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Remember that are two primary ways to generate  traffic to your site: PAID and UNPAID

In the Paid area, the primary method of generating visitors to your site is via PPC – pay-per-click ads. Your primary resource for this is Google, but don’t forget about Yahoo and MSN. They too have PPC programs you can utilize.

Just because Google is the 800 pound gorilla, don’t neglect the other two. You’ll find that their prices are many time much less and you can also use them for testing.


I LOVE the idea of getting traffic for free. To get your site listed towards the top of ANY of the search engines require that you create some very beefy content on your site AND that you get a lot of relevant inbound links.

One of the best ways to get the content done is by setting up a blog. if you don’t have one set up I suggest you do so.

Mine has done wonders for my organic search engine listings in the keywords that I am going after.

If you’re at the event in October, I’ll be going over all the recent changes I’ve made and the results they have been producing for me.

Radio Contest Results

Thanks for all your support on the radio show contest I told you about.

Unfortunately, I was not selected. My understanding is that radio stations make these decisions based on a variety of factors.

But thanks anyway for all your votes and supportive emails.

SCHOLARSHIP for Attending the InfoProductsSeminar in NJ on Oct 25/26.

Want to come to the upcoming Info Products Seminar and can’t afford it? Keep reading.

At just about every seminar I do I try and find “worthy” people who should attend the events who aren’t able to attend just because of finances.

If you’d like to come to this event and have a financial CHALLENGE, then here is your chance.

Here is the “deal”:

1. You must truly have a financial issue making it impossible for you to be able to PAY to attend the event. I’ll be doing this on the HONOR system.

2. In order to attend you must submit a short essay telling me why you should come at NO charge and what you intend to do with the information.

3. When you start to make money from your info products business, you will pay the tuition back from the money you make. Again, this is on the honor system.

4. You agree to attend both days in full. Just because you have not PAID to attend, I still want your assurance that you will attend both days in their entirety.

5. You agree to help out at the event if asked.

If you really want to attend this event and money is the only thing holding you back, then send me an email explaining WHY you should attend and WHAT you will do with the information.

Please make that email less than 200 words. Keep it PITHY!

Send your reply to

Video Products

I’ll be doing a LOT of videotaping this weekend for one of my clients who is a neuro-muscular therapist. His name is Sam Visnic and his site is: Take a look if this an issue for you or someone you know.

Sam will be demonstrating how to “cure” virtually any problem on your entire body. He worked miracles on my golf elbow that had been hurting me for months.

For another series of sites I’m doing in the self storage industry I’ll also be taking some existing footage I have and putting it up on YouTube.

In both of these cases, the content is KING. People will be less impressed with all the fancy video effects than they will be with useable suggestions that get results.

If I could give you just two words to help you create great videos (aside from the word content), they would be: TRIPOD and LIGHTING.

Get a good tripod with a “floating head”. I suggest you check out That’s where I buy all of my audio/video gear.

As far as lighting goes, natural, available light is always the best, but it is inconsistent. If you’re shooting a video and the sun ducks behind the clouds, it changes things.

You can get some great lighting done REALLY cheap. Here’s how.

Go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and get a few of those metallic light fixtures. At mine I found them for less than $10 a piece. I got the ones that you can clip onto a shelf, but you can also get some stands as well.

Then get some 100 watt bulbs (that’s usually the highest wattage they suggest to use) and turn any area into a well lighted studio. Don’t point the lights directly on what you’re capturing on video. Instead BOUNCE it off the ceiling or a well. This lighting looks much better and is less harsh.

Even with a VERY basic camcorder you can get some VERY decent video this way.

Also, you may want to consider getting one of the camcorders that let’s you record onto a hard drive. This will save you the time of importing and converting your TAPE to digital format.

If you use tape, like I still do for the most part, it means that you have to “import” your video in real time. So if you have an hour of tape, you need an hour to import that video onto your computer hard drive. If the camcorder records onto hard drive, it saves you a boatload of time.


I’m having to re-record a program I did at the last bootcamp. Why? Because I didn’t check the recording immediately after it was done.

This is an AMATEUR mistake and I should NOT have made it.

Make sure you always check your audio recording as soon as you’re done to make sure it came out alright. I won’t make this mistake again. I ALWAYS check my recordings but this time I was lazy. Don’t do as I do, do as I SAY!

I remain convinced that no one should use the computer hard drive as their only medium of recording. ALWAYS have back up.

This way you won’t be screaming when your hard drive crashes and you’ve lost hours of work.

I’ve given you this suggestion before, but I like the Marantz PMD 660 and PMD 670 for recording audio programs. They are a bit pricey but well worth it if you plan on doing lots of audio recording.

With audio, remember that you don’t need to record at the highest quality level because we’re talking about VOICE here. NOT music. The settings that eat up a ton of space on these or any recording devices are there for people who do a lot of music recording which uses a lot more parts of the frequency spectrum than voice does.

If you do record in MP3 format, do it at a minimum of 96 kbps. Even at 128 kbps you can still fit a LOT of hours on a 1 gig flash card. If this all sounds GREEK to you, don’t worry, it will make sense when you get going with any digital recording device. It will AFTER you read the manual.


That’s it for now!

All the Best,


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