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TV isn’t all bad. There’s a lot of a crap on TV, but every once in a while you can find some interesting stuff.

I tend to have the television on while I’m doing something else, like I’m doing now. I’m writing this ezine and Charlie Rose is on in the background. If it gets really interesting it becomes foreground.

This evening, I watched a very compelling show on the Discovery Channel about The Raid on Cabanatuan. This took place in the Philippines (where I grew up) and was the single greatest rescue in US military history.

Great show. Well done. Informative and interesting.


Guys on Jay Leno

Last night on Leno there were a couple of guys who have a site online that is all about eating.

They talked about how they got 30,000 visitors (or hits, not relevant to the story) their first week.

More recently, they got well over 1,000,000 visitors and all told they have gotten something like 22,000,000. The exact numbers are irrelevant to this story.

They started out with the intent to create a site that would go ‘viral.’ Morgan Westerman, who I interviewed recently would have been proud. They came up a with a concept that people wanted to share with their friends.

Why? It was so weird and bizarre that you HAD to share it with your friends and family.

Here’s the sad part.

Leno, fairly early on in the interview says: ‘So, you guys are millionaire’s, right?’ They give him this look and say something like: ‘No, we’re not making a dime, we’re not businessmen.’ Holy crap!

Leno was shocked. So was I. I’d love to have these guys as clients. Think of the possibilities. At least capture their email addresses! Then you can always survey them and find out what they may want you to sell them.

They already like you because they like your site. They think you’re clever. SO? Capitalize on it.

For those of you who bought the interview I did with Morgan, he gives some great ideas about how to create a site that ‘goes viral.’

The lesson here is this. If you do find a way to get LOTS of people coming to your site, then be prepared. These guys were clearly not prepared. What would you do with that many visitors coming to your site?

Remember, if you have a great site, it will close 5% or so. This means that 95% of the people who come to your site will leave without buying. What will you do with them? In fact, the answer to that question is almost more important that learning how to close a greater number of people.

How do you get them to stop and say: ‘OK, I’ll give you a chance. If you claim that you have some good stuff I’ll give you my email address, but don’t take advantage of me and start sending me loads of crap.’

If you can get 20% of those 95% who aren’t buying to let you continue the conversation, you’re in good shape. They are willing to give you another shot if you first prove yourself.


Charlie Rose

As a big movie buff, I love watching virtually anything having to do with movies. Tonight, Brian Glazer was on Charlie Rose.

Great interview if you love movies, but even more interesting if you’re an information marketer.

Brian was explaining to Charlie Rose how he was told by a famous director that he should write something, ‘create something of value.’

Brian Glazer and I agree. If you own content, you have something to sell. If it’s a ‘timeless’ concept, you can sell it forever.

Your action point? Create content. Now.

A quote from the interview:

‘I only learn when I disrupt my comfort zone.’

Brian Glazer – Charlie Rose 8/11-05


Upselling/Cross selling

Everyone who ordered the Morgan Westerman interview were sent a letter that went out with the CD. I gave people a really great deal on some related products and materials.

Whenever you send out a product to someone it’s your opportunity to offer them something else. Don’t forget to do this with ANY product or service that you sell.

Try and make the offer irresistible. Make it so people would kick themselves if they don’t buy it.

You can also did what I did every time (almost every time) I got an order online in 2004.

Call them up and thank them for the order and then present them with an upsell over the phone.

Another upsell is the site:

This is my site where I recommend other peoples products and services and get a commission. I highly recommend that you do the same.

You don’t even have to have your own product to make money in the info products business. Start out by building a good list and then recommending other peoples materials.


New House

I just put down money for a new house. Scary thing. I was assisted by my good friend here in Vegas, Scott Hove. His site, if you haven’t seen it yet is:

I want to have more rooms. I want one for exercise, one for a library, one movie room, etc. Those of you who come to my events that I hold here in Vegas, you’ll get to see it.

It will not be the amazing house that my friend Tony Alessandra has, but for me, who lived in New York City in 385 square feet for 20 years, it’s HUGE.

Scheduled move in date is December. I’ll believe it when I see it. The nice thing is that my next door neighbor wants to buy my current house. So, no real estate commission. Yeah!


Health Issues

I’ve always been interested in keeping myself in good shape. Even as a kid I swam a mile almost every day my senior year in High School.

I continue to try and keep myself in good shape. I watch what I eat and I exercise pretty regularly.

I have recently found something I’m going to tell you about in a future email. I don’t want to start talking until I’m really certain. Sorry for the tease, but I have to do it.


Movie Seminar

My friend, Heather Juergensen and I are doing a seminar on ‘How to Write and Produce Your Own Independent Feature Film’ coming up in LA on Sept. 17th.

If you are even marginally interested in the topic, you should come. Her story alone is worth paying the $97 for the day to hear. We’re keeping the price ridiculously low because we’re going to record it.


Other Events

There are some other events coming up that I’ll list for you in my next ‘insight’.

I’m off to San Francisco tomorrow for my documentary film class. Feel free to meet me there. I’m doing it through a guy I met who has a site called:



I’m two thirds of the way through a great book called: ‘The World According to Joe.’ Even without having finished it, I highly recommend it.

For those of you who don’t read fiction, GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

You can often learn more from fiction than the latest self help book. Good writers can teach you a lot.

Talk to you soon!

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