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The amount of hype marketing that is going on is quickly rising to epidemic proportions. People that used to be relatively “normal” and under control with their promotions have now graduated to become Phd’s in over-the-top hype marketing.

I have a theory as to why this is happening.

It’s the same for drug addicts. If you start to take 10 grams of a drug to get high, eventually you’ll need more.

Once you up the dosage to 20 grams, you’ll get a bit of buzz for a while and then you’ll have to up the dosage even higher!

Ask Elvis (I believe he’s in Michigan somewhere) what happens next!

Same thing for the HYPE MARKETERS.

This disease seems to be spreading like wildfire. Like drugs it does not seem to discriminate as to who it infects.

People who I THOUGHT were honorable people who would not LIE to their lists are doing JUST THAT!

The level of unadulterated HORSE CRAP is getting higher and higher every day. What is sad is that many of the people using these techniques used to be pretty straight up guys.

Not true anymore. There are less than a handful of people in the internet/information marketing community that I even care to be in the same room with.

Are some of them making more money than me?


But, I believe their days are numbered. Like Senator Larry Craig, how long will people believe you when you tell them you really aren’t gay!

How long can you hype the s**t out of people? My guess, not too long anymore. People are smart.

The tendency of the marketer to over-hype is usually because (like drugs) it works at first. Then they have to UP the dosage.

My suggestion? Don’t follow their lead like most other SHEEP in this business are doing. That’s one of the problems in this business. When one of the “bigshots” uses these techniques, others start copying them thinking it works.

I warn you: It may not be working.

In fact, it may very well be a desperate move to try and pay the bills this month since they’ve increased their overhead so high they now MUST have the cash.

Again, very similar to a drug addict.

JUST SAY NO! Say no to hype. Say no to HORSE CRAP!

Say no to sleazy marketing campaigns and emails now being tossed around by the “gurus.”

But, don’t worry, the day will come when NO ONE will order their products.

Why? Because no one will believe them anymore. Just like the boy who cried “Wolf!”

Don’t be one of “THEM!”



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