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I always joke about how CHEAP I am. It’s kind of my trademark. BUT, there are certain things that I WILL spend my money on that others find frivolous.

I was just thinking about this last week. I was in New York City. The night before going to watch the semi finals of the US Open, I spent the big bucks to see some phenomenal actors in a play called God of Carnage. Tony Soprano onstage! Amazing.

I then had the pleasure of seeing Jude Law in HAMLET. Also amazing!

So as cheap as I am with some things, I will spend money on OTHER things.

I was making my list recently. The list of things that I LOVE to do (and will spend money to do), or would love doing if given the chance.

Teaching others things I know about
Reading good books both fiction and non fiction
Movies – both “traditional” ones and funky ones
Theatre – seeing good acting live on stage
Sporting Events – particularly Golf and Tennis
Documentary Filmmaking – not yet, but soon
Writing/Producing a Play/Movie – on it’s way
Performing Improv – do it, love it, want more of it Hosting my own radio show – on the way Taking classes about things I’m interested in

(these are the top ones)I suggest you make your own list. If the list doesn’t include things that you’re already doing with your primary way of generating cash, you need to make some changes!

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