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Question about Competitors coming to your events

I just got an email from a guy asking me how to handle a competitor showing up at his event. He was explaining to me that he knew that this person was there to try and “spy” on him and how he did his event.

He wanted to know what I thought he should do.

My answer was that this is bound to happen. Make sure and make your events “Instructor Dependent”. This means that the content you give, without YOU, will not be nearly as good.

Do this with any and all of your events and no matter how hard people try and copy what you do, they can never copy YOU.

I do this with all of my events and I still get the HIGHEST ratings from attendees of anyone that I know who does seminars.

What do you really want your life to look like?

It always amazes me how differently people want to live their lives. i bumped into a guy last weekend who does a show on the “Strip” here in Las Vegas. For a short period of time I was involved in a business venture with him.

I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years and I took my “new” kids (she has two) to see the show. After it was over we hung around so that I could say HI. When I came up to him and said hello, his first line to me was:

“I’m doing about $X per week and . . . . ” Who cares?

My goal is NOT to be the richest information marketer on the planet. MY goal is to be the happiest info marketer you can find. Is money one component? Absolutely. Is it the only component? Of course not.

What do YOU want YOUR business to look like? Make sure that your goals are in alignment with what you want or you may end up getting what you DON’T want.

This was VERY different from my recent encounter with TELLER, from Penn and Teller. I met him on the security line in Vegas going to catch a flight.

He invited me to come see their show at the Rio. In addition to being a great show, he’s a super nice guy. Very bright and super intelligent.

The thing that MOST impressed me about him was how he treated people at the airport when I first met him. He’s a well known celeb in Vegas yet he treated every “service” person we came into contact with with the highest respect.

From the TSA guy to the person who served us coffee at Seattle’s Best, he was incredibly nice to all of them.

My Dad’s line was always:

“The definition of CLASS is how you treat the help.”

Teller is a classy guy. BTW, his name is legally just TELLER. One word, like Madonna. Interesting! That’s how his passport reads.

Roger Ebert

About three years ago now I went on a short cruise with Roger Ebert and Richard Roper.

The first film we saw was called “Garden State”. Before the movie started both Richard and Roger both said they thought the movie reminded them of “The Graduate.”

I have always been a fan of THAT movie so I was excited to see that one.

After the first movie was screened, I asked the first question out of the audience of 225 or so people. I thought the movie STUNK and asked Roger: “Did we see the SAME movie?”

His response was:

“No . . . . . we all see our OWN movie.”

Pretty profound if you think about it. Everyone has their own taste, their own ideas, their own feelings about just about everything.

Moral of this story to me? Some people will love you and what you do and for others you won’t be their cup of tea. Who cares? Don’t try and adapt yourself and your personality to the market. Be who you are and let the people that like you buy and do business with you. The heck with the others!

Quick Fred Movie Reviews

Having just come back from my cruise and spending some time in NYC I just saw two EXCELLENT movies.

The first one was “Waitress” with Kari Russel, the woman who played the main character in Felicity if you ever saw that show.

More recently, I saw her in “The Upside of Anger” and thought she was great in that film as well.

Here she plays a woman who is trapped in a bad marriage and falls in love with her gynocologist. Sounds like a strange plot line but this is a GREAT film.

I predict 4 or 5 Oscar nominations, including one for (of all people) Andy Griffith!

If and when you see the film watch for a scene where she and the gynocologist are at her house and a SHADOW quickly goes by the window. I don’t know if they meant this to happen and from the progression of the film I think it was NOT intentional but it made me think something else was going to happen that never did.

If you see the film get in touch and let me know if you saw what I saw and what you thought.

This film is extremely well written by a woman who was tragically murdered here in NYC back towards the end of last year. She also plays one of the starring roles in the film

The other film that I saw just last night was “Knocked Up”. The reason why I went to see both of these was that my favorite movie site (other than my own which is being developed) gave them both over 90% in their ratings.

This is a sophomoric comedy that could have gone really bad. In this case, it did not. The script rings true at every turn and is written and directed and produced by the same guy who did “The 40 Year Old Virgin” which was phenomenal.

Go see both of these films!

Johann Castro

As you may know, I have a Peruvian college student named Johann Castro who lives at my place in Vegas. The correct word now may be LIVED.

As a law abiding young man he went back to Peru to renew his visa just before the end of the May. Thanks to our absurd immigration policies he is now STUCK in Lima.

My father was an American Diplomat. His last posting was as Consul General to the Philippines. The Consul General is the guy in charge of issuing visas, so I know the “drill” here.

As is often typical in these situations, people who try and do the RIGHT thing frequently get hosed. Johann is now STUCK in Peru having been TWICE denied an extension to his STUDENT visa.

This rant is to let you know that this whole immigration mess has affected me (and my good friend Johann) directly. Had he instead stayed beyond his visa and “hid” he would have been better off. He would have been allowed to go to school and since Las Vegas is a sanctuary city he would probably be able to “get away with it.”

No, instead he choice to do the RIGHT THING! Ridiculous!

Here’s my request: If anyone you know (or if you yourself) know someone at the American Embassy in Peru or at the State Department who may have some PULL, contact me at fredgleeck (at) Make sure to put “PERU” in the subject line.

This ALSO means that if you have ordered anything from me in the past month or so, please be patient. I get back to Vegas in about a week and will have to fulfill all the orders myself. I’ve done this before, but for a long time now, Johann had been helping me.

So if you ordered, don’t worry, it will get to you, it just may take a while! Sorry about that!

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