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When Selling Info Products: Motivation Without ACTION is BS

If you’re one those people who think “The Secret” was brilliant, you better get off this train right here. The idea that you can THINK yourself into a “wealth of riches” is patently absurd and ridiculous. I certainly don’t want to paint everyone with the same brush (and won’t here), but James A. Ray, now on trial for... Read more »

13 Essential TOOLS for Information Marketing

If you sell information products of ANY kind, please read this post thoroughly. My “mission” is to help information marketers find better, faster and cheaper ways to create and market their STUFF! Along the way, I’ve picked up a number of great TOOLS to help anyone do just that. I’m constantly adding to the list, but someone recently asked... Read more »

The Benefits of Low Fixed Overhead

If you want my one secret to speaking success that has nothing to do with speaking itself, here it is. Keep your overhead low.  If you can easily pay all of your bills each month without having to do a lot of work, here is what will happen.  People will call you to do a speaking engagement. When you talk to them over the phone you will not sound desperate.  The... Read more »

Finally, have a good time

When I imagine having fun while working I picture myself up in front of a group of people doing a seminar. If you don’t feel that way yourself, you’re probably in the wrong business.   Read More →

Give people much more than you promised and you'll be set

Most seminar providers do the bare minimum expected of them. You should do just the opposite. People should walk out of your events singing your praises at the top of their lungs to anyone who will listen. Generate this kind of “buzz” about your events and you’ll never lack registrants. Under-promise and over-deliver with both your seminars... Read more »