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Why You Need a Flip Video
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New Coaching Product

Order it NOW (before you even read the outline)

I just finished recording yet another program with my friend, Bob Bly.

He interviewed ME about the concept of how to set up and run a successful coaching business.

We packed a lot of information (as we always do) into a very short period of time.

This is a PREPUBLICATION offer. The cost will be between $97 and $127. The prepub price is just $77 and that includes shipping.

This is for the PHYSICAL and NOT the downloadable version of this product. It will come on a CD and it is in MP3 form.

Here is the outline we used:

1–What is coaching?

1A–Right now Fred your income is 25% from coaching, but you want to increase that to 50% within five years. Why?

1B–What are the pros and cons of consulting?

2–How is coaching different than consulting?

3–What types of coaches is there a market for?

4–Who can become a coach?

5–What qualifications are required to work as a coach?

6–What subject matter expertise or knowledge must a good coach possess?

7–What skills must a COACH possess?

8–Does a coach need a license or certification or to join a coaching organization for accreditation?

9–What do clients expect from their coaches? Hand-holding? Motivation? Expert guidance? Solutions to problems? What else?

10–How much can coaches charge for their services?

11–What are the terms and work methods? In other words, what does the coach do to earn the fee?

12–Does the coach offer any performance guarantees to the client?

13–Should coaches have signed contracts from clients? Advance retainers?

14–Are coaches in short supply or is there an over-abundance – too many coaches out there?

15–How do I separate myself from all other coaches out there?

16–What’s best – to be a generalist or a specialist?

17–Should coaches do only coaching or also offer related services to their clients

18–Can I make a good living as an independent coach or should I start a coaching company with other coaches under me?

19–Can I make a good living as a coach offering services only or must I develop and sell coaching-related information products?

21–Is it enough to be a wise advisor and empathetic mentor, or must I offer coaching clients in-depth expertise in the endeavor in which I am coaching them?

22–As a coach, do I need a web site? Why?

Order the program now:

23–What should be on my coaching web site? How do I build it?

24–Lots of consultants and coaches publish e-newsletters. There are so many of them. Do I need to publish yet another? Why?

25–Is there a “coaching process” I must follow? Is there one way to coach or does each coach do it his own way?

26–Fred, please describe YOUR coaching process, options, and costs.

27–What if I get a client who does not follow my advice and is not being helped, but seems content to keep paying me – should I just collect the checks?

28–What happens if a client becomes unhappy and says I am not doing a good job?

29–How do I get my first coaching clients? Advertise in my local town newspaper or the Yellow Pages?

30–How can I systematically get others to refer their friends and colleagues to me for coaching? Do I pay a finder’s fee? How much?

31–How do you screen potential clients and why? Should I as a beginner not screen and take anyone who will pay me?

32–What can I expect to earn as a freelance coach my first year? Within 2-3 years?

33–Do coaches work with clients one on one as individuals only, or in groups live, or in coaching teleconference calls, or on the Internet? What are the modalities of coaching?

34–You say it is a mistake to trade time for dollars, but isn’t coaching almost exclusively trading time for dollars? How can I coach and NOT trade time for dollars?

35–Must I write and publish a book on my coaching specialty? Should I self publish it has a physical book or ebook, or does it matter? What about getting it published by a traditional publisher?

36–As a coach, are your clients individuals or companies? If they are individuals, does the client’s company or employer pay, or does the client pay out of his own pocket?

37–What methods of payment must a coach take – check, credit card, Paypal? Are all coaching fees payable in advance? What if a client doesn’t pay or is behind on his retainer?

38–What is the best way to market coaching services offline? Ads in Chambers of Commerce magazines? Postcards? Direct mail letters? Exhibiting at local business fairs?

39–Should I advertise in my local newspaper or industry trade journal? Or should I write articles for them to get business?

40–What is the best way to market coaching services online? A Web site optimized for organic search? Pay per click ads? E-mail marketing?

41–Should I work for any client who will hire me? Or should I take on clients only in my niche or specialty?

42–How long do coaching clients remain clients? For life? A year? Is the goal to keep them forever or work with them until they get what they want and then cut them loose?

43–What if a potential client says to me they are talking with other coaches and asks me to lower my price to be more competitive?

44–What’s the most powerful way to get a sustainable competitive advantage over other coaches in my niche or field?

45–Should I employ a public relations agency to publicize me and my coaching? What kind of PR can I do on my own?

46–What is the coaching sales process you use to get new clients? Do you meet with potential new clients to sell them on your coaching? What if they ask for a free meeting?

47–In my sales and marketing, what promises should I make to convince new clients to hire me?

48–How can I guarantee coaching results, given that achieving those results depends on the client and whether they take the actions I recommend?

49–If I am just starting out as a coach, and a potential client asks for a client list and testimonials, I don’t have any. What can I do to hide the fact that I am a beginner?

50–How many clients maximum can a busy coach take on? How much money can a busy and successful coach make per year?

51–Do I need to rent an office or set up an office in my home to meet with coaching clients and prospects? Must it be zoned for business?

52–You have a 7-step process for qualifying potential coaching clients when they inquire about your coaching services on page 35 of your book MARKETING YOUR COACHING SERVICES. Can you go through this with us?

53–As a coach, must I also be a speaker and seminar leader? Is networking at conferences and association meetings a good way to get coaching clients?

54–Do I need a brochure or flier on my coaching services? What should be in it? What format is best?

55–Where should your coaching clients be located? Your city or state? USA? Overseas?

56–Can I promote my coaching services tthrough viral marketing online? How?

57–Are social media sites like YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook good vehicles for getting known and generating interest in my coaching? What about starting a blog?

58–Can coaching services be sold online through affiliates? How would this work?

59–What’s your favorite part of being a coach? What do you like least?

60–Any concluding thought or advice for our listening on how to become a successful coach

Order this program now (click below):



I’ve been reading a number of good business books over the last few weeks. I’m in the process of setting up a site specifically geared to book reviews.

In the meantime, here are some books and some VERY SHORT reviews of each one.

The Drunkard’s Walk
by Leonard Mlodinow

If you like probability and statistics, you’ll LOVE this book. I sure did.

The example that most stands out for me is the scenario from a game show.

A contestant is given the choice of three doors to choose from: A, B and C.

Two of the doors have NOTHING behind them. One of them has the BIG prize. The contestant is given a chance to choose ONE of the doors.

The game show host KNOWS which door has the big prize.

Let’s say that the contestant chooses door A. The host then says: “I can tell you that behind door B there is NO prize. Would you like to CHANGE your guess?”

Without thinking you may think, there is still a 50-50 chance that I chose the correct door.

Well, after reading this book you’ll find out that the CORRECT way to go (given the correct assessment of the probabilities) would be to CHANGE your guess to door C. This would give you a 66% chance of being right, NOT a 50% chance.

Doesn’t make sense to you? It will after you read the book. AND, you’ll learn a LOT more about statistics and probability that will completely change some of the ways you approach your business.



by Ori and Rom Brofman

Like the book above, I HIGHLY recommend this one.

Here’s a story from that book that will make you want to buy and read IT as well.

I apologize in advance if you aren’t a sports fan but this is the story that really GOT me.

In professional basketball they use a system to determine who gets to “draft” the best college players each year.

There are a total of 30 NBA teams. Each year the teams get to pick and “hire” the players that they select from this draft process. The worst team from the preceding year gets the first pick and so on down the line.

(It is MUCH more complicated because teams can trade other teams their choice, but for the purpose of this example, it doesn’t matter.)

In Round 1, the worst team picks first and so on until all 30 teams have gotten to choose ONE player. Then Round 2 begins and they go through the same sequence of events.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Some basketball statisticians have compiled data that allows anyone to OBJECTIVELY determine if one player is better than another.

This data can numerically determine a player’s competence in both offense and defense. Combining the two scores a team can OBJECTIVELY figure out who should be playing

Those players who would give the team the greatest chance of winning would have the higher scores based on their system.

Using this system they found an interesting discrepancy. The players who got hired earlier in the draft process were often played more than players who were objectively BETTER than those guys.

Let’s say that 4 or 5 years ago a certain GREAT college player got drafted 1st by a given team. Now it’s 5 years later. Using the objective criteria, another player ranked substantially higher.

Was the player who ranked higher getting more playing time? NOPE.

Why not?

That’s what this book is all about. It’s about WHY people ignore objective data and continue to rely on their original “feelings” about a player when they were first drafted.

This means that players are getting more playing time because they were drafted earlier than others. At the time they were drafted they APPEARED to be better players but they have now been OBJECTIVELY proven not to be as good as other players on the team.

Why do people hold onto their ORIGINAL feelings and BELIEFS?

Sometimes in a NON rational way?

This book explains that and more. I found it impossible to put it down and read it in one sitting.

For information marketers there are LOTS of things you will do differently after reading it.

A Few SHORT Reviews:

Always By My Side
by Jim Nantz

Great book for those who are fans of Jim and/or for those who are sports fans and more specifically golfers.

Scar Tissue
by Anthony Kiedis
I was never a huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but this is a fun read. Yes, it’s another story of excess on the part of rock-n-rollers, but who cares, it’s Summer time and trash is OK this time of year.

Just Who Will You Be? By Maria Shriver

I don’t normally read this type of book but I have to give it a positive review. Even though she’s married to a big shot like Arnold, she can still write a good book.

Flip Video

I had bought one of these for my webmaster Stanley a while back. It’s a perfect device for a number of reasons.

First, it is small and easy to carry. About the size of a standard Digital Camera.

Second, it is SUPER easy to use and the quality is decent for such an inexpensive device.

Third, it is perfect for uploading videos to YOUTUBE.

Fourth, you can get the low end model for around $100.

I just got another one for myself and used it at the George Michael concert (that I got “dragged” to).

I’m going to use it for putting up videos on YOUTUBE myself. My goal will be to put up one short video per day. That’s the goal! If I get 3-4 a week that will work just fine.

If YOU are not using YouTube to promote YOUR business, get on it fast!

It will help your ratings on Google. Why? Because Google now owns YouTube and gives your site extra “points” when you display them.

Follow the Crowd or Be Different?

In case you haven’t seen it yet, go to:

I did this because of my ongoing DISGUST with HYPE marketers. They are all over the place! And they are getting more and more hypey because that line of crap isn’t working as well anymore.

People learn! Thank God!

This site is my way of doing something a bit different. Parody sites are a great way to take an idea or concept and make it fun and hopefully FUNNY.

This site is pulling an AMAZING 40%+ opt-ins for all unique visitors.

I can’t get nearly that opt in rate from my “normal” sites.

I would suggest that YOU look into finding a way to do something DIFFERENT.

When I presented this idea to someone recently they were PUT OFF by this approach.

All I care about are the numbers and the numbers are working so I’ll continue to use them.

I won’t always use a spoof site, but I will use unique and different ways to attract attention. So should YOU!

Remember, that attracting attention is the first part, the most important part is capturing names, which that site is doing BIG TIME.

Big Sale!

I have been moving stuff in and out of storage I found 27 sets of my Info Products Bootcamp CDs from a couple of years back.

All the information is basically the same, but the information is a BIT dated. I’d say my latest version of this event is about 20% different.

That being said, the information is SOLID.

They are in CD form and you get 18 CDs and close to 20 hours of information. A LOT OF INFO!

These sold originally for $497 and I want to get rid of them ALL for just $47 each.

When they are gone, they are GONE at that price.

To order them, click on the link below.

I will pay the shipping, which is going to cost at least $5 a piece and probably more.

Here’s the link to order:

See you next time!!!

All the Best,


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