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What do you want people to think about YOU and your BUSINESS? To me, the answers defines how you are positioned. YOU can try and position yourself in a marketplace, but ultimately, OTHERS do it for you.

Most people don’t even THINK about this issue. They go about their daily business lives trying to make a buck without concerning themselves with this issue.

BAD idea.

Over the years I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about how I’d like to be perceived by others. What I want is not always what I get. BUT . . . at least I’m cognizant of the issue.

Here are a few things I KNOW people think about me:

1. I’m knowledgeable about my topic.
2. I have STRONG opinions.
3. I HATE people who don’t deliver lots of content.
4. Doing the right thing is VERY important to me.
5. I’ll admit when I’m wrong.

Here are a few things I KNOW people do NOT think about me:

1. I’ll sell my soul to make another dollar.
2. I play well with others.
3. That I like to get my picture taken with well known people.
4. I hold back my thoughts to make sure I don’t hurt someone’s feelings.

Am I happy with everything on this list and any other list that MIGHT be accurate? Not completely. I can’t orchestrate and control how everyone thinks and feels about me.

But I always ask myself: “WHAT IS THE ONE MAIN THING that I want people to think of when they hear my name?”

This is what YOU want to be able to control. I HOPE I’ve been able to do it. I think I have.

The one MAIN thing that people think about me is that I’m HONEST. That I don’t BS people with ridiculous HORSH**T that any intelligent human being would believe is CRAP.

As a close second, people would probably say that money is NOT my primary driving motivator. Excellence is!! That would be true.

So, enough about ME, what about YOU?

What ONE main thing do people think about YOU? Have you even thought about this question? Your entire ONLINE PRESENCE should REVOLVE about this incredibly important issue.

IF you’re interested in being around for a long time then you’ll think about this question long and hard. To me, if you’re in this “game” for the long haul it is the single MOST important thing for you to cultivate!

Once you come up with the answer to this question for yourself, then you need to make sure every product you produce, every email you send, every telesminar you do, ever live event you speak at . . . moves this issue FORWARD!


So put the words on a large piece of paper or posterboard where you can see it every minute of your day. Keep it in mind every time you speak or write. That’s it, that’s all!

Anonymous Calls on a Conference Call

Ever do conference calls that are “open to the public”? I noticed on one of my recent calls that there were some anonymous callers.

People who are shy about having their numbers appear? Maybe. Competitors listening in to what you’re doing? Equally likely, in my opinion.

What to do? Absolutely nothing. Your competitors may be able to listen in and hear what you’re doing, but they can’t be you.

Continue to provide good, high quality content and you’ll be fine.

Let them SPY on you all they want! They will NEVER be able to duplicate exactly who you are and what you do.

Want to spy on others? Legitimately?

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