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Who You Emulate Is Who You Become

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After attending a recent seminar I started thinking about the various gurus that most people seem so enamored with. I’ll leave out the names, but you can fill in the blanks.

Many of these gurus are brilliant in their fields and are clever and creative individuals. Many of them are also very flawed human beings (like most of us). I know for a fact that some are tremendously unhappy. Others are extremely unethical. Still others are deceitful and malicious to their spouses and even clients.

If you accept my premise as being true, then here is what I believe follows. In many cases the cult of people who follow these gurus are similar to the people in Rush Limbaugh’s brigade who call themselves ‘ditto heads’.

I always found it interesting that seemingly intelligent people would like to call themselves CLONES of their chosen ‘leader.’ BUT, I think the term is an interesting one.

In the information marketing fields there are a lot of the same ‘ditto heads’ when it comes to various gurus. The various leaders have spawned armies of individuals who worship at their feet.

Without knowing it, many of these FOLLOWERS. And please note that as a FOLLOWER, as your primary mission in life, it is very difficult to be a LEADER. Anyway, these followers often tend to start to exhibit the same emotional and moral traits of their leaders.

Not only have they ‘dittoed’ their philosophies, many of the followers have carbon copied their HERO’S moral traits.

This is dangerous.

I don’t care how brilliant a mind someone has, I would not want to worship (and I use the term worship in the almost religious sense) someone whose CHARACTER was in question.

If the character of your leaders is questionable, how can you ever be sure of anything that follows? I know I can’t be certain.

What about you?

Keep Thinking!

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