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James Arthur Ray started it. The sweat lodge deaths along with how he reacted has focused peoples attention on the “motivational” speaker.

You know who I’m talking about. The guys who get up in front of groups and try and get people PUMPED UP.

The same people who rarely, if ever, provide any solid solutions or suggestions for their audience.

Don’t get me wrong! I have NO problem with entertainment. But do NOT confuse it with CONTENT!!

My prediction is that as a result of people seeing James A. Ray play out his sordid tale on the national stage, that few, if any corporations will want to spend much time or money on MOTIVATIONAL speakers like him.

The next time a meeting planner is asked to get a hold of a speaker for an event, his name will come up. Higher-ups will be reminded of what happened and tell the meeting planner NOT to book someone like HIM. You know. That guy!

Everyone deserves their day in court. BUT, from what we know thus far, this guy is in DEEP s**t.

And if he did have 50 or 60 people in one small 400 square foot sweat lodge, he has NO excuse.

In an apparent effort to MAXIMIZE revenue he clearly put the SAFETY of his attendees in at least second (if not LAST) place.

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