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Information Marketing Techniques – Autoresponders & Ezines

In this short video you’ll get an explanation of the difference between autoresponders and ezines and the types of information that should be in each. You’ll learn when to use “timely” information and when to use “timeless” information in your info products business.


Now that you’ve got your website up and running and you are beginning to advertise your product, you’ll want to start looking into ways to reach potential clients with important information. There are two methods of online media that will enable you to accomplish this…Autoresponder messages and broadcast Ezines.

Autoresponder messages are sequential and consistent. If your client makes a purchase on a Monday, then he or she will receive an autoresponder message every Monday, typically for the next twenty weeks, but you can tailor the auto-cycle to your particular marketing needs once you have generated the body of your Autoresponder message. Generally speaking, you’ll want to have about twenty Autoresponder messages, 100-300 words max, working for you at any given time.

These Autoresponder messages should contain what’s called “timeless” information. This way, you don’t need to go back and repeatedly alter the template to display the appropriate “timely” information. For timely information, you’ll want to send out Ezines.

Ezines are announcements that you can send out to consumers on your client list in regards to things that are happening on your website right now. The larger your client list (which can be generated through sites like— from this site you will automatically be redirected to, where you find the platform that enables you to collect consumer information quickly and efficiently), the more people that you can reach on a regular basis regarding important information about your website, product and services.

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