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In This Issue:

*Book Reviews
*Writing Web Copy
*My Big Picture
*Mini Seminars Next Month
*Selling Systems


Book Reviews

Anyone in the information business needs to go buy the book: “Sham” by Steve Salerno. This guys tells it exactly like it is.

He explains in great detail what I’ve been saying for years. Most of the “gurus” out there are making tons of money but having little or NO effect on changing the behavior and finances of those who attend their events.

Sad but true.

I don’t want to even say anything more about the book, just get it and read it. Now!

Another good book I just read is called Freakonomics, by Levitt and Dubner.

This is a fascinating book which explains the economics of things you don’t normally think about.

It’s a text that could be used by a college economics class but reads like a good piece of fiction. What could be better?

Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point and Blink) has his quote on the front cover: “Prepare to be Dazzled.”

I agree.

I hesitate to write more about either book because I would prefer to have you read them rather than just read my synopsis.

As a good marketer, I should probably have a link to Amazon for you to buy both of them, BUT, since they only give out 15% I’m not motivated to do so.

What does this tell you? Make your affiliate program irresistible. I pay people 50% on products of mine that they sell. Resellers of WebMarketingMagic make an ONgoing 30% of anyone they refer. If you haven’t set yourself up as a reseller, do it now.

The point is this. No one is going to get off their butt and do something unless you make it worth their time and efforts. Give people at LEAST 30% on any and everything you sell.

Like WebMarketingMagic, if it’s a program that people can pay for monthly, make sure and keep paying your referral partners FOREVER. That’s what I do.

Talk about a way to keep people motivated.


Writing Web Copy

I’m spending the bulk of my time these days doing just two things: creating products and writing copy for the various sites that promote them.

If you want to learn how to write your own copy, take a look at:

This is a great program for doing it yourself. You should start that way and then find out if you’re any good at it.

If you are, keep doing it, if you’re not, find someone to help you.

Quick example with this site.

If I go out and find tons of key words using and use Google Ad Words to put up a lot of ads at just a nickel a piece, with a $97 product I break even if only one person in every 1900 buys.

Your action point? Get a copy of the WebCopyMagic program. Learn how to write your own copy, set up your website, drive CHEAP traffic to your site using WordTracker and Google Adwords (do NOT pay more than 5¢ a piece for the clicks) and collect email addresses from those who don’t buy. Remember, you will get shut down if you put pop-ups on your sites. Google doesn’t like them.


My Big Picture

I thought it might be valuable to share an exercise that I do at least once a month. I have a file on my computer that is called BIG PIC.

This is where I write down the major things I have to do in my life, both personally and professionally.

It’s sort of like making New Year’s Resolutions, but doing them 10-15 times a year.

I’ll share with you what’s on my latest list. I think it might stimulate your thinking.

On the business side I list all of things I need to do on that side of my life to get me to my goals. On the list right now is:

*Get my books to a distributor I met at the Book Expo

(This is important because my books are not currently sold in bookstores and having them in there would dramatically increase my income because of the number of lucrative bounceback offers I have in each book)

*Contact the editor of one of the niche market magazines I write for and get her to change the “blurb” at the end of each of my articles

(I write articles for a number of niche market publications – some monthly, others less frequently- I need to change the byline they give me to reflect a new membership site I have set up for the self storage industry, one of my niches)

*Complete books and send them to Nick

(I have a goal to write 4 books each year. I write them, or have them written for me and I then send them to my buddy Nick Zellinger. He creates a cover and does the interiors for me – his email is – tell him I sent you. Good guy.)

*Set dates for mini seminars here in Vegas.

You’ll notice that in another section of this ezine that I’ve set some dates to redo some of my most popular audio programs. I redo them every 24-36 months depending on how quickly the information changes in that topic area. The two that I’m redoing in the next 60 days are on Self Publishing and Marketing Your Own Seminars. Try and make it to these events.

*Licensing Products

I’ve started to do a lot more licensing of my products. One thing I have NOT yet done is to complete a website which properly explains the products that I have available for licensing. This is dumb on my part and I’m going to change it post haste.

“All it takes” (like that isn’t a lot) is for me to write the copy for the products that I’m licensing. I need to tell people both what is in the products themselves, but how they would be valuable to those people who would choose to license them.

Frankly, this hasn’t been done because I’ve been distracted with other things both personally and professionally. BUT, it needs to be done.

*Clickbank Follow up

I have to follow up with my webmaster, Stanley, to make sure that I get my ebooks into that pipeline. If you don’t know about Clickbank, take a look at and you’ll see that they let you sell digital products and have a huge network of people who come to them to find products to resell.

If you want to find a ton of affilates to sell your products, this is a good place to start. If you understand how to include bouncebacks in your products this is a great distribution channel. Most people offer 50%. I’m thinking of trying to get people motivated by offering them well over 50% to sell my ebooks. Who cares? I get all the bouncebacks that come from this source.

*John Kremer Event for November

My buddy, John Kremer and I have decided to do an event in Los Angeles the first weekend in November. We don’t have the venue or website up yet, but mark your calendar. You won’t want to miss this one!

*Talk to Radio Station here in Las Vegas

I’m going to talk to a station here about doing my own radio show. Except for being an author, there is nothing better than to be able to tell people that you host a show.

It opens doors and gets you into all the right places. Many stations SELL you the time so anyone can have their own show.

Check: it that interests you.

*Talk with my webmaster, Stanley to do certain things

This has been the single best thing I’ve ever done over the last 10 years in business. Getting my own webmaster. Since I went that route, I’ve gotten all kinds of things done that would have gotten undone.

The reason I could justify the expenditure was because I went offshore. Many people just hire people “by the job” that they find on elance or rentacoder. That works fine but I had so much work I needed someone full time.

Again, best investment that I’ve made in the past many years. For you? Ask yourself if the tasks that you do are your strong suit? If not, hire someone else to do the work for you.

It’s always a matter of time and money. If you have lots of time and less money, then you should learn how to do the web work yourself. If you have more money than you have time, then job the work out.

*Contact Charlie Bass

Charlie runs the Las Vegas Internet Chamber of Commerce. In addition to being a real nice guy personally I’d also like to speak at one of his monthly functions.

Relationships are important. He happens to be a great contact for me. The fact that he is a nice guy makes it much easier for me to want to follow up and work with him.

In the “old days” I would have followed up with Charlie even if I didn’t like him. Not anymore. That’s because I’m in a financial position NOT to do business with people I don’t like.

Your action point is to follow up on people who can help you. Make sure that whenever you meet people you try and see how you can help them FIRST beforeasking for help yourself.

*Register for Documentary Film Class

This may sound like a personal item, but it is actually both. I like doing things that are related to film for fun, but this will help me in creating video projects.

On the Personal Side

*Get a Personal Trainer

In my quest to get in great shape, I’m going to find someone who can show me how to do it as quickly as possible. I coach people and also hire others to coach me.

*Look into getting an Endless Pool

I saw this very cool thing in an airline magazine a while back. It is a small pool that has a motorized current that is pointed against you as you swim. It’s the equivalent of swimming in place.

*Get Garage Done

I want to create more useable space and get my garage “finished.”

To Do’s

I won’t bore you with listing all of my To dos, but it’s the same stuff that all of us have to do. Laundry, shopping, meetings, etc.

What to do in what order?

On the business side I always ask myself what I can do RIGHT NOW that will produce the greatest amount of revenue.

I look through my business list and do first that which generates the greatest amount of revenue in the shortest period of time.


Mini Seminars

I’ll be re-recording two of my most popular seminars in a very intimate environment. They will be held at my house here in the Las Vegas area.

The limit will be 10 people and the price will be just $97. I don’t care if I only get 4 people, we’ll still do the event. If you want more info about what will be covered at these two events, check the websites attached to each. We’ll cover exactly what is listed on the sites.

If you live anywhere near Las Vegas, or want to fly in for a quick event, here’s the deal.

The two events will be:

Self Publishing Your Own Book
(Look at:
Time: 9AM Sharp – 4PM (1 hour for lunch)
Date: July 7. 2005
Register? Click here.

Marketing and Promoting Your Own Seminars
(Look at
Time: 9AM Sharp – 4PM (1 hour for lunch)
Date:July 20, 2005
Register? Click Here.


Selling Systems

No matter who you are and what you do, you need to have systems to sell your products and services. Whether you’re doing it all yourself like I do or you use other people to take care of your business, there have to be systems that you use.

I’m not perfect in this area, but I am getting better. I divide my systems into two areas. Those that I do exclusively myself and those areas that I job out to others.

Here’s an example of each.

When I get Amazon orders, I send them out myself. I should probably turn this over to Bret, my fulfillment guy at Speaker Fulfillment Services, but at this point I do it myself.

I take all my amazon orders, print them out and then pack all the books into boxes I have bought specifically for shipping books. I then take them to the post office and send them out via media rate.

In the future I probably won’t be doing this, but quite frankly, I don’t mind taking a bit of time out of my schedule to pack some books up and go to the airport.


Make sure and check out:

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