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Wired Magazine Article

Information Marketing

Don’t read the magazine WIRED? You should. This one of the few magazines where I almost always read 90+% of what they write.

True, my business is heavily slanted in the ONLINE direction, but yours should be too. We now live in a web-based world!

The article that caught my interest was the one about a company called Demand Media. They are the folks behind

I HIGHLY recommend that you read the article because it has SERIOUS implications for those who are information marketers.

They are paying legions of video folks to shoot short videos based on what people are googling. VERY interesting.

BTW, are you worried that when you read something great you feel that you either can’t share it or don’t want to let people know your source?

Get over it. If you start feeding people great info whether it was your ORIGINAL idea or one that you found, people will love you for it. SHARING great info is what it’s all about. Don’t worry about WHO gets the credit!

You will in the LONG run for being willing to share!

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