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I spent last week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. True to my notoriously CHEAP nature, I had booked this trip well in advance to get a GREAT deal. Airfare and hotel for two for a week came out to around $1500.

Whenever I travel by air, I always fly American. Why? Because I’ve got a LOT of miles with them. Since I’ve now got over 3 million miles with them I’ve got lifetime Platinum status. (Trust me, you don’t want to fly enough to get this status- it means TOO much time on airplanes).

During calender year 2007, I traveled over 100,000 miles. This gave me Executive Platinum status. Why is this important? With that status I then get/got FREE upgrades for any and all flights (when available) for the entire year of 2008.

Not only did I get this trip to Mexico CHEAP, I also got upgraded to first class for all of the segments of the trip. NO charge. Going down, it was LAX to DFW and then on to Puerto Vallarta.

On Saturday, Nov. 22nd I got to the gate in Dallas for the flight to Puerto Vallarta right as the gate agent was asking for volunteers to get OFF the flight. It has been “oversold”.

She was offering $500 for anyone to do it. Knowing that I had two first class seats in hand, I knew I had room to negotiate.

Knowing this game (yes, I’ve done this before), I approached the counter and said: “If you give us$800 per person, you’ve got a deal.” She went for it. I was also able to negotiate free hotel stay at the VERY NICE Hyatt Hotel at the airport. Additionally, I got money for both dinner that night and breakfast in the morning.

The gate agent also allowed me to use her phone to call the hotel I’d book in Mexico to let them know I’d be a day late.

So, the whole trip was FREE and we flew first class.

All of this is prelude to what happened.

On the return portion of the flight going from Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City I was sitting next to a woman who was reading from her Kindle. This is the “new” electronic reading device from Amazon.

If you haven’t seen it, go to Amazon and put in the keyword “Kindle” and you can even watch a demo.

A couple of years back you couldn’t have talked me into the idea that print books would disappear. My mind has now changed.

A number of months back, I read Jeff Gomez’ book: “Print is Dead”. I gave you my report in this ezine earlier this year. The archives should have it if you’re interested.

The experience that I had on the plane further confirms my thinking. Print books ARE dying and will be MOSTLY dead (Monty Python fans take note!) in the next 10 years or so.

Sure, print books will EXIST, but they will be the exception and NOT the rule. This is critical for every information marketer (authors in particular) to understand.

The woman that I was sitting next to turned out to be a fascinating lady. She was one of the highest ranking executives at Ernst and Young. She was happy to show me the device and all the books she had on it. I was happy to see that it contained BOTH fiction and non fiction titles.

(She also told me a heck of a story about being Bill Gates dinner guest at his house in Washington. He flew in curators from 3 museums to answer questions about his extensive collection of original works of DaVinci, Lincoln and Einstein.)

She NEVER buys traditional print books anymore. She had had the Kindle for about a year and was clearly an early adopter.

Ten years from now, these devices will be the ONLY things kids read from. This will certainly cut down the weight of some of the back-packs that kids are carrying around!

NONE of the titles she showed me cost her more than $9.99! If I had a Kindle I would have saved over $30 on my last Barnes and Noble purchase.

I was also carrying around “Team of Rivals” and a slew of other books. My shoulder was sore from carrying them all! The Kindle weighs under a pound.

What about Publishers? They will be THRILLED. Rather than all the headaches and hassles associated with printing and printers, they will be selling ELECTRONS.

A much easier and MORE profitable way to sell books!

That’s MY prediction. Let’s see if I’m right.

Another prediction: there will be more books like “Tribes” by Seth Godin which I just read. I like his books and like the concept of the SINGLE ISSUE book.

They are short and easy to read AND sell. I encourage you to start producing them yourself.

Although the book is good, it’s not great. As opposed to his book, “The Dip”, I sort of got the feeling that he felt compelled to do some padding. The book tells you the same thing about 200 different ways.

Here’s the summary: Start and run your own very specific niched group. YOU be the leader and have everyone follow you on the topic of your expertise.

There, I saved you the money of having to buy it. It’s a great concept, but what took 140 pages could have been done in 60 and it would have been JUST FINE with me!

Your Action Point?

When you get a REALLY GOOD idea, write a book on the topic. Don’t be “scared” that’s it’s not long enough. If it’s good and gives people one REALLY good idea, people will be happy to pay for it.

Write ONE good one and they’ll keep coming back to you until they are disappointed.

(Take note Seth! I’ll now just go into Barnes and Noble and read your next book there and NOT buy it as a result of my experience with “Tribes.”)

Should you print the books as well? Absolutely. At this point it still makes sense to have them in both print AND e-book form. 2018 is still 10 years away.

I also consumed Malcolm Gladwell’s new book “Outliers” on the trip. I enjoyed both “The Tipping Point” and “Blink”, so I was excited to read his new one.

Gladwell is a very talented writer. As opposed to Godin, who can bore you telling you the same thing many different ways, Gladwell uses enough different examples to illustrate the concepts and they are FUN to go through.

Gladwell has a FEW major concepts in this book. I recommend that you go out and get it. BUT, that being said, I mentioned something in my last ezine to you that I’ll expound on.

He talks about how people who are the BEST at anything have usually spent 10,000 hours doing “it” in order get to be the best. Whether it’s Tiger Woods or Yoyo Ma, they have each put in a TON of time and effort to get to where they are.

There are now NUMEROUS people willing to devote 10,000 hours in their chosen field to get to be the best so, IMHO, you need BOTH the tenacity to work that hard AND the innate talent. There are a few people who work as hard as Tiger on the course, but NO ONE compares.

Vijay Singh take note. (Vijay is one the few professional golfers who practices AS MUCH as Tiger, but frankly, is NOT in his league.)

Your Action Point? Get the book. I’t’s worth it.

Next book: Buyology

I TRIED to like this book. It’s got some great ideas, BUT, I was reading it at the same time I was reading Gladwell and therefore it suffered in comparison.

If you don’t mind SLOGGING through a book to get some interesting nuggets, then by all means . . . be my guest.

The most interesting concept he discusses has to do with mirror neurons. Given that I was fascinated by the concept, I went to the source and bought the book: “Mirroring People” by Marco Iacoboni.

I’m just 10 pages into it, but it already appears to be better written.

Your Action Point? Buy “Mirroring People” and NOT “Buyology” if only because of the difference in writing quality.

I got a bit fried JUST reading on my vacation so I went back and forth with a Ken Burns documentary. “War” was in my suitcase as well.

It’s his look at World War II from the perspective of 4 different U.S. towns.

Very interesting!

I must have been almost ENTIRELY asleep in the history class where we discussed WWII. Other than remembering that we won and that Hitler was the bad guy and slaughtered 6 million Jews, I remembered little else.

I know, shame on me. Blame it on the hormones in High School!

I’m going to go through all of Ken Burns’ documentaries. The topics are fascinating (Baseball, Jazz and the Civil War) and they are told in a very interesting way.

My suggestion? Do NOT try and go STRAIGHT through his stuff. It’s too dense. It makes sense that they were originally on PBS and were meant to be “consumed” on a weekly basis, two hours at a time or so.

I know what you may be thinking right now: HOW THE HECK CAN I DO ALL OF THIS READING?

I’ve mentioned this before in this ezine, I took an Evelyn Woods Speed Reading class as a sophomore in college (Go GATORS!!).

Best money my AUNT ever spent!

Also, I think you need to mix media when you learn. Just like when you produce info products. When you consume them you need to read, watch, listen AND experience.

Do just ONE and it’s like eating only PROTEIN! Not a good diet. You need some Veggies and Carbs.

See you next time!

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    Hi. I am a long time reader. I wanted to say that I like your blog and the layout.

    Peter Quinn

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    Very timely data regarding airfare travel and what to expect. Thanks for the info. Many people have similar situations in their lives.

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