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The Information Marketing World Is Divided

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The Marketing World Is Divided

In my opinion, the marketing world is divided into two camps. These divisions are now getting more vivid and more pronounced.

The division is between those who are willing to do virtually anything to make a buck and those who are leary to do something that doesn’t feel right.

I’m no boy scout. I’ve done bad things in my life. I have made mistakes. I admit it. BUT, I try to do and be as honest and straightforward as I can. Even now I fall short. I guess that’s true of most HUMAN beings.

I’ve seen some very uncool and unethical behavior.

I think there are some very good practical reasons not to “shade the truth.” First, is that you won’t be as apt to end up in jail. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to be in a jail cell with a large and smelly roomate named Bubba.

Second, is that you will not have as many (but you may still have a few) people chasing you around with a baseball bat at an airport for something that you did to them. For those of you who think I’m going overboard, I’ve actually heard of a well known marketer who pissed someone off who has had death threats.

Third is that you will sleep better at night. I don’t know about you but for me, relaxed and restful sleep is a high priority. I sleep very well at night.

Lastly, you will actually make more money in the long run. Emphasis on the LONG run. You can almost certainly make more money, in the short run faster by playing fast and loose with the facts.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t sell to people who can’t afford to buy! You don’t need the money that bad. I’ve overheard people at seminars selling products to people who are now on their last credit card. That’s just wrong.

Do yourself a favor. If you talk to people over the phone before they buy and the product you’re selling isn’t right for them, don’t sell it to them. They’ll be back for more. You’ll be rewarded.

To quote Spike: “Do the Right Thing.” Will you occasionally blow it? Sure. But try to do your best to do it right. It will feel better and be more profitable for you long term.

Let me be very clear. If you come to one of my seminars or read some of my sites you’ll see that I aggressively try to sell my products and services. They are good and worth every penny I ask for them. I have no problem with making money. Nor should you. You should only have problems making money in a dishonest fashion. Or in a fashion that is bordering on unethical behavior.

As I type this piece I’m at a seminar with various well known marketers walking around. Few of them are people I want to even shake hands with. Many of them do things that make my skin crawl.

There are nationally known individuals who operate on the very edge of the law. For all I know, some of them are stepping WAY over the line.

This doesn’t make any sense to me. Does it really matter if you make $X or $2X if you can live comfortably and pay your bills, build a nest egg and support your family?

Not for me.

Go out there and make a ton of money selling to people who it makes sense for them to buy at a price point that properly rewards you for the work that you’ve put in.

When I speak at events I offer a three tiered set of products, services and materials. The high end of this market is my coaching program which goes for big bucks. I make no apologies for charging good money for this service.

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