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Everyone gets frustrated when a potential client doesn’t get back to them. It’s an unfortunate part of the business world, but as frustrating as it can be to drive traffic to your website and to convert customers into buying your product, there are numerous websites that you can visit to get the information you need. This is one of them. Let me give you a little crash course on Simplification in Information Marketing.

I’ve recently gotten involved with a website called, and if you go their front page and look around it can be a bit overwhelming to try to figure out exactly what they do. I like to break it down. With every information product that you produce, the ability to deliver to potential clients the essence of the product in a manner that they can understand becomes invaluable.

Let’s use as an example. I like to tell people that it’s important for two reasons, which is really all they need to know.

One, the site allows you to send video e-mail, which is something that a lot of people still aren’t doing yet. That said, I would indicate that because it’s in its infancy, video email technology would make them stand out against potential competitors. Two, it allows you to host your own Live TV shows. For an example of this, visit

Your objective in delivering crucial marketing information is to get it done in a way that potential clients will view as direct, uncomplicated, and informative. For this reason, it would be wise to highlight three points in your outline, and no more than three, that your potential client needs to know about your product. A list of twenty or thirty items is one of the most ineffective methods of Information Marketing. You will simply lose your potential clients to boredom.

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