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Why Every Information Marketer Needs to Watch TV, Read books and go to the Movies

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Why Every Information Marketer Needs to Watch TV, Read books and go to the Movies

I just got back from Barnes and Noble. I go there often. I love spending time in both book stores and libraries. I love to read but it’s not always been that way.

By the time I graduated from High School I had read “Call of the Wild.” If there was another book I had read by that time I can’t think of it.


My Dad was a writer and a big reader. He pushed me to read. As a result I did exactly the opposite. He had good intentions but it didn’t work. I came to my love of reading much later in life.

People always ask me WHAT I read. A few insights ago I gave you a list of what I had sitting around at the time. It varies based on my mood but there are certain publications that I read all the time.

Number 1 on that list would be The Economist. I should get a commission for everyone I’ve recommended read this one on a regular basis. I’d be rich by now.

The next few periodicals are in no particular order.

I read Entertainment Weekly. This keeps me up to date with all three items I mentioned: TV/Movies/Books

The National Enquirer is a fun weekly that I regularly read.

I’ve got a subscription to Time and a subscription to GQ. I also get Vanity Fair. Unusual for a straight man? Perhaps but I’ve got a lot of female customers.

Frequently, I’ll pick up a magazine that I’ve never read before.

On the TV front I love “24”. I also like the Sopranos but tend to watch both of the above at the end of the season when I can get them on DVD.

Yes, I watch American Idol and NO, I do not own a Clay Aiken CD!

I watch Bill O’Reilly just about every night and I watch 60 Minutes on Sunday.

When I’m in the car I listen to Howard Stern on Sirius. (PS – I own their stock too!)

Why read, go to the movies and watch TV?

Because you get two basic things:

1. You find great content to put in your ezine. If you don’t have a regular conversation going with people on your list you’re not maximizing your opportunities.

2. You understand your buyers better. Frequently we become isolated from the tastes and predelictions of our audience. This will help you to keep abreast of pop culture and know what appeals to people and what they are into.

What could be more helpful?

Everyone needs more good content. Everyone also needs to understand their market better.

Yes, I went to see “Superbad”. What a great guilty pleasure. Certainly not an academy award winner.

I haven’t seen 3:10 to Yuma, but intend to do so. I’m a big Jodie Foster fan and will see her new film shortly.

Emmy Awards

According to Sally Fields: “If the mothers ruled the world there would be no G**D**** wars!”

Is she insane? Does she forget who Margaret Thatcher was? Clearly, this one example proves her wrong. Ask the people in the Falkland Islands!

(I’m watching Bill O’Reilly and a Fox News commentator just said basically the same thing! It’s like she was reading my mind!)

Does this mean I don’t want women in power? Absolutely not.

I just want Ms. Fields to know that she is factually incorrect and history has already proven it.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president (80% certain if she becomes the nominee according to one politico), she will be the first to send troops in where a conflict arises to prove that she’s not a wimp!

I’m not saying this is what I want or feel is correct, but it IS what will happen.

Sally Fields is a good actress. Like many Hollywood types, they should stick to acting and stay out of the political arena. They often have terrible instincts in that area.

Whatever happened to those people who claimed they would leave the country if Bush got elected?

Please understand, as a Libertarian, I don’t have a whole lot of use for either party. I actually have enjoyed listening to Ron Paul’s comments during the debates. He’s a major favorite online!

Contrarian Thinking

I just had to put a bunch of money in my IRA account. The last time I walked into my local Fidelity office I asked: “Which one of your sector funds performed the worst over the last year?”

The guy behind the counter looked at me like I was the man on the moon. He even asked if I was sure I wanted to do that. I said yes.

I put a bunch of money in that fund. It went up 11% in 60 days.I sold and moved it into something else.

This time I just dumped the entire amount into the Housing Sector Fund. It’s down 6% this year (Much less than I would have guessed). Since it’s in my IRA I’m looking for long term growth and I fully expect this to go up dramatically by the time I have to pull it out.

(This is NOT an investment recommendation, just an example to illustrate a point)

Why is this story relevant to you as an information marketer?

You need to ZIG when others are ZAGGING!

In investing, you’re a contrarian. If you do this same thing when you’re in the information business, you’re a kook! People tend to think the best way to make money is to do what everyone else is doing. Not me.

I like to do almost exactly the opposite of what other info marketers do.

If everyone is doing the same thing, it often works very well to do the opposite. When everyone was doing free events I raised prices.

When people were not licensing their products, I was doing exactly the opposite.

Just remember to think about things before you do them. When everyone is doing something in this field, it may be a great idea to consider doing exactly the opposite!



You’d like to think that people who were your friends way back when you were in grade school would still be your friends now.

It’s a nice thought, but it just ain’t so.

People change. Circumstances change. Life goes on.

Think for a second about how many people are your good friends now that were your good friends, 3, 5, 10 or 20 years back. If you’re too young to go back that far, I’m sorry . . . or rather I’m sorry for myself!

That makes me think about something else, but I’ll cover it in the next section.

I went to a reunion a couple of weeks ago. I had a unique upbringing, growing up in the Philippines as an American.

This created an unusually strong bond among those of us who went to the International School in Manila.

I had three or four really good friends from 1st grade through high school. Two of the four were at the reunion. One of them, has had a corporate job with G.E. for the last 29 years. This truly amazes me. As someone who has gotten fired from all the best Fortune 500 companies, this type of tenure seems unbelievable.

We were good friends from 3rd through about 8th grade. Now, we have little in common. Sad? Not really? People change. . . you move on. They move on.

My other close friend who showed up owns his own engineering firm. You’d think we’d still have a lot to talk about. Unfortunately, not really. He and I think dramatically different on social matters.

The last time we got together for his 50th birthday party in Las Vegas, we got into a big “discussion.” I would hate to call it a fight, but let’s just say that we saw things very differently. To me, this was a good thing. To him, I think it made him feel very uncomfortable. That was in December of last year. The reunion was last week and I still felt a little tension. Maybe it was just me!

My third good friend lives in the Bay area where the event was held. He didn’t show up. I don’t know why, but he rarely comes to these events. He was pretty popular in High School but doesn’t seem to make these events a priority.

My fourth best friend lives in Hawaii. He hates to fly. So, he didn’t come. I probably enjoy speaking to him the most and we will often speak for hours on the phone, even if it’s once every couple of months or so.

I HAD a good friend in Las Vegas. He wrote me an email about a year back criticizing me for things that seemed awfully strange so I decided to not have any further contact. When people “get weird” on me, I get out!

Friends are very important to me. I like being able to have good people in my life. But, like life, people change. Good friends this year or month may not be your good friends a year (or a month) from now.

I also have friends that are more business associates that have become friends. I would consider both Scott Straub and David Hamilton in that category.

To remind you:

Scott Straub has taken my materials and broken them down into very small component parts. He has put together a great program that he just send me a copy of.


David Hamilton is the WebMarketingMagician. He’s a good guy and is 100% honest. He is also coming out with a new product that I’ll be sharing with you shortly that you won’t want to miss! Stay tuned.

His is:

There is also a good guy named David Frees. I’m hoping to go on a cruise to Alaska with him, his wife and his great kids. He’s also a heck of a good lawyer. We are working on a few projects together, but here is one of them:

All three of these people started out as business associates and have become friends as well.

The thing that scares me is that some people have friends that are strictly based on the business relationship.

I have a bet with a very well known info/internet marketer. The bet is that one of his partners will “lose his number” as soon as their business relationship goes South. I’m writing this so I can show it to him and remind him of what I said a few years back.

If the only reason I became friendly with people was because of the money they could put in my pocket, I’d be a very shallow person indeed. And, one that you would want to avoid.

See You Soon at one my events!!


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