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Getting Customers to Buy More and More Often


Once you get a prospect to BUY one your products, you’re not done. NOW your goal should be to get those buyers to buy MORE of your products and to buy from you MORE OFTEN. The funnel system that I showed you earlier envisions you selling people virtually everything you have . . . eventually.

Getting People to Buy MORE

Getting people to buy MORE from you comes from convincing them that you are THE expert on the topic you cover and that you are worthy of their trust. The primary way to do this is by OVER-DELIVERING on the product(s) you sell them.

Whenever I create a product I shoot for creating a product that is worth 10 times what I’ve asked people to pay for the product.

You have to deliver GREAT products each and every time. If you expect people to buy more products from you, the products have to be
consistently good.

When you create your products, make every effort to deliver ten times more value than what you charge for your products. Do this and people will continue to buy more from you.

How do you define “good”? Good question? Products are GOOD when they are simple and easy to use and can be understood by anyone, regardless of the level they are at. Good products also give people very specific, step-by-step instructions on how to get something done.

Other than writing good copy to go on a sales letter page for your next product, this is THE single most important thing to get people to
buy more from you. Full stop.

Getting People to Buy More OFTEN

In order to get people to buy more often you have to build a relationship with them. This is true whether someone has bought something from you or has just agreed to start receiving your free information via email.

If all they have done is opted-in to your list, your next step with those folks is to get them to buy SOMETHING! Anything! There is a huge chasm between those who get your free stuff and those who BUY something from you. Just getting someone to pull out their credit card and give you a dollar, is a MUCH different position than those who have never bought anything from you.

Your customer contact can be further subdivided into pre-prepared messages called auto-responders and regular Ezines.


Auto-responders are emails that you create in advance that are delivered to people based on time frames you choose. Once a person has either bought your initial product or opted into your list you want to start sending them regular emails. The messages that you prepare in advance, that are PRE-LOADED into the system, are called auto-responders.

You can create a series of emails that are delivered to prospects/customers every day or every week (or on any other schedule you choose) for as long as you like. If someone has just opted into your list, you can schedule them to receive an email from you every day for the first week giving them some great content.

This will make people feel good that they signed up to receive information from you and make it much more likely that they will buy your products in the future. Don’t make the mistake of sending these folks some questionable content that has been slapped together on short notice. Take some time to create some REAL VALUE with what you send them. This will significantly increase the chances of them buying in the future.

How long should these emails be? How often should you send them? Sorry, but the answer is: IT DEPENDS! If you have a very complex product that is fairly pricey, you’ll probably have to send out some fairly detailed emails for a longer period of time. A simpler product that costs less than $50, would require less emails that were less complex.

Remember that auto-responders can be set up BOTH for people who have just opted into your list AND to those folks who have actually bought a product. You can also set up your systems so that people do NOT receive more than one set of auto-responders from you. On the other hand, you may choose to let folks receive multiple sets of automated messages from you. If you choose to do this, it MAY get confusing for your customers.

WebMarketingMagic is set up to do Auto-Responders simply and easily.

Regular Ezine

To stay in touch with your customers and prospects, it’s a good idea to send them a regular Ezine. They should generally contain more timely, up-to-date information. Like your auto-responders, Ezines are critically important in helping prove to people that you’re THE expert in the field.

I send out a regular ezine that I call: Fred Gleeck Insights. If you’re not on the list to receive it, please sign up for it at: I send mine out on an irregular basis that usually comes out to around to 5-6 times a month.

How often should you send YOURS out? It all depends. If you’ve got a lot to say and information changes rapidly in your field, it may be appropriate so send out your Ezine ONCE A DAY!

If you have something of true value to send to your customers and prospects, then send it out!

How long should these be? Again, these can vary based on your field and the content that you’re delivering. Mine usually run 250-300 words. Every once in a while I do a really long one that runs 750-1000.

Given that your goal is to build a relationship with your readers, you don’t want to be selling ALL the time. I suggest you try and get a ratio of at least 4:1 going. At least 75% of your emails or email messages should be content and no MORE THAN 25% should be selling. This ratio has worked very well for me. I think you try and more or less match that ratio.

Within an Ezine if you deliver some very strong content, no one will begrudge you a sales message or a link to a sales letter site promoting another product or service.

A sure way to get people to UNSUBSCRIBE from your list is to hammer them repeatedly with sales messages without first delivering great content. Please don’t do it, EVEN if you see other do it. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Often times I will use this ratio WITHIN the email itself. I’ll take about 20% of my time in the Ezine to promote something. The other 80% will be devoted to hard-core, useable content. If you are going to send out an occasional email that is strictly a sales piece, then make sure you only send those out a quarter of the time.

WebMarketingMagic is set up to do your regular Ezines as well.


Another way to get people to buy more from you is to offer them something additional at the time of purchase. This is called an upset. McDonald’s does this when they say: “Do you want fries with that?”

When someone buys something online, can be programmed to offer the buyer an upset. Make it something that would be a good companion to what they just bought.

Just because they bought the product from you online does NOT mean that the upsell has to be done online as well. You can also follow up an online order with a phone call. I did this for a full year a while back. Every time an online order would come in, I’d call the person and offer them a “great deal” if they would allow me to add it to their order.

Within Your Products

Another very effective way to get people to buy more from you and buy more often is by adding bouncebacks to your products. A bounceback is something WITHIN the product itself that gets them to visit another site. When there, you might try to get them to buy something, or get something for free.

Within the products that I sell, I always have subtle upsells enticing people to buy other products. This is pretty standard fare in the information marketing field. The PROBLEM lies where people don’t deliver a GREAT product and then start trying to convince their customers to buy their NEXT product.

Why would I buy from you again if all you demonstrated in your first product was that you are constantly trying to sell me the NEXT product? This makes sense, but you’d be surprised how many non savvy info marketers use this tact.

Good Follow Up

To get people to buy more and more often, it is critical that you get back to them quickly when they contact you. This is an area that I sometimes fall down myself. Because I pride myself on running my business lean and mean, I have no employees. I DO have a full time webmaster and a virtual assistant.

What people WANT is to know that you have received their email or phone call. After you’ve acknowledged that they have a question, get back to them as quickly as possible. Let them know what kind of a time frame they can expect. This will go a long way to getting people to buy from you in the future.


Although this is a short chapter, it’s a critically important one. The difference between being a marginal success and being a BIG HIT in many instances is related to this one issue. make sure that you do what I suggest here are your chances for success will go way up!