes.

The runners who get to the most number of groups and gets the most number of cards are the people who have created a compelling pitch that is quickly and efficiently delivered.

When I did this myself, my pitch was: “I help authors, speakers and consultants double or triple their incomes in 18 months or less through a guaranteed system. Who would be interested or know someone who would be interested?”

Try this exercise early on in one of your events.

You will not find a better way to get the maximum amount of effective networking done in the shortest amount of time.

If you do some teleseminars before your event, take some time to train people on how to do their pitch to maximize the effectiveness of this exercise.

People will LOVE this! Do it early in the event and more people will know more OTHER people at the event than you’ve ever seen.

Spam, Spam and MORE Spam

I just got another email from someone who is going through the list of members from the National Speakers Association and sending out emails soliciting business.

Don’t people get it? This is SPAM.

Unless I have opted-in to your list and given you PERMISSION to email me, you cannot contact me without certain conditions being met.

There are lots of authors, speakers, consultants and other information marketers who are going to cause themselves lots of grief AND financial hardship if they don’t UNDERSTAND this.

You cannot just ADD PEOPLE TO YOUR LIST!!

You cannot just send everyone on a list a similar message soliciting business. This is SPAM and is now being vigorously prosecuted in some areas.

Right way to do it?

Find a way to entice me to get on your list before trying to SELL me on your services. I have an example here:

I just got an email from a (name deleted here). I don’t know her. She may be a very nice person. BUT, she does not understand what SPAM is. By sending me an email soliciting my business, without my PERMISSION she is spamming me.

Bad idea.

Why not try and advertise with a publication that speakers tend to read and offer me some very cool and interesting FREE STUFF?

Then continue to send me some more useable content. THEN and ONLY then attempt to sell me your services.

Any other way will have a very low probability of success and will result in FINES to people who do things this way.

Do not do business with people who SPAM you. It will only encourage bad behavior.

Here is an important link for you to look at:

After reading this law understand that $11,000 per offense is not worth having to deal with.

All the Best,


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