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The GYRO Defense

Information Marketing

At 4AM today, I got up and drove to Barstow California. I had done the same thing a few weeks ago.

Barstow is not a place I would go for a casual visit. I was there both times on “official” business.

The first time was for my arraignment. The second time for my TRIAL.

For what offense?

The day after Thanksgiving I was pulled over in Baker, California. The officer claimed I was overtaking on the right hand side. There were a lot of cars lined up waiting to get through a 4 way stop.

I went to the right in an attempt to go into the parking lot of the “Mad Greek”.  A restaurant that I frequently stop in either going to, or coming back from California to Las Vegas.

They have GREAT Gyro sandwiches.

I had pleaded NOT guilty and today was the trial for my OFFENSE of attempting to move around cars to get to the parking lot for this particular restaurant and pick up a tasty Gyro!

How is this related to Information Marketing? Stay with me on this one and you’ll see.

A few weeks back when I went for my arraignment, I had gotten into town pretty early and had gone to Starbucks. While there on that morning a few weeks back I bumped into a COP. Since were were in a casual, non legal environment, I asked for his advice.

I told him what had happened and asked for his advice on how to handle my meeting with the judge. I THOUGHT the trial would be THAT day, but little did I know it was only the arraignment.

So Officer SMITH (as I’ll call him) was very polite. I asked him about the various judges. He told me that I would most likely be seeing judge WOPNER (name ALSO changed).

He gave me some valuable pointers which included asking the officer to recall how many people were in the vehicle. Officer Smith told me that if I could “catch” the Officer JONES (the ticketing officer) NOT remembering certain elements of the citation, the case might be more likely to be dismissed.

When I got into court this morning, I saw BOTH officers. Officer Smith flashed me a big smile. It took me a while to remember it was him, but it quickly came back to me.

(Stay with me – this will make good sense and proves some very good points.)
Info Product Selling Point #1: Do your homework and attempt to get inside info. With YOUR prospects and prospective customers it’s OK to “cheat.”

Find out as much about them as you possibly can. This will give you a leg up on anything you do in that niche. It will make both your COPY and your PRODUCTS that much better.
I was there early today as well and stopped into the same Starbucks (a bit of superstition here). I did bump into a very nice lady who was with Child Protective Services. She gave me a ton of good information on a completely unrelated topic.

Info Product Selling Point #2: Be open and talk to a lot of people. You can always learn something. It will inevitably help you somewhere. Someone should alert all of the actors and actresses who wait tables in NYC.

They are often haughty and aloof with customers. They MAY be serving someone who could caste them, or get them a job of some sort.

Stay open, it can only help you as a selling of info products.
Even with my repeat trip to Starbucks today, I was still early. As we were sitting around, waiting for room B3 to open, I bumped into a guy who was a lawyer. He was representing a friend and had driven up from San Diego. LONG trip for him. I’m sure it must have been a GOOD friend.

I found out that although he was just out of law school and primarily representing people with DUI offenses, he was a rocker. He plays drums and does it 3 or 4 times a week!

I told him what I did and he MAY end up coming to one of my Fred Info Bootcamps.

Info Product Selling Point #3: Everyone is a potential client/customer. You can find them anywhere, both on and offline!

As I gave him some good information about his website and how to market his practice, I also picked his brain on how to defend myself before the judge.

Info Product Selling Point #4: Reciprocity works. I FIRST gave him info and then he was willing to give to ME as well!

As it gets closer to 8:30AM when we are going to “start” I see a LOT of cops walking into the courtroom. The scuttlebutt with everyone who had an appointment to appear in court was that if THEIR officer did not show up the case would be automatically dismissed.

Everyone seemed to be looking to see if THEIR officer was there. I was “lucky” enough to see that MY officer was there “with bells on.”

They post a sheet on the wall outside the room and everyone runs up to look at it. I do the same and it appears that the names are listed in alphabetical order by last name. I’m number 10 on the list with GLEECK.

They bring us all into the room, swear us in as a group and then we wait for the judge. He shows up at just before 9AM. It’s good to be KING!

His greets the entire group of us and seems like a nice enough guy. He goes through a whole bunch of names and tells them that their case is DISMISSED.

Apparently the rumor was right, if your officer doesn’t show up, there is no complainant and you’re off, scot free without having to even go before the judge.

Info Product Selling Point #5: Sometimes you can hit the jackpot by just showing up! Don’t discount the value of being PRESENT!
The judge then reminds people (which the bailiff had earlier) that we could plead guilty and go to traffic school and not have any points put on against our license.

About 6 or 7 of the 35 or so folks there took him up on the offer.

Info Product Selling Point #6: Sometimes it makes sense to take what you can and GET OUT OF TOWN. It CAN and DOES make sense to cut and run. Sometimes.
The judge then goes through 5 people before he gets to me. I watch very carefully to get a FEEL for the judge. I’m looking to see what tactics seem to work and what doesn’t.

I notice that the judge has a pretty darned good sense of humor and makes the entire courtroom laugh a few times even before he gets to me.

Info Product Selling Point #7: Learn as much as you can about your prospect or customer. Learn about their personality as well as the FACTS. This is AS or MORE important than the facts.

The lady who went right before me was a bit of a space cadet. The judge found her amusing. BUT, when he was about to let her go with just a trip to traffic court, she insisted that she present her case.

He warned her that doing anymore TALKING could land her in much deeper do-do!

Info Product Selling Point #8: Sometimes it is incredibly sensible to keep your mouth SHUT! A lesson that I still need to be reminded of! Wish I had this one taught to me earlier and implemented that issue more often.

He asked her to sit down for a while and “think about things”. I was next.

I got up. The officer who cited me got up and sat on the PROSECUTION side of the table. Clearly marked that way. I was on the DEFENDANT side. Both of us alone, mano-a-mano.

Right before I went up I considered asking the lawyer who I had met to defend me. In fact, I asked him if I would be better off with a lawyer (like him) or defending myself.

I had always remembered the line: “Someone who represents himself has a FOOL for a client.”

The lawyer said: IT DEPENDS! I gotta get a law degree! Classic answer.

I had decided to go it alone. After asking us to identify ourselves and going through the formalities, we got down to business. He asked and recounted to the judge how HE said things went down.

After he was done he turned to me. He asked if I had any questions for the officer. I then tried to TRAP him. I asked him how many people were in the car. He had taken good notes. He got it right. I said: That’s correct!

I then asked my KILLER question: Do you remember anything unusual or different about my car? I was hoping that if he didn’t remember my fully WRAPPED car – he was TOAST. BUT, he answered correctly.

Info Product Selling Point #9: Have a PLAN B. I had hoped to get the officer to screw up. He had obviously done this before! I had NOT. But, I then fell back on my secondary plan.
I then told the judge: “In the 35 years I’ve been driving I have NEVER been cited for a moving violation. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even gotten a parking ticket except perhaps for years ago in New York City.

I went on to say: “I live in Las Vegas. I drove up here for the arraignment and now for the trial. This has taken up a lot of my time and money. I did this because it’s a matter of PRINCIPLE for me.”

Then I said: I drive back and forth between Vegas and Valencia, California. My wife has 50-50 custody of her kids and we have to maintain 2 residences for that reason.

Info Product Selling Point #10: I dropped this in because I felt that letting the judge know a little bit about me personally and showing that I am a good “family man” this might play in my favor.

People YOU deal with like to know a bit about you personally. Share some things that are appropriate.
I then said: “Is your Honor familiar with the intersection in question?” I’ve got a print out of the intersection. I had gone into Google Maps and printed out the area where I was stopped.

I blew it up to 11X17 and printed it in color. If you’re going to use a prop, do it write. Particularly in a courtroom.

Info Product Selling Point #11: DO YOUR HOMEWORK! If I was attempting a REAL defense, I wanted to make my points with a PICTURE. It seemed to work for Ross Perot and it will work for me and you.

Also, I was told (by doing my homework) that I should print out the map from a reputable source like Google and I left the Google logo on the sheet I handed to the officer and then the judge.
The judge first told the officer to look at the map and then the bailiff took it to the judge.

I went on to tell the judge: “Everytime I go through Baker I stop at the Mad Greek for a Gyro Sandwich. Is Your Honor familiar with the Mad Greek? It’s got great food and whenever I go through Baker I ALWAYS stop there!

At this point the judge says: “You’ve now got everyone in the courtroom salivating thinking about Greek food. Are these guys paying you for this?”

I quickly responded: “No, but if they want to send me a check the court does have my address.” He laughs and then I keep going.

“Your Honor, I pulled into the right lane NOT to PASS the other vehicles as the Officer related. I was simply trying to get to the parking lot to get to my Gyro sandwich as quickly as possible. I did not intend to pass, I was just trying to get into their parking lot FAST.”

At this point he looks at the map, says a few things I don’t exactly remember. He then goes on to say “I have never heard the Gyro Sandwich defense before. Very creative.” In the interest of justice, CASE DISMISSED!”

Info Product Selling Point #12: Without improv training I would have been much less quick thinking on my feet. Information marketing need to be able to think quick and make decisions fast.

See you next time!

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  1. Issamar Ginzberg on April 27th, 2010 7:13 pm

    Great story, Fred!!

    If I haven’t been convinced until now that Improv is important.. now you have convinced me to find out more about it!

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