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YOUR “Insights” versus YOUR BLOG

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To run a profitable info marketing business, you need to be in regular contact with your list. I try and send out at least one INSIGHT per week.

BUT, I also write blog posts 3-5 times a week.

What’s the difference and what should YOU do?

Here is how I see things.

Some people want to CONSUME every useable idea that you have. For those folks, the blog is a perfect item to offer. Given the number of times per week or month that I write posts, it provides people with a LOT of new content and information.

BUT . . . the blog requires someone to visit a site and read it, regular action is required on your readers part.

This is NOT like my INSIGHTS which are sent directly to someone’s email box.

WIthout any effort, once a week or so, they get my latest ideas in this field.

Ezine articles should be a little bit more timeless in nature. Blog posts, a little bit more timely.

If you’re in the business of selling info products of any kind, I suggest you do both of these. In addition to the other elements a blog post gives you, it will also help your search engine rankings.

Make sure that when you post you use keywords in your titles that would appeal to your target market.

Don’t overdo it.

To be successful marketing and selling information of ANY kind, I suggest you have both a regular ezine that you send to your list and a blog where you write regular posts.

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