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The 51 Most Common Mistakes Internet Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them

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My Dad used to say that a great professor is only as good as the reading list he/she gives you.

I agree.

But, in the internet age, I’d modify that statement a bit. A good professor is only as good as site links they can give you.

In this Insight there are some GREAT sites for you to go to. Don’t pass them up!!!

Here is the latest Program that I did with Bob Bly. It was recorded last week at the NSA convention. I am making this program available at PRE publication prices.

The pre-pub price for this program is $77. It is ONLY available in PHYSICAL MP3 format. You cannot download it. Also, it is not a standard CD audio. It is an MP3.

The “standard” price on this program will be between $97 and $127. Order it in the next 48 hours and I’ll even pick up the cost of shipping. Even if you live outside the U.S.

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Here is the outline of what we covered:

The 51 Most Common Mistakes Internet Marketers, Authors, Consultants, Copywriters, Coaches, and Other Information Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them

Intro: Why focus on mistakes, what people do wrong, rather than what to do right?

Mistake #1: Writing about the hot trend/jumping aboard the bandwagon.

Mistake #2: Not measuring anything [fred office sign, technotrends, dalbey;]

Mistake #3: Measuring the wrong metrics [page viewsvs. conversions]

Mistake #4: Not measuring results often enough [daily wmm; weekly sales report – CTR, conversion rate, orders, revenues per email, affiliate income, total revenues, opt outs]

Mistake #5: Not using video on your landing pages.

Mistake #6: Over-estimating the potential market for your information products. [Cats Buchanan 5%; keith Kelley 1,000 fans X $100 year = 100K]

Mistake #7: Under-estimating what the consumer will pay for specialized information [self storage, trading services, agora oxford lifetimes clubs]

Mistake #8: Wrong packaging/making info products look like retail products [barnes & noble, NC, pointer: looseleaf, hardcover leather bound, hardcover no dust jacket, hardcover dust jacket, trade paperback, mass market paperback – INFO PRODUCTS THAT SELL)

Mistake #9: Not offering downloadable info products.

Mistake #10: Not offering products in multiple media [teleseminars–life, posted mp3, CD, transcript]

Mistake #11: Not establishing the credibility of the expert up front on your site or landing pages [testimonials, picture, credibility prehead descriptor King of content; bob bly the man who; clients, book list)

Mistake #12: Not knowing the dollar value of names on your list [$400K / 50,000 names = $8 per name per year, dime dollar per month]

Mistake #13: Not knowing the ROI for your ad dollars and what you can afford to spend to acquire new names [3 months = ¼ year = $2 per name, at 50% conversion = $1 per click]

Mistake #14: Not trying to quickly turn subscribers into buyers [OTO, 90/90 rule, $19, 100% commish, myveryfirstebook]

Mistake #15: Not capturing email addresses of visitors who do not buy [pop under, floater, course offer box, free NL button top]

Mistake #16: Not cross selling immediately after purchase using autoresponder email []

Mistake #17: Not upselling at placement of order [gold silver]

Mistake #18: Not using a free on free squeeze page bribe offer to get new subscriber sign ups.

Mistake #19: Insufficient incentives for affiliates to promote you to their list [100% commission – 882 ETR orders]

Mistake #20: No pre publication discount offers.

Mistake #21: Not devoting enough time and effort to building your online subscriber list.

Mistake #22: Not establishing your reputation and credentials as an expert in your niche.

Mistake #23: Being aloof, remote, unavailable to your customers.

Mistake #24: Not honoring your refund policy promptly and cheerfully [levengers gift steve].

Mistake #25: Not building up a big bonus library and offering a bonus with every product you sell [reports page]

Mistake #26: Not using the drop in the bucket technique before stating the price in your copy.

Mistake #27: Not stressing low prices and time limited discount offers as an act now incentive.

Mistake #28: Failing to grab the reader’s attention in your email subject line —

Mistake #29: Failing to present the hyperlink in your email above the fold.

Mistake #30: Not running your email copy through a spam checker.

Mistake #31: Not properly formatting emails for maximum readability [60 characters, text, carriage returns, html]

Mistake #32: Not double opting in your subscriber list.

Mistake #33: Failing to engage attention in the landing page headline.[]

Mistake #34: Failing to identify the prospect’s question, need, or problem in the lead of your landing page copy, or allowing him to see himself in that lead.

Mistake #35: Burying the link to the order form or shopping cart on your landing page.–www./webmarketing

Mistake #36: using an underlined Click here link instead of a big, bold, colorful ORDER button.

Mistake #37: Not creating an automatic recurring revenue stream [membership site, coaching membership, software]

Mistake #38: Not setting and measuring income goals

Mistake #39: Not designing your Internet marketing business to deliver the income AND lifestyle you want.

Mistake #40: Not testing landing page elements or versions [to maximize conversion rates]

Mistake #41: Expecting strangers to buy from someone they never heard of [email to cold rented lists]

Mistake #42: Insisting that all online copy should be short.

Mistake #43: Not constantly learning and studying your field, marketing, and competition.

Mistake #44: Not capturing, storing, and organizing your content into a storage and retrieval or database system [cat piss, draw of CDs and tapes]

Mistake #45: Not experimenting with blogging and social media (facebook, youtube, myspace, twitter]–

Mistake #46: Not choosing a narrow enough niche.

Mistake #47: Not appealing to all four learning modalities. [do, watch, read, hear]–

Mistake #48: Not have a line of related products at different price points to create a sales funnel [low, medium, high high affiliate for me]

Mistake #49: Not designing bullets into the product content [milt/barb]

Mistake #50: Not building back-end potential into your products with URL links.

Mistake #51: Lazy how to writing [what to vs. how to, look on google postcard printers]

BONUS MATERIAL (Always give em more!):

Mistake #52: Not having a forms toolkit in your product line [copywriters toolkit, Socrates lease and landlord forms]

Mistake #53: No passion for your subject or for the business (Internet marketing).

Mistake #54: Not creating a personal relationship with your top affiliates [platinum list]

Mistake #55: Under-estimating what you know and can share [90/10 rule]

Mistake #56: Not revising and updating your key info products as needed

Mistake #57: Not pre-testing with probe or ask campaigns before developing and marketing your info product

Mistake #58: Not charging a separate shipping & handling fee {$97 + $6.50 = $103/less than a hundred bucks}

Mistake #59: Not doing at least one live event a year for your subscribers [fred seminar site].

Mistake #60: Not capturing nice comments in white mail and turning them into posted testimonials on landing pages or your home page.

Mistake #61: Not proofreading products and sales copy.

Mistake #62: Not removing all risk from the purchase transaction for the buyer.

Mistake #63: Not making buying easy [print form, fax, mail, check, send email and these instructions vs. webmarketing magic]

Mistake #64: Not capturing and storing copy and product and marketing ideas [pad and pen, word files, hanging files]

Mistake #65: Doing everything yourself – not outsourcing.

Mistake #66: Not having a disaster recovery plan [Bob, ed Mueller]

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I just discovered a program that I got involved with myself. Take a look at:

This guy is the real deal. I went to the site, signed up and I’m CONSUMING his information. I’m excited because he’s agreed to let me interview him for a product some time next week.

If you don’t have a blog, or you have one that’s not all that successful. this guy is the real deal. He is to blogging what I am to info products. IMHO.

Go to his site and you can download a bunch of great free stuff. And, we all like Free Stuff!

I’ll tell you more about the “mystery man” next week.


Want to learn a heck of a lot about the “technical” side of the information product business?

Not a techie of a geek?

This is THE site for you.

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This new technology is amazing and worthy of your attention. Imagine how much more material you could sell if people could download it up to 500% faster.

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A client of mine has put together a very good program on the topic of identity theft.

Check out the link below. I think you’ll find it helpful/valuable.

Internet TV Show –

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a new friend, Andrew Lock at my place here in Vegas.

In addition to getting to know each other (and learn that we are both theatre buffs) I learned a boatload about how to do an Internet TV Show.

This program will be released soon. Please go to:

The program is not yet out, but I want you to give Andrew your name and email address so he can contact you when this program is ready to go. It is nothing short of phenomenal.

I learned an immense amount and it’s one of the reasons that you will be seeing some interesting new STUFF from me in the very near future.

Teleseminars – Free

To showcase some of the speakers at my event in NYC, I’ll be doing a series of FREE teleseminars. I highly encourage you to block off time and listen to these folks. I’ll be releasing the schedule shortly.

The event:

Make sure to check this ezine and my blog for more information on who and when!

See you soon!


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