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Ebook Cover Designer Recommendation

One of my ‘Lifetime Coaching Clients’, Nancy Hayssen has started a sideline business. She is doing ebook cover design. I’ve seen her work and she’s very good.

She charges a flat $100 and I highly recommend her.

Here is her contact info:; Phone: 707-758-0149

I can make this referral because I know AND trust her.

You’re NOT an Expert at Everything

I just put down a deposit on a coaching session with Lou Heckler. For those of you who don’t know, Lou is, in my opinion, one of the two or three best speakers on the planet.

I’ll be paying him $1200 in mid April to give me some feedback about my speaking. This works out to more than $500 an hour.

Not only do I charge a lot for MY knowledge, I’m also very grateful to pay for an expert like Lou to give me a check up on my skills.

We can’t be good at everything. It’s important to identify people who can help us in various areas.

I can help virtually anyone in the area of creating, marketing and selling information products. I can also help almost anyone to design and promote a good seminar. Past those to areas, I don’t claim to be a whole lot of help.

I used to find it amazing when other speakers were asked what topic they spoke on to hear them reply: ‘I can speak on ANY topic you want.’ Unbelieveable. I’d much rather you try and be a specialist than a generalist.

I was lucky to learn this early on in life.

My Dad always coached me to concentrate on one sport. He didn’t push me into playing golf, but when he saw I was pretty good at it, he encouraged it.

As a result, I got to be the best golfer in the country (yes, it was a small country) for my age group. I was the Philippine Junior Amateur Golf Champion 2 years in a row.

I learned that I would have been laughed off any decent high school team in the U.S., but it felt pretty good at the time.

It did teach me the concept and cemented it in my mind. It’s better to get really good at one thing than to just be able to dabble in everything.

Very true in business as well.

When you are selecting a niche to target with your information products I encourage you to get to be the absolute best in whatever niche you choose. When someone asks who is the DEFINITIVE expert in Self Storage Marketing, my name is always at the very top of that list.

It came through doing a few things I encourage you to do as well:

1. Write a very targeted and niched book in the field.
2. Speak at as many industry events as you can.
3. Go to all of the trade shows in that field.
4. Write articles for the trade publications.
5. Maintain a website devoted specifically to the topic.
6. Do seminars in the niche you select.
7. Do joint ventures with other acknowledged niche experts.
8. Claim the title of KING or QUEEN of the niche.

If you do all of these things within a tightly niched market you’ll succeed. Don’t just do one, do them all.

Do Your Will – NOW

It really freaks me out to think that this year I turn 50. I was ALWAYS the youngest person in any group growing up.

As it turns out now, I’m almost always the oldest in a group.

I just read somewhere that only 25% of people who die have a will. This means that if you have anything of value at all, people may get your hard earned assets that you don’t want to receive them.

I heard the following example. A husband and wife are driving in a car. They get into an accident. The husband dies and then the wife dies a few hours later.

They died without a will and so at the moment of the husband’s death, all of his assets (by law) passed to his wife. The wife then died and then all assets passed to her heirs. It may be VERY possible that the husbands family may not get a DIME from the estate of the wife.

This sucks! But, it’s our legal system and you have to know how it works.

I don’t think you can truly live unless you’ve made peace with what happens when you die. As much as it’s no fun to think about it, it SHOULD be thought about.

If you don’t have a will, get one done.

I just went into Barnes and Noble and got a will kit for under $20. It’s legal in all 50 states and is a good thing to read, if nothing else. I THINK it’s where I got the example about the husband and wife dying above.

Multi-Level Stuff

For the most part, I hate multi-level marketing. I hate it because of some of the sleaze bags involved. They are GENERALLY a swarmy group that I don’t want to spend any time with.

That being said, there also happen to be some very good products that are sold via MLM.

I use two of these products.

Some of you may know about them, others of you may not. I’m telling you this UP FRONT so that you know when you click on the upcoming links that if you end up buying something, I’m going to get paid.

With these two services I actually use them myself. I can’t and won’t make any claims about either of them, but for me, they work.

One is a service that I use frequently and the other is a product that I ‘consume’ daily.

If you don’t like or aren’t interested in multi-level, do NOT click on these links.

If you’re open and curious, go ahead. I am happy with both of them but I won’t tell you that you’ll win the lottery or live forever if you use them.

The only one I’ll share with you now is located at:

Feel free to click on the link above having been warned and fully informed.

Tit for Tat in Business

I just had an interesting email exchange with someone I felt needed to be shared.

Let me start by saying (because this person will no doubt read this) that I like the individual.

He is working on a book with a well known guru who I have met casually once but don’t know well at all. I asked my contact to put the two of us together via email. He agreed.

After making the ‘connection’ between us he then sent me an email in which he felt it was now appropriate for me to immediately respond in kind. Not only could I not help at this exact moment in time, I also got a bit bothered at the request for a Tit-for-Tat response.

My life has never worked this way.

I have helped LOTS of people out who have never helped me. I have also been helped by a lot of people that I have never been able to help.

Here’s how I see it.

When you do something nice for someone, be it personally or professionally and don’t EXPECT anything in return, the universe is more apt to reward you. Maybe no tbe tomorrow or next month. Maybe not even next year. Possibly NEVER.

What you do is build up some chips somewhere out there. I don’t know where but I know that they are out there in some big barter exchange in the sky.

The cool thing is that just when you need some help, the stars seem to line up and pay you back.

If you are in a very specific business negotiation where I give you this if you give me that, it’s one thing. If you are asking someone for help with a lead or a connection, it’s another.

All I know from personal experience is this. I’ve helped a lot of people without ANY expectation of reward or payback. I in turn have been EXTREMELY fortunate in my life and my career. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Be a nice guy and things will work out. It’s always worked that way for me.

Contest for WebMarketingMagic

I’m going to run a contest that starts this Wednesday, February 15th. If you go to and click on the button that says: ‘Resellers'(down at the very bottom) the next page will then allow you to click on a link towards the bottom of the page which says: ‘If You would like to become an affiliate partner click here.’

Sign up to get going. Here’s how this is going to work.

Anyone who is already an affiliate of WebMarketingMagic is also eligible.

Whoever generates the greatest number of total commission dollars between Feb 15th and June 1st will be my guest for a long weekend in Las Vegas. I will cover your airfare and put you up at my place. There will be lots of fun and plenty of movies involved.

I look forward to announcing the progress as time goes on.

Anyone who does at least $500 in total commissions will get the 2nd place prize. Everyone who achieves that level will get a nice gift of my choosing.

Listening to Who(m)?

Some of you know that I have a great guy, Johann, who lives with me. He is a 21 year old college student from Peru. I met him when he was my dog walker in the NYC area.

I invited him to move to Vegas and have me help him out in school in exchange for his very valuable help with my dogs and other assorted tasks when I’m out of town.

He has really flourished and I now recommend him highly for any audio and video projects you may have. He can be reached at:

email: videovegas (at) hotmail (dot) com
phone: 702-686-9132

His rates are VERY reasonable because he’s trying to make money to help him get through school.

Here’s the story that made me think about him. I can remember my parents giving me advice on something and reminding me that it would be easier for me to follow their suggestions than have to make the mistakes myself.

Naturally, I was the kid who had to make the mistakes himself.

Not true with Johann. He actually listens to advice from people who know more about a subject than he does. What an incredible talent!

The net result is that I’m convinced he’ll be a millionaire by the time he hits 40. All because he takes sound advice from people who have BEEN THERE.

Again, I wish I had been more like he IS.

I learn a lot from him. He teaches me to find people that are experts in their areas and actually heed their advice.

People come to my events and even buy products and do absolutely NOTHING with the material. I lay it all out very clearly and they don’t do any of it most of the time.

Sad. Sad for me and sad for them.

The problem is always discerning who we should actually listen to. Whose advice we should take? As I’ve said here before, there are a lot of crooks in the marketing field.

Many of them are solely interested in making themselves money and don’t give a hoot about you as a person.

Is there a way to make sure you don’t make mistakes? I don’t think so. I could say ‘Listen to your gut’ but even that has led me to trust some of the wrong people.

Reagan used to say about the Soviet Union: ‘Trust but VERIFY.’ I think that makes sense here. Trust your gut but verify that the claims people make can be proven before you make bid decisions and trust people and their advice.

Movie/Book Reviews

It’s been a while since I’ve given you any advice as it relates to movies and books and I’ve some great ones to tell you about.


MatchPoint – New Woody Allen film. Well worth seeing in the theatre

Shopgirl – Clair Danes and Steve Martin. No longer in most theatres but well worth seeing

Walk The Line – See it before the Oscars. I saw it FOUR times. I had to take everyone I know to it. I now own some Johnny Cash CDs. Amazing for a guy who ‘hated’ country music.


‘Chasing Daylight’ – This is the amazing story of the former CEO of a major accounting firm who realizes he only has a few months to live. It’s a 3 hanky book but is packed with great wisdom about business and about life.

It’s All In Your Head – This is a really amazing book about finding happiness. I highly recommend it. Go out and buy it now.

Feeling Bad about Making Money

The other day I was thinking about how little work I’ve done in the past couple of months. My income has been steadily increasing but I haven’t done a whole lot.

For some reason this made me feel a little guilty. A friend of mine told me to ‘wait a few days until the feeling passes.’

Good advice for many of us.

NOT doing anything can be a tremendous source of inspiration.

I was reminded about an organization (that I don’t particularly want to promote) that believes that you should have some days where you do absolutely nothing. I may be going overboard because it’s now been some MONTHS.

The example they use is that of an opera singer or a baseball pitcher. They talk about the fact that you would never expect either of these two to work every day. A pitcher’s arm would be useless and the singer would ruin their voice.

YET, we in business persist in working long hours, for weeks on end, often with NO breaks and expect our work to be top notch. Are we all insane? Clearly we all are if we work this way.

No one who is any good at anything can do it at top levels of performance without the need for rest.

My friend and business colleague, Scott Hove, was a full time Lutheran Pastor for many years. He is now an information entrepreneur. Scott is writing a book about how it’s NOT unGODly to make a lot of money.

Many of us have been programmed incorrectly. We think we must work EVERY day, really hard to deserve anything. Some of us, according to Scott, have been raised to think that making money was wrong.

How much worse to make that money with little effort?


I’ve got myself to understand that I want to make a boatload of money so I can take care of my friends and family and provide for a decent lifestyle for myself.

Just the other day at Costco (my favorite store – I LOVE them), I put a bunch of DVDs in my cart. I got all the way to the check out and had to leave them behind. I didn’t feel I ‘deserved’ to spend over $200 for a bunch of movies. My rationale was that I could rent them on my Netflix membership.

This kind of thinking is nuts. Movies as you know, are a passion of mine. If I have spent ‘x’ number of years working my tail off so that I now have a good bit of disposable cash coming in then I have the ‘right’ to buy a bunch of movies.

I still haven’t been able to go back to Costco and get the DVDs.

Frankly, ‘Sound of Music’ was one of them as I can recall and I think I WILL rent that one on Netlix. No one needs to OWN that one in my humble opinion.

Upcoming Events

My next info products seminar is coming up this weekend. I’ll be in London with my friend and UK partner, Peter Woodhead.

If you can make it, we’d love to have you. If you know people in Europe, please let them know.

Here’s the link:

Info Products Seminar here in VEGAS – April 28/29/30. This is for CERTAIN. Even though we’re not sure where, it will be those dates so make sure and make your reservations early and sign up NOW.

Here’s the link:

Emails from People like YOU:

I enjoy your newsletters and the many avenues of advice within. You come across pretty bluntly and don’t mince words, but sometimes that is actually the best way. I also appreciate the fact that you don’t bombard my email box with tons of mail each week. I recently signed up with someone else for their newsletter and have received an average of 6-9 emails a week. Talk about overload, this only pushes me farther away.

Revenue only vs. Revenue AND expenses

Someone told me that there was someone selling 7300 units a month of a certain product. Is this good or bad?

From this information alone, we don’t have a clue.

It’s not uncommon to see people in the info marketing business getting all jealous and excited when they here of one of their competitors GROSS figures.

As an ad for a brokerage firm used to say: ‘It’s not what you earn . . . . it’s what you KEEP!’

Very true.

If I am grossing $1 million a month but my expenses are $1.2 million each month, I’m in deep doo-doo.

Success for me is a combination of many factors. NET revenue being just one of them. If someone told me I could TRIPLE my net but I would have to spend 14 hours a day working, I would have to say NO thanks.

If I could triple my revenue but I would have to live in North Dakota, again, the answer would be no.

Rich Little

After getting a referral from a friend, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with Rich Little (the famous impersonator) and his lovely wife, Maria.

Really nice people.

I was asked to come over and discuss how to help them to take some of Rich’s content and maximize the revenue potential for them. I was happy to get them on the right track in that area but was even happier to get to know them as people.

Both delightful. Additionally, I met a relative of Rich’s (Don) who was equally nice.

Whenever I have had the opportunity to meet celebrities I’m always interested in seeing how they are as people. If they aren’t ‘normal’ then I’m never impressed. I’ve met quite a few household names that I would never want to be in the same room with again.

As it turns out, Rich and I both share a passion for film. After we talked (mainly he and his wife) about business we got down to the FUN stuff. Movies.

I told him about my recent experience on the Ebert and Roeper cruise a couple of years back and hope that he and Maria might make it with me to the next one.

When they get their products up and running, I’ll give you a heads up. He is a genius!

After writing this section we had a chance to get together again and go see a Vegas show together. Once again I really enjoyed spending time with both Maria and Rich. Both very real, very nice people.

All the Best til Next time,


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