Resources to Help YOU Build a Thriving, Ethical Information Marketing Business!


This site is all about HOW to create and market your own information products. The information products that you sell don’t have to be about topics that you already know about. BUT, I suggest you START there. Once you understand the process, it will be easy to repeat the steps with topics you may not KNOW, but have found appealing to work on for whatever reason.

What I’ve put together for you here is a SYSTEM. This system will work BEST when you follow the steps in the order I’ve provided for you. If you try and “freelance” and do things your own way when you first get started, your chances for success will be MUCH reduced.

Even if you’re a highly intelligent individual (and I expect you are since you sign up with this site! – LOL), you’ll be tempted to do things a different way. Your own way. I ask that you don’t. Not initially. When you get started, stick to the system that I’ve created for you. After you’ve perfected MY system, if you want to start improvising at that point, be my guest.

What Is an Information Product?

An information product is any product or service that provides people with knowledge and information about a specific topic. “Info products” as they are often called are produced in a number of forms. They can be written, audio, video, experiential or even software based.

They include but are not limited to, books, e-books, CD ROMs, audios, mp3s, downloadable audio files, videos, DVDs, downloadable video, screen capture video, seminars, tele-seminars, webinars, coaching, consulting – any kind of information that you can sell in ANY form. It’s a catch-all term that covers a large number of possible options. Remember, when I use the term PRODUCT, I use it loosely.  In this site, I’ll use the word to refer to either a product or a service.

Timely vs. Timeless Products

There are two basic types of info products. Those that are timely and those that are timeless. Timely products are those which take advantage of a trend or relate to issues that are only relevant NOW or for a relatively short window of time.

If I produce a product about internet marketing, the shelf life will be relatively short. Why? Because the information is constantly changing. That being said, you can make a LOT of money selling timely products. And I suggest you do!

Timeless products are those which are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. The best example of a timeless info product is a song. Every time a Beatles song gets played, Michael Jackson’s estate gets paid. At this writing, they own the rights to the entire Beatles library!

Which types of products should YOU produce? (this is a TRICK question)

The answer: BOTH!

Timely products will give you a BURST of money for a relatively short period of time. Timeless products will bring you small, consistent profits virtually forever. IF you do things right! That’s what I’ll be showing you how to do.

Why Sell Info Products?

I’ve been selling info products for over a quarter of a century. I think it’s a great business and highly recommend you do the same. For me, there are some very simple, rational reasons to be involved in selling information. Here they are:

Low Start-Up Cost

For less than $3,000 the first year, and then less than $2,000 every year after that, it’s hard to find any business that you can start and run for less.

Live Anywhere

You can live anywhere you want. Since virtually everything you have to do can be done on-line, it’s your choice as to where you want to base yourself.

Good Money

You can make a lot of money. If you want to do it honestly, it won’t happen overnight, but it is possible to make VERY good, VERY big money, over time.

High Margins

Most businesses are ecstatic if they can make 50% margins. Just ask Walmart! In the info products business you can make something for $1 and sell it for $100. In many cases you can make it for LESS than $1 and sell it for MORE than $100.

Make Money While You Sleep

Properly set up, your web based info products business will allow you to make money day and night. While you’re sleeping in Boston, a gal in Australia can be buying your ebook in Melbourne. The money will be deposited into your checking account before you get up.

Build it Once, Make Money Forever

With info products, once you create a product, you could be making money on it 20 or 30 years from now. This is very possible with what I referred to earlier as a “timeless” product.

Makes YOU an Expert in Your Field

Once you’ve started to create info products in your topic area, you’ll gain notoriety. With this fame will come all sorts of opportunities, not least of which are speaking opportunities.


If you like to travel, you can do so with this business. Not long ago, I took a trip to Europe. When I came back I had more money in the bank than before I left. Even including the money I spent on the trip.

Virtually NO Delivery Issues

As internet connection speeds increase, more and more products will be deliverable over the web. Videos have always been a problem because of the size of the files. As transmission speeds increase, this will no longer be an issue. Soon, EVERY info product will be web deliverable.


If this sounds good to you, then you’re not far from getting going with your own information marketing business. But, don’t let me kid you, this is not a GET RICH QUICK business. You will hear this from other so-called “gurus” in the field. They are LYING to you. Every business will take some time, effort and energy. But, if you are willing to put in the time, you’ll be well rewarded.