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Very short but IMPORTANT Insight!

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Talk about a very short but IMPORTANT Insight! This is it!

About 5 years ago I started giving away 5 of my books in ebook form for FREE. This helped me to build my list to what it is today: 175k+

I sent people to
Please send everyone you know there!

To help you understand how and why to do this for yourself, why not go to:

I’m a big fan of Chris Anderson and you can get a copy of his book in audio form for . . . . . how much?

FREE of course!


Upcoming Events:

Info Products Seminar – NYC; Sept 12/13

Learn my complete system for creating, marketing and selling your own info products in this content packed 2 day event. You’ll have a road map to succes to make it happen! Very small group.

Fred Info Bootcamp
Las Vegas, September 24 – October 1st
Spend a week with me to get to REALLY understand HOW to create, market and sell Info Products. Maximum of 6 people. ONLY 2 SPACES LEFT!! This is THE event for those of you who want to GET THIS DONE NOW!!
(Next one: Dec 3-10)

Seminar on Seminars – NYC – Oct 10/11

Learn everything you’d like to know about putting on your own seminars and events. At my apt in NYC, maximum of 6 people. Haven’t done one for a while. Will only do these twice a year max!

NEW PRODUCT! CHECK THIS OUT! AUDIO RECORDINGS AVAILABLE OF THE LATEST PUBLISHING SEMINAR!!!! Look for a separate email later this week. Possibly tomorrow.

Recommended Vendors: (People I KNOW will do a good job in their respective areas!)

ANYTHING related to your website or use of
WebMarketingMagic: Dave Hamilton

COPYWRITING: Sabrina Brick

I did my annual publishing seminar a month or so back and have now finished up the audios from the event. It was a two-day event and there were some REALLY good speakers.

Take a look at:

The audios are available in downloadable form and may only be at the price stated on the website for limited period of time. Go there now!!

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