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Terry Dean just came out to record two products with me here in Las Vegas. We just finished one today on Internet marketing and we’ll be doing another one tomorrow on a topic his list asked for: How to Do Great Interviews.

Terry and I are alike in a couple of ways:

1. We’re both pretty simple guys with simple taste. Net result? We both have low fixed overhead and don’t have to kill ourselves to make our monthly “nut.”

2. We both believe integrity is crucial and essential to success in both life AND in information/internet marketing.

3. We are both pretty friggin happy with our lives and try and avoid stress as much as we can.

The program we recorded today was really good. I’m sure that tomorrow’s program will be equally good.

Look for some promotional pieces on both of these audio programs in the next week or so.

Orders on In Your Shopping Cart

People clicking on an order link and then NOT ordering.

On your thank-you page, resell them. On that page, make sure and put your biggest benefits, even include and repeat your headline. Also, include your guarantee once again.

(This idea thanks to brainstorming with my buddy, Terry Dean)

People having problems with the AVS filter

When some people try and order from you, they will be rejected by your shopping cart because the address they put in doesn’t match their mailing address on file with their credit card.

In MY case, I’ve found that these people frequently will NOT go back and try again. I’ve recently started doing the following.

I immediately send people an email saying I’m sorry. I then give them an INCENTIVE to STILL order from me, but by using PayPal as a method of payment.

It is super easy for people to pay you by Paypal so make sure to do something similar to what I describe.

I’m hoping that I can get at LEAST 50% of the people who “abandon” their orders because they get frustrated like I describe above.

I only WISH I had been doing this all along. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Do it now!

Getting Listed in Search Engines

If you haven’t done the exercise, it is critically important for you to figure out what keywords you need to rank well in to succeed in your business.

The best way to do this is to brainstorm the issue. Start by listing every keyword that you think/feel would be an important one for you to rank highly on.

After you do that you will probably come up with MOST of the main ones. If you want to get a more complete/exhaustive list you need to use a tool like WordTracker.

If you want a free tool, take a look at:
When you get their, click on the Keyword Tool

After you get a list of the right keywords, you’ll then have a dilemma. If you go after the more general keywords, they will be more difficult to get listed on. They will also be LESS targeted.

You can get MORE visitors with more general keywords, but they won’t be the exact type of visitors that will be most likely to buy what you’re selling.

Paid vs. Unpaid

Paid search is always more “reliable” because you can get visitors by paying for them. It SHOULD be part of a strategy to generate traffic. It should NOT be the ONLY strategy you use.

Unpaid (natural or organic) is perceived as more unbiased, but it is less reliable and predictable.

Google (or Yahoo or MSN) can change their algorithms at any time.


Use BOTH as best you can.

The traffic product I recently created with Bob Bly can help.

I’ll be giving you more on this topic in the days ahead.

Easy VS. Difficult Customers

I just got the following email from someone:


Only 3 of the 14 links actually deliver anything!

In spite of the fact that you have charged me for it the Fred Gleek link takes me to a page where it appears that anyone can get his stuff for free, providing that they don’t lose the will to live through several sign up pages and e-bay! (I gave up)

This is most unimpressive; you should wait until you are able to deliver before you offer your products.

Is one of your money making strategies take the money and don’t worry about customer service or professional fulfilment?

Prove to me that this is not a rip off.

My Response:

First, the facts:

I checked my shopping cart. He did not order anything from ME! I have no doubt that he ordered something of MINE, but it was not from ME.

There are other people who sell my stuff. SOME of it LEGIT and some of it NOT. I do not have the power to handle how other people deal with orders they get for THEIR products.

I’m getting accused of something that I didn’t do because he didn’t order from me.

There are two issues that I care about in this email.

First is the issue of actually delivering on promises that I make. This is clearly important and if I’m not doing that, then I need to fix it. I have my able webmaster, Stanley, to help me.

Second is the issue of the TYPE OF CUSTOMER that you want to have on your list. I do NOT want people on my list who are difficult.

This kind of individual does NOT fit my business model.

I want to make money and have fun. I don’t consider it FUN to get emails like this from a person like this.

I don’t care WHO they are or what they do. They are OUT! I will delete them from my system and I will actually BLOCK their IP address and prevent them from ordering anything from me.

That’s IF they are even in my system. This guy, as best as I can figure out, is NOT.

My business model is to make as much money as I can doing business with people that I LIKE and would want to have over to my house for dinner.

This guy is clearly NOT one of them.

Even if this person had actually been ordering from ME! The fact that he is screaming at me for something that I didn’t do is a bit amusing. His TONE let’s me know that he is NOT the kind of customer I want on my list.

And the dinner at my house? You guessed it. He is NOT invited. Nor are any of his 1st of 2nd cousins! lol.

Your action point?

Don’t have people in your “network” or list who are a pain in the ASS. You don’t need them and you don’t want them.

Sure, if you’re still in the HUNGRY FOR MONEY stage in your information marketing career it may be tempting to put up with people like this. PLEASE resist the temptation.

Do NOT tolerate people who behave like this. In the long run they will NOT be the type or kind of customer you want. Also, don’t encourage them.

Southwest Airlines has an interesting way of dealing with this kind of thing. When they get a complaint from an irate customer their first response is to defend their employee.

It doesn’t matter what happened, their FIRST impulse is to defend their own. They will then look into the issue. If they find it to be a ridiculous complaint, they will tell the (past) customer to “stick it in their ear.”

I agree with their method of handling things. They don’t want their people abused and having to put up with asinine customers.

Since I’m my main (and ONLY) employee, I use the SOUTHWEST AIRLINES method of dealing with customers like this.

I hope YOU do the same!

That’s all for now folks!


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