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Over the last few weeks I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my own info product business. Things have gotten sort of stale.

I decided that I would start doing things a little different. I think you and your business, no matter what it is, can benefit from doing the same.

Here’s where I’m going with this.

I always recommend that when you produce info products that you create products that include all the different modalities of learning. This means that you should produce audios, books, ebooks, videos, software, etc.

I’ve decided to use the same philosophy when communicating with you. Over the next few weeks I’ll be creating a tone of helpful FREE content that you will be able to “consume” using the different modalities.

I wanted to share with you the tools that I’m using to make this happen.


Us Mac users have always been envious of PC users who had Camtasia. Not anymore. A new program called ScreenFlow by VeraSoftware has created a simple, powerful, easy to use piece of software that does screen capture.

I love this program.

If you’re a Mac user, get on this! It costs under $100 and you can download it right after reading this Insight. I suggest you do just that.

If you’re a PC person, you can continue to use Camtasia, but you can now envy us Mac folks.

No matter what platform you’re on, you should start using a screen capture program to illustrate anything that you want your customers to learn/know that is on the computer.

There were many times (in the past) where I wanted to illustrate something that could only be done effectively with a screen capture program. As you communicate with people on your list – both customers and prospects, you’ll want to “feed” them using this methodology.

When I finish my first one, I’ll be putting it on my blog. So make sure and check the blog regularly, or get on the RSS feed to make sure you see any new content that I produce.

You’ll find the blog at:


I’m also going to start using video on a regular basis. YouTube is a big hit. Why shouldn’t you follow their lead? Answer: you should!

Everyone who produces and markets info products should be using video when appropriate.

I’m going to be doing regular video clips and posting them both on my blog and on YouTube.

Again, I suggest you follow my lead.

I’ll be using the Flip Video, which I’ve talked to you about here before. You can pick one up at virtually any electronics store. It’s inexpensive and brain dead simple to use. As a non tech guy myself, I found it a snap to use and to upload the files.

Again, I’ll be posting these videos on the blog.


I already do a lot of audio interviews. The most recent interview with Bob Bly about doing your own public seminars is described below.

I suggest you produce your own interview products (and if you need help, check out as well as any other audios that make sense to help your prospects and customers.

You can do audios quickly and easily. I happen to have a fancy shmancy audio recorder that I do this with but you don’t need it. You can use your computer and a program like (it works on both Macs and PCs).

This program allows you to record audio directly onto your computer with very little effort. If you’ve got a built in mic in your computer, you’re ready to go. And for virtually no money.

I’ll be doing much more of this myself. Not just paid content but free content as well.

Written Material

For a few years I’ve been giving people free access to five of my most popular ebooks. As a reader of these Insights you probably found me as a result of this promotion.

If you didn’t, look at:

I GIVE AWAY five of my most popular books, in ebook form for free. Why? Because I want to convince people of my expertise in a number of areas.

I think you should follow my lead. Maybe not with books if you don’t choose to go that route, but certainly with some good reports of white papers that you create to give away.

Feed your customers and prospects great, powerful, useable information in all forms. Written material included.

Create them in PDF form for ease of having them passed around.

You’ll also want to take a look at my buddy, Dave Hamilton, who has a site that gives people FREE CONTENT in the area of the technical side of info product marketing.

His site?

What I’m saying is you should be giving away high quality, high content material using every mode of learning.

Once people are convinced that you know what the heck you are talking about, there is a very good chance that you’ll get them to buy something.

This strategy is more important for you if you aren’t particularly well known in your niche.

Trouble with finding the correct niche for yourself? My most recent blog posting has a new article on that topic. A little bit different perspective.


Here is the BRAND NEW program I just did with Bob Bly. This is a pre-publication offer for this program.

It is available in PHYSICAL MP3 form. On CD. It is only available until this coming Friday or the first 100 units, whichever comes first.

This program WILL sell out so get it NOW. Don’t wait.

It costs $77 and I pay postage. Even to international destinations.

Here is the link to order:

How to Product Your Own Seminars, Workshops, Conferences Boot Camps, Webinars, or Tele-Seminars for Fun and Profit

Intro: Bob asks Fred about his long history of seminar and public speaking success

1–What is a “public seminar”?

2–What is a public seminar vs. a conference, workshop, boot camp?

2a–Who sponsors public seminars?

3–Why do a live public seminar instead of a teleseminar or webinar?

4–What advantages are there to the promoter in doing a live event?

5–What advantages are there to the attendees with a live event?

6–What risks and disadvantages are there for the promoter of a live public seminar vs. a phone or webinar? For the attendee?

7–What e-size list do you need to successfully promote and fill a public seminar?

8–Can you fill a public seminar just by promoting it to your list or must you recruit affiliates to promote your event too?

9–What length is best for a publics seminar – 1, 2, or 3 days or longer? Less?

10–What are the best days of the week to hold public seminars? The best months of the year?

11–How do you choose the right city and facility for venue?

12-How much should you charge to attend your event? [$497-5K]

13–How many attendees is the ideal number and why? Pros and cons of small vs large groups?

14–What about videotaping? How much does it cost and what equipment do you need?

15–Any tips on making sure you get a great video and audio recording of the event?

16–What about recording video testimonials at the event? Do you need signed releases?

17–If you sell the seminar as a product after the event should you sell audio CD or DVD? Are handouts included?

18–How much should the audio CD or DVD version of the live event be priced at as a percentage of the live event tuition?

19–How does the attendee pay for the event? Do you allow progress or partial payments or is it all due up front?

20–What about early bird discounts?

21 – How do you take registrations? Online, fax, phone, mail, email?

21A — What about payment options – check, money order, purchase order, paypal, credit card?

22 – What is an appropriate cancellation policy?

23 – Do you offer a money back guarantee of satisfaction and if so how does it work?

24 – Is it better to have one speaker or multiple speakers?

25 – Please explain your formula TR = SR + PR + CB total revenues equal seminar registration fees plus product sales plus consulting revenues

26 – If you have outside speakers do you pay a speaking fee? How much? If not, why on earth would they do it?

27 – When speakers sell their products at your public seminars, do you get a cut? How much? How do you know they are being honest and will pay?

28 – How far in advance of the event date do you begin promoting the workshop? What is the schedule and frequency of promotion from that day to the event? Do you promote the recording post event? How long?

29 – In what way to you promote the event online? Solo emails to your list? Editorial mentions or ads in your ezine?

Here is the link to order:

29A – When and how many e-mails do you send to your list promoting the event?

29B – What are the elements of a successful seminar landing page? Can you point to some examples of YOUR successful seminar landing pages?

30 – What about offline promotion? Newspaper ads? Postcards? Self mailers like AMA?

31 – How far will attendees travel to attend? Within 100 miles of the venue? Hour’s drive? Continental USA? Overseas?

32 – Do you as the promoter arrange for the attendee to get hotel and travel at a discount? How does this work?

33 – What materials do you provide the speakers and affiliates to promote to their lists?

34 – What about the complaint at these events that the attendee comes for content but the speakers spend all their time selling? How do you prevent this?

35 – How do you pick a topic or theme for your event? How do you plan the curriculum?

36 – What if you or another speaker are talking and you sense the audience is confused, bored, or unhappy? How do you adjust?

37 – Why promote your own public seminars rather than speak at other people’s events such as Learning Annex?

38 – How do you calculate profit margin on the event? What is your profit goal? Break even? Earn 3X costs? What’s reasonable or good?

39 – Can teleseminars be used to promote a live event? If so, are the teleseminars free or fee? When would you schedule them and how many would you have?

40 – What is the content of the teleseminar to promote a live event? The same content? A tease or sales pitch for what they will get at the live event?

41 – Do attendees get any free or paid post seminar support?

42 – What about workbooks? Handouts? PowerPoints? Do you print and give in a binder? Post online for download?

43 – What premiums or bonuses should you offer for seminar sign up?

44 – What if the date is approaching and you want 25 attendees and you only have six?

45 – Don’t you have to be a big name like Fred Gleeck to promote a seminar?

46 – I have never given a seminar before. How do I prepare for my live event so I will be confident and good?

47 – How do I overcome stage fright and butterflies?

48 – What about questions and answers if I do not know the answer to a question?

49 – How do I handle hecklers and difficult attendees?

50 – Are special events or services offered as a bonus to gold members or as paid extra options?

51 – Do you give the attendees coffee and soda, snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner?

52 – Is the seminar promoter available 24/7 to attendees or only during 9 to 5 event hours, leaving them on their own at night?

53 -What happens if the night before the event there is a blizzard or hurricane?

54 – Do I need liability insurance in case someone falls and breaks their arm at my event?

55 – Should I use evaluation forms? How can I make sure the evaluations are favorable?

56 — How can I ensure that I cover what my attendees want to know?

57 – How can I bond with the audience and make them like me? [pre seminar walk around]

58 – Fred how many seminars do you do and how do you decide topics and schedules.

59 – How do you pick venue and ensure it’s good at out of town locations for your programs?

60 – Has travel and terrorism and gas prices curtailed travel? Should we switch from live seminars to teleseminars?

61 – Must I as an info marketer have public seminars as part of my product mix?

62 – What other tips can you give me to ensure that my events sell out?

63 – What other tips can ensure that my event is successful for attendees?

Here is the link to order:


There you have it!

Talk to you soon!


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