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Traditional Publishing and Blogging Secrets

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Traditional Publishing

The traditional publishing industry is on the decline. I hope it DIES shortly.

As much as I would like (and think it would work) to get my books and content into the traditional book store channels, I am continually amazed by certain things in the industry.

Here’s a story to illustrate.

I recently got a recommendation for an agent from a good friend of mine. I called him to start the dialogue.

When he left me a message on my voice mail. He complained about my outgoing message and said that he couldn’t understand it.

This is impossible because it is as clear as day. I should have known there was going to be a problem.

Trying to be nice, I emailed him back and asked him when would be a good time to chat. I then called him at the time he requested.

Here is how the conversation went (and I WISH I had recorded the conversation because the folks at -insert your own worst customer service company here- would have been proud!)

**Names changed to protect the innocent AND guilty**

me: Hi John, this is Fred Gleeck, calling as you asked.

Him: I’m sorry, who is this? Who did you say sent you?

me: John, this is Fred Gleeck I’m a friend of Mr. X, you suggested I call you at this time.

Him: (long pause) Go ahead (in a voice indicated that I had disturbed him in some way)

me: Yes, I was interested in possibly having you represent me for one or more of my upcoming manuscripts.

Him: (long pause again as if I should have known this was not enough) OK . . . . this conversation isn’t going too well (assuming I should know exactly how I should talk to him)

Me: Oh, can you please tell me exactly what you’d like to know

Him: (annoyed) Why don’t you tell me something about you and the book.

Me: I’ve got an internet related topic. I’ve got close to 140k people on my list and I’m looking at getting a syndicated radio show later this year . . .

Him: (even more extended pause – this time I waited for him to respond) Well, this conversation is not going too well.

Me: Well, I don’t think we have a very good match, but thanks a lot for your time.

As I said this I hung up hearing some final words from him at this point I didn’t care to even try to understand.

It’s hard for me to explain the exact tone of this conversation or how much of a complete ASS this guy was. But let me say that there are very few people I’ve encountered that have been quite as arrogant.

Amazingly, many of them have been in the publishing industry.

What is up with these folks?

Everyone wants to be in bookstores, BUT traditional publishing is on it’s way out. With people like I describe above, I’m not surprised.


The only way to get the attention of these folks is to go the Self Publishing route and create a huge success.

Ask Ken Blanchard who self-published his “One Minute Manager” a long time ago.

Similar to many industries, once they see that something is already selling, they will come around and want to get a piece of the action. That’s how these folks work.

Many of today’s major, well known authors have been treated just as poorly by some of these same folks before they had a hit. After that?


Got a hit on your own and they want you now? They will do all the butt kissing you can imagine.

If you’ve had a similar experience trying to get into this club, you know what I mean.

These same folks just had their yearly woop-de-doo
in Los Angeles last week. I’m sure that the amount of pomposity and arrogance was so thick in the convention center you could cut it with a knife.

Get out there and make your book a success on your own going the self-publishing route. Make it a winner and you’ll have the agents and publishers by the “short-hairs.”

Blogging Secrets/Success

I have been having some really solid success with blogging. My search engine rankings in my keywords has been doing very well.

It is RUMORED that one of the things that makes your blog rankings go higher in your selected keywords is the “look and feel” of your site. I have heard this from a few people I respect.

How you ask?

Apparently, Google does, on occasion, send REAL people to certain sites. APPARENTLY, if they do, the way a blog is set up and looks has some influence on the rankings.

Better looking more professional, better rankings.

For the record, I am NOT positive on this one. I have heard it from reliable sources, but no hard data. That being said, I want you to take a look at my blog:

It’s a good looking blog in my opinion. Sort of Wall Street Journal-ish, don’t you think? I did it that way with the help of a new friend who sells blog themes.

Full Disclosure: The site you are about to click on will give me an affiliate commission if you buy!!

That being said, all of the above is 100% percent true and accurate. I paid MY money to get use of the themes. Even if it does NOT help my rankings, I like the looks.

Take a look for yourself and see!

Make It EASY on Yourself!

Writing and speaking are both pretty easy for me.

What comes easiest to you?

Most people who give advice about how to be successful in the information marketing business will give you steps to take to be successful.

Many of those suggestions you will find DIFFICULT to implement.


Because the suggestions that they make don’t mesh with your personality. My suggestion? Don’t do what doesn’t work for you.

I don’t.

I spend my time doing the things that are EASIEST for me to do. Those things that mesh with who I am and what I do best.

Since speaking and writing come easiest, I do those two activities the most.

Want to effectively promote yourself and YOUR products and services? Stick with what you do best and like to do. Full stop. End of story.

Product Options for Any/All

Every info product marketer needs to have the following:

Your Free Stuff – that you give away
Products – your own or others that you like and believe in
Some form of Group Coaching – mainly over the phone
One-on-one Coaching – the most expensive

Products are the least expensive

Group coaching a bit more expensive but you do it for many at one time

One-on-One coaching to be your most expensive element of your info product arsenal. Price it based on how much demand you find for your services.

Do you have all of these items well thought out or already created?

if the answer is no, then put them together now!



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