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I must live on a different planet. I got on a telesminar last night to listen to a guy who claims to be an expert at something. Don’t ask me what, I’ve forgotten. Here’s why.

When I spend my time to listen in on an expert bloviate about their craft, I expect some substance. I have to report that last night, there was NO content to be found.

OK, so I didn’t PAY to attend the event. BUT, it did cost me something even more valuable . . . MY TIME!

The presenter was well schooled in a speaking style taught by a few master manipulators. Those who teach this style show others how to completely ignore giving people any useable content.

Their mission is to instead make you THINK you were given something of substance when you had not been.

It’s almost identical to an infomercial. We’ve all watched them, but the question is WHY?

Because we have an interest in the product or service and we get “sucked into” the story. We want to see how they present it. We know it’s a pitch, but we watch anyway.

After a while, the infomercial style has gotten less and less effective.

I know a little something about this field. I put an info- mercial on the air back in 1985. I lost a lot of money but my then partner has gone on to do well over 100 infomercials and sell (according to him – and I think it’s entirely possible) a billion dollars worth of products.

When you turn on the television and let yourself get sucked in to watching one of these, you know that they are trying to sell you something.

When you sign up and register for a teleseminar you are trying to LEARN something. If you are given valuable information, you will be more likely to buy.

Evidently this memo has not gotten to some of the folks that use the teleseminar as an opportunity to present a live, verbal infomercial.

On this particular one I’m referring to, there was also the omni-present scarcity offer made to the group. There were only XX number of units that would be sold at that price or would receive a coveted bonus.

Would this person have violated this “oath” to only sell XX number of the items? Of course they would. Why? Because they are from a school that accepts this kind of LYING as completely acceptable.

A large part of the 60+ minute pitch was a cavalcade of testimonials from well known and lesser known players in the field.

There seems to be a cabal of these folks who are willing to shill for each other as long as the other party promises to return the favor for them on their site or teleseminar.

This HORS**T has got to stop. And “we the people” have got to stop it. It persists because people are still buying. Don’t reinforce these morons who do this stuff! Don’t buy UNLESS and UNTIL it is proven to you with substance that they have something of value to sell.

Want to do a teleseminar? Great! Give people some valuable content and make them an offer at the end. Don’t do what I describe above. It won’t make you any money in the long run and you’ll get a reputation for “being one of those” guys.

Will you sell a few less units initially? Perhaps. Could you have made more by using the infomercial technique? Maybe. But I really don’t think so long term. I just don’t think people can be fooled forever.

But then again, what do I know!

Have a great weekend. I made it to the final 3 in the radio contest. I’ll probably hit you up again to go vote for me sometime early next week.

Sorry in advance, but just like the politicians, I’ll be trying to GET YOUR VOTE.

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