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To be a successful information marketer you have to find and generate revenue from multiple sources. This allows you to diversify your income so that you’re not dependent on one, or just a couple of cash cows.

Here is a list of my own revenue sources:

1. Speaking/Seminars

I make money from speaking in the traditional sense. I sometimes get paid to give a speech to a corporate or association client. I like this because it is relatively “easy” money but I dislike it because I’m rarely allowed to PITCH.

When I show up at other people’s events I am usually given a

2. Books

I do make money from the sale of my books. I look at this money as gravy. The SAVVY info marketer realizes that the big money is made by getting people who buy his/her books to come back and order other more expensive products and services.

That being said, I do get some decent size royalty checks from a few different sources for my books. It’s not huge, but it does pay some bills.

3. Speaking

Years ago, I made the largest percentage of my income from paid speaking engagements. Not anymore. Although I do get booked to speak for a fee, it’s not as frequent nor do I go looking for it as much.

When people pay you to speak they very often don’t want to let you sell products from the platform.

When I get called for a paid speaking gig like this I will usually say yes ONLY if they allow me to sell my “stuff.”

4. Software

I absolutely LOVE the money I make from the software that I license and own. is software that has paid me royalty checks for the last 7 years or so. It’s the easiest money that I make.

If you can find a piece of software that your market finds indispensable, you’ll love it too!

In addition to and I also have a new piece of software coming out that protects content. Also known as membership site software. Look for that one in the very near future.

5. Audios/Videos

I do a LOT of audio and video recording. For myself, my JV partners and for clients. I’ve done well over 2,000 interviews and have now recorded an increasing number of videos.

I like doing both. It’s fun and I get to learn a lot about a variety of topics. This is one of my exceptionally strong areas.

Not only do I enjoy doing them, I’m good at it. Since I’m only good at a few things, it’s lucky that this is one of them because I enjoy doing them.

6. Membership Sites

I’ve got a few different membership sites I’ll be launching before the end of the year. As soon as the membership site software is done I’ll have the ability to launch a number of sites that have been waiting until the software side was complete.

You should be involved in or looking into every one of the six items I list here.


Product Offering

Savvy professional speakers make a HEFTY sum of money by selling products from the platform.

The best way I’ve found to maximize your revenue in this area is to make sure that your offer matches the audience you’re pitching. If you can create a good match, chances are you’ll sell a lot.

Most people who have products to sell use exactly the opposite approach. They try and shoe-horn their audience into buying the products they already have.

Bad idea.

The main reason why this happens is that people who sell products see it much differently than I do. The vast majority of people who sell products are speakers and authors who feel the need to create a slick, “professionally” produced package.

They will then try and get any and every audience they speak for to buy the SAME products from them.

I like to customize my products to fit my markets. If I’m going to speak to a group of caterers, I will produce a product that is SPECIFIC to them.

Since my topic is marketing and internet marketing I would rather try and sell a group of caterers a product that is geared to JUST THEM than to try and get them to buy the generic program on marketing that I have.

If caterers (or any other specific niche group) has a choice of buying a beautifully designed package that is generic on the topic of marketing or getting a “rough” and quickly produced program that is tailored directly to them, they’ll buy the quick and dirty product every time.

AND, they will usually pay more for it.

Your lesson? Whenever you are asked to speak to a group, create a product JUST FOR THEM. If you don’t obsess about trying to make it look PERFECT but instead concentrate on the content, you’ll have them lined up to buy what you offer. Usually at a price that is two or three times the generic product that you have.

See you next time!


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Become a WORLD CLASS Interviewer

In this program, Terry Dean interviews me about ways that YOU can become a top notch interviewer. If you want to learn interviewing this program is for you!

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