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Titles and Associations on Information Marketing Business

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New York Times Article

Yesterday’s NYT had an article about the power of TITLES when it comes to books. If you understand how important headlines are with copy, this article shouldn’t surprise you.

It talks about the importance of titles and more importantly how authors/publishers creatively STEAL from one another when there is a hit.

The example they give is Freakanomics. After the book came out and was a big hit, everyone started piggybacking on the titling. They site the most recent example of the two female journalists who titled their book: Womenomics. It’s been a big hit.

Partly, it is felt, due to the title! They really discuss NOTHING about the quality of the content in any of the books. Those of us who do information marketing KNOW that to get people to buy AGAIN requires GREAT content in whatever we do.

Lesson here? Absolutely.

Think VERY carefully about the TITLE of any book or other product that you put together. The success or failure of your ventures may not REST on this issue, but doing it WRONG will certainly hurt you.

How to test?

1. Put together some google adword ads using your titles and see which one gets the most clicks. It doesn’t even matter if they go to a blank page. The percentage click thru rate will tell you which title works best.

2. Survey your list. Send out a survey and ask your “peeps” which title THEY like best.

3. Ask your friends, family and colleagues. You can do this, but don’t give it the greatest weight when it comes to making a decision. Friends and family are not necesarily who you are trying to appeal to.

4. Go with your gut. The single WORST way and the LEAST reliable way to decide on your products or book titles.

For further info, go to the NYT site and read the complete article for yourself. Do it quick. We don’t know how much longer the Times will be around!

Cavorting with Questionable Characters

I just got an email today from a well-known “guru” who I like. He was touting something from another well known guru who I think is a crook.

In my mind, this is a problem. The people who you associate with directly affect YOUR reputation. I’ve heard all kinds of excuses to justify hanging out with people who are crooks.

NONE of them make ANY sense to me.

Since MY highest value is to STAY OUT OF JAIL, I don’t care how much money I give up to not cavort with people that aren’t squeaky clean.

It’s just not worth it to me.

I suggest you reevaluate all of your own associations. Do the people you spend time with, do business with, affiliate with, are seen with . . . do they reflect YOU and your values?

I’ve said it before. I’m not a boyscout. I behave this way for two basic reasons:

1. To stay out of legal hot water.
2. For LONG TERM financial success.

Doing it because it is the RIGHT THING to do I won’t even list as a reason. That strikes me as self-evident.

Remember, it’s not just what YOU do, it’s WHO you do it with that reflect on your reputation.

Bootcamp attendees

I just finished doing a GREAT Fred Info Bootcamp last Thursday. This was the FIRST time that I had some auditors who are in the “Fred Protege” program.

Here is who was there:


DJ Frost – DJ is a commercial airline pilot. He was busy with LOTS of media interviews both before and during the bootcamp. DJ is also a hypnotherapist and NLP guru who developed the site:

Edmund Woo – Edmund is a restaurateur. He owns and runs a restaurant in Greenville, SC. He came to the bootcamp to try and help other restaurant owners to better run and operate their restaurants. The site that Edmund worked on at the bootcamp is not yet where he wants it to be. I’ll send you more details on Edmund, in the near future.

Gail Perry – Gail is a well known professional speaker in the fundraising field. Her goal was to find a way to increase her income without having to travel as much. She is in the process of producing an entire line of fundraising related products. Her site is:

Bill Ranieri – Bill has been in the medical field for over 20 years. His mission is to show physicians how to augment their income by writing a book and creating their own line of info products related to their specialty. His website is:

Charles Walker – Charles is an ordained minister. He is also a very savvy tech guy. He is working with me as a protege. He will be working with me on a product line that already exists that needs to be further exploited. MORE INFORMATION about what we are doing together in future emails. For now, I’ll keep a “secret.”

Alan Hereford – Alan is a camera guy! He not only works in the video field, but also in the feature film world as a well. Thanks to Alan we were able to learn a lot about how to do videos right. Look for more info on OUR projects together.

Joshua Seth – After Joshua spoke at my publishing event in NYC I invited him to come to my bootcamp.

Joshua has a wide range of talents. He has been doing a WILDLY popular stage show on cruise lines using his hypnotism skills. Also an HIGHLY accomplished magician, Joshua was in the voice over field for many years and again, was HIGHLY successful.

I coached Joshua to get into showing speakers how to get gigs on Cruise Lines. He’s been doing it VERY successfully for many years and can show ANY speaker how to do the same.

His site is:

I also want to PUBLICLY thank Joshua (don’t call him JOSH!) for providing some amazing help to the bootcampers in the area of web creation and web design. It worked so well that you will be seeing some events showing YOU how you can be your own webmaster in the near future.

Buenos Aires Trip

This weekend I’m heading down to Buenos Aires to attempt to open up my market to those in South America.

Not that I won’t be having a great time in the process!

Information marketing is something that can be done by anyone, anywhere. That’s what makes it such a great business.

If you know of someone there I should meet, please send me an email! fredgleeck (at) gmail (dot) com

Protege Program

I have had some VERY good success with my Protege program. Take a look at:

I suggest you take and COPY (with attribution PLEASE) my system for doing this. To be honest, I have adapted this program from a number of people, including Terry Dean.

This is my own version of something others do.

Here is the concept.

You know how to do something MUCH better than most. Others want to figure out how to do what YOU do. Why not invite them to learn from you and get paid to teach them in a unique arrangement?

Use my site as one way to do it. Look around for what others are doing. Adapt and then adopt what works for YOU!

In my case, I’ve started with two people. Alan Hereford and Charles Walker. One is working on video related topics and products and the other one with a bunch of my Bob Bly products.

They both sat in on my latest Fred Info Bootcamp to learn my “system.” I suggest YOU find a way to teach/ explain what YOU do without having to do one on one training. Terry Dean does it with videos. All good.

Show people a way for them to make money with YOUR stuff. Also, share with them a SYSTEM that they can use with their OWN material. It’s only fair. So far things look very promising. I’ll keep you posted.

Upcoming Events:

Fred Info Bootcamp
Las Vegas, Sept 24th – Oct. 1st, 2009
Spend a week with me to get to REALLY understand HOW to create, market and sell Info Products. Maximum of 6 people. This will fill up FAST if previous experience is any indicator.

Seminar on Seminars – New York City – Oct 10/11
Learn everything you’d like to know about putting on your own seminars and events. At my house in Vegas, maximum of 12-15 people. Haven’t done one for a while. Will only do these twice a year max!

Info Products Seminar – New York City Sept 12/13
2 Day Info Product event. Spaces VERY limited given space constraints of NYC. This event will give you a comprehensive outline on how to build your own info products empire.

Lunch with Fred – Buenos Aires – June 22, 2009

PS- Look for some GREAT free audios in an email coming tomorrow.

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