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My coaching process is a bit different than most people. I work with people to help them create an information marketing “empire.”

I am very selective with who I coach. I like to make sure that there is a good match of both skills and personality.

I have had some great success in coaching people on how to create and market information products on the internet. This is exemplified by Bob Bly who is, to date, my single most successful coaching client.

As a coach, I will give you help in every way I can to build YOUR information marketing business. I take a lot of pride in helping others do what I do and if you are selected, you will have my full support.

Not everyone who applies for my coaching program is admitted. I make people do things in a certain order.

The first thing I ask people to do is to attend one of my Fred Info Bootcamps. You can see this site detailed at This gives us a week’s worth of time to spend together to determine if we both think there is a good match.

If we both feel that we can work together effectively, I’ll ask you to look at: