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Case Study: Coaching

Do any coaching? You have to read this. It will help!

I get emails 3 or 4 times a week that read: “I’d like to talk to you on the phone. I’ve got some ideas that will make BIG BUCKS and would be willing to split it with you . . . . ”

Perhaps it’s true. Perhaps it’s someone who has a dream and the chances for success are slim. I don’t know when I get these emails.

I do know one thing for certain. Without any skin in the game, people won’t do ANYTHING.

So here is what I do and suggest you follow my lead.

As soon as I get one of these emails I respond this way:

As you can probably imagine, I get 2 or 3 emails like this every week.

Since I give advice for a living, here is how I do things.

I have set up a way to see if people are serious about their ideas or if they are just “blowing smoke.”

Please Go to:

After you go through that site and send me your payment, I would be delighted to speak with you.

Make sure you notice that the fee there can be credited towards something else.

I hope that works.


As soon as you possibly can, set up a similar site. You’ll soon be getting a bunch of $500 payments via paypal.

Those who actually send you money are serious. In exchange for there being serious, I give them $500 in credit towards anything that I sell or offer that goes for
$1000 or more.

This system has worked extremely well.

How many people who send me emails asking for my help end up sending me a payment? The number is small.

Would I like it to be higher. Definitely. Has it screened out those who are LESS than serious? Absolutely. If someone has a million dollar idea, what’s the problem with putting up $500 that you will get back? Nothing.


I do not want to have you jumping through all kinds of hoops for people and ending up with nothing to show for it.

Harsh? Perhaps. Does it works? Absolutely. Should you do the same? You betcha!

The same person who emailed me recently and sent me the $500 told me an interesting story.

She had been getting advice from people who CLAIM to know something about info marketing. Remember, there are former actors who now claim to be EXPERTS in this field. Unbelieveable!

All of the folks she spoke to told her that she had to set up a site and sell an ebook. Although this may or may NOT be the right way to go, NONE of them told her of the need to write and publish a PHYSICAL book.

Any and everyone who is in this business should do exactly that. Why? Because without a physical book, you lose out on a lot of opportunities.

Chances of getting press and publicity WITHOUT a physical book? Slim to none. Chances of getting coverage if you HAVE a physical book? They go up EXPONENTIALLY.

Once you have a physical book you can also sign up and get your book on Amazon. Why? Because people use Amazon like a search engine. You want to make sure they can find something that you sell when they go to one of the most well trafficked sites on the internet.

Need help on publishing your own book? One of the books I give out for free online at: is all about this topic. Don’t have it? Get it now.

What about DVDs on Amazon? Great idea. I used to sell a customer service video in VHS format. I priced it at $99. Amazon would give me $45 or so (there cut is 55%) and my cost on that video was around $4. Nice margins!

Again, the more people can find you on the most heavily traveled internet sites, the better! That includes Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, etc. People should be able to find you and the topics that you have expertise in on all of these sites.

See you next time!


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