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Trends and ANTI Trends

Information Marketing

For EVERY big movement there is an ANTI movement. There was Disco and there was DISCO SUCKS. There are Facebook lovers and Facebook HATERS.

For any MAJOR movement, you’ll find an ANTI movement.

Why should you care as an information marketer?

Because there is money in “them thar hills” for you if you work it right. And, when you do it because you really believe in the concept, it feels REALLY good.

Anything that you see around you that everybody else seems to REALLY love but you think is CRAP?

You may be onto something.

Just ask the folks at Hate the new social media sites? Got onboard but now want off? These folks are there to help. They will SCRAPE and REMOVE any trace of you on a variety of social media sites.

Social media the savior to some. Social media the anti-Christ to others.

In this case someone has created a service that removes all of the “stuff” from the various sites. YOU could certainly do something like this as well. OR, you could create a product showing people HOW to do something they need.

I always tend to prefer a product because it involves less manpower and ongoing effort. Unless it’s something like which that is supported by someone else. For a share of the pie of course! Same thing is true of

I provide you with the software for a membership site and the “mother company” provides the ongoing help and support.

See a TREND in your niche or industry? Might it be possible to make money on the “flip side”? If so, look into it.

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